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八年级英语新目标上 unit 5 section B 课件

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Unit 5
Do you want to watch a game show?

Section B

Do you like TV shows?
What kind of TV show is it? It’s a game show. What do you think of it? I love it.

What kind of TV show is it? It’s a sitcom. What do you think of it?
I don’t like it. But

my mother loves it.

What kind of TV show is it? It’s a talk show. What do you think of it? I don’t mind it. But

my father loves it.

What kind of TV show is it? It’s a sports show.
What do you think of it?

I can’t stand it. But
my brother loves it.

A: What do you think of …? B : I … them .

What do they think of Sports News?

They like it.

What do they think of Chinese Cooking?

They can’t stand it.

What do they think of Animal World? Yang Lin… doesn’t mind it.

3a Pairwork Memory Game
English Sports Healthy Culture Chinese Animal Today News Living China Cooking World

Yang Lin loves

likes doesn’t like

can’t likes stand can’t stand

doesn’t like doesn’t mind

loves likes doesn’t likes Alan like

A: What does Alan think of “Sports News”? B: She likes it.

A: I have sunglasses. What do you think of them?

B: They’re so cool. I like them.

Make your own conversations.
You can use the things you have.




meaningless serious






2a Discuss the following questions with a partner.
1. Do you like to watch cartoon?
Yes , I do.

2. What is your favorite cartoon?
The Lion King

3. Why do you like it?
Because it is educational.

1. meaningless adj. 毫无意义的 =/=meaningful n. meaning His words are meaningless.

2. culture n. 文化
famous adj. 著名的 be famous for 因…而著名

China is famous for its culture.

3. appear v.


A car appeared on the road.

disappear v. 消失
A little girl disappeared on the road. 4. become v. 变成 became Everyone cannot become a reporter.

5. rich adj. 富有的

=/= poor

China is becoming richer and richer now. 6. successful adj. 获得成功的
Liu Huan is a successful singer. success n. success统指“成功”,为 抽象名词,单数形式指“一件成功的事或人”,复数

He wasn't a success as a teacher.

succeed v. 成功,继承, If you study hard, you will succeed.

7. main adj. 主要的

Please remember the main words.
8. reason n. 原因 Give me your reasons for doing it.

9. common adj. 普通的

Playing soccer is boys’ common hobby.
have …… in common 10. unlucky adj. 不幸的 lose v. 丢失 lost

It is unlucky to lose money.

11. ready adj. 准备好的 We are ready to have an exam. 准备做某事

12. character n. 人物
Sun Wukong is a character in the TV play.

13. simple adj. 简单的 simply adv.
It is a simple problem.

2d Read the passage again and discuss the questions with a partner.
1. What is Mickey Mouse a symbol of ? What cartoon character is a symbol of Chinese culture? American culture. Ne Zha. 2. Do you think

Walt Disney is a smart man? Why or why not? Do you want to be like him? Yes , I think so . Because his cartoon is famous all over the world. Yes ,I do.

3. Why did people want to be like Mickey? Do you want to be like Mickey? Why or why not?

Because it is like a common man, but he always tried to face any danger. Yes , I do.
Because I want to try my best to live.

4. Can you think of another cartoon character that is as famous as Mickey? Why is the character popular?

Su Wukong.
Because he can face every problem in his life and win at last.

action about

comes from

played fantastic
like shows


1. dress up 乔装打扮,装扮

2. take sb’s place to取代,替代某人
take the place of take place 发生(非偶然) happen (偶然) I happened to see him on my way home.

Li Lei takes his father’s place to take care of his little sister.
The Olympic Games of 2016 will take place in Rio de Janeiro(里约热内卢) . The helicopter may take the place of a car some day.

3. do a good job 干得好 You can do a good job.

3b Write notes for your own movie review.
The name of the movie:
The kind of movie:
The Lion King


What the movie is about:
A little lion find its way to go home.

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