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新人教版八年级英语上册Unit_9_Can_you_come_to_my_party?__Self check

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Unit 9

1. 情态动词“have to”与其他的情态动词如: “can” “may” “must”和 “should” 不同。 (1)这4个情态动词没有人称的变化,而 have to有。它的第三人称单数为“has to” 如:
He should study hard. 他应该好好学习。 He has to study hard. 他不得不好好学习。


放在句首, 在否定句中直接在他们后边加not
我们以can为例: Can he go with us? 他能和我们一起去吗? He can’t go with us.

而“have to”要加助动词do , does或




a. They have to go to the party.
Do they have to go to the party?

Yes, they do.
They don’t have to go to the party.

b. He has to go to see the doctor. Does he have to go to see the doctor? Yes, he does. He doesn’t have to go to see the doctor.

c. She had to have a piano lesson yesterday. Did she have to have a piano lesson yesterday? Yes, she did.

She didn’t have to have a piano
lesson yesterday.

2. I have to help my parents. 我不得不帮助我的父母。 help sb. with sth. 或help sb. (to) do sth. 上一句我们可以说: I have to help my parents with the housework. 或说I have to help my parents (to) do the housework.


I. 词汇
1. Today I'm very busy, but she is _______ free (空闲的). 2. They are studying for a _______ ______. math test (数学测验). invitation 3. I get his __________ (邀请) but I can’t go. much 4. I have too _________(多) homework to do. 5. Mr. King sometimes goes to the concert _________ (音乐会).

II 单项选择
1. — Can you come to play soccer with me?

— __________. C
A. I can B. That's all right C. Sure. I'd love to

B 2. He can go with you, but I _______.
A. am not A. on B. can't B. at C. don't C. in

A 3. What are you doing _____ Monday morning?

4. Thanks for _______ me to the party. B A. ask B. asking C. asks 5. Bob can’t come out to play because he C _________ help Dad in the garden. A. can B. can’t C. has to 6. —Would you like a cup of coffee? B —____________. A. No, I don’t want C. I don’t like it B. No, thank you

1. Today is Monday. (提问)

______ the date What’s ___ _____ today?
2. They are going to the doctors

on Monday. (提问) When ____ they going to the doctors? _____ are 3. Call me after the test. (否定句) Don’t call ______ ____ me after the test.

5. Why don’t you have an English party? (同义转换)

Why not _____ ____ have an English party?
6. Do you want to come over to my house? (同义转换) ______ ____ ____ to come over to my house? Would you like

Can _____ you come over to my house?

选择填空。 B 1. —What’s the ________ today?—It’s September 12, 2009. A. day B. date C. month D. week C 2. —What day ____

___ it the day before yesterday?—It was Friday. A. is B. are C. was D. were C 3. —What’s today?—It’s Thursday the __________. A. nine B. nineth C. ninth D. nineteen. 4. —What are you doing the day after tomorrow? C —I __________ for the math test. A. study B. studying C. am studying D. will studies B 5. Sunday is the ________day of a week. A. seventh B. first C. oneth D. last

用所给词的适当形式填空。 invitation 1. Thanks for your _____________(invite). really 2. My father is ___________(real) busy , so he can’t come to your party. first 3. Some people think Monday is the __________(one) day of a week. In fact it’s Sunday. am babysitting 4. I _______________(babysit) my little brother, so I can’t go to the mall with you this weekend. relax 5. My cousin has to ___________(relax) at home because he nineteenth stayed up for the game of the__________ (nineteen) World Cup held in South Africa this early morning. toothache 6. I have a ___________ (tooth) and I need to go to the dentist. much 7. Don’t always complain about too ___________(many), it’s 抱怨 harmful to your health. to buy like 8. I’d _______(like) __________ (buy) a scarf for my mother’s fortieth _____________(forty) birthday.


visit my aunt 1. 拜访我的阿姨_______________; go to the doctor 2. 去看医生________________; help my parents 3. 帮助我的父母_________ ; have a piano lesson 4. 上钢琴课___________________; study for a test 5. 为考试学习 _______________ on Saturday afternoon 6.在星期六下午_____________ _; 7.参加音乐会 go to the concert ; 8.在电视上看足球赛watch a soccer match on TV ; 9.有网球训练 have a tennis training ; babysit her brother the whole day 10.一整天临时照顾弟弟 11.为化学考试而学习 study for a chemistry testo have too much homework 12.有太多的家庭作业

; ; 。

1. Today is Friday and t________ is Saturday. omorrow 2. We’re going to v____ isit aunt this weekend. our 3. Thank you for your i________. nvitation 4. Please look at the c_______. What’s the date today? alendar 5. Please keep q____. Your sister is studying. uiet m_____ on TV. 6. I usually watch basketball atches 7. We will learn L_____ six next week. esson 8. Are you f___ on Sunday? Shall we go shopping? 9. Can you come to my b______ party? ree 10. Sure, I’d l___ to irthday


三.Choose the right answer.
( C ) 1. Mary can go to the beach _____Saturday night.
A. at B. in C. on D. over B. at two-thirty D. at thirty two C. for D. about ( B ) 2. We are going to the basketball game_________. A. at the two-thirty C. at thirty-two A. on B. in A. play volley B. playing volleyball C. play the volleyball D. playing the volleying

( A)3. They are talking _____the phone now.

( B ) 4. He can’t help her sister. He is ________.

三.Choose the right answer.
( ) 5. There’s a party at_____ house. A
A. Roy’s C. the Roy A. her ________. B. Roy

D. the Roys B. hers C. his D. she’s

( C ) 6. Roger has to help _____mother. (B ) 7. Would you like to study at the library?

A. I’d like
C. I’d love

B. I’d love to
D. I’d like to

( A) 8. The children have a soccer game _____the morning.

A. in

B. at

C. on

D. about

三.Choose the right answer.
( C ) 9. I can’t go to your home, because I have _____homework today.
A. too many B. much too

C. too much

D. many too

( B )10. You can invite classmates _____your party. A. in B. to

C. come

D. come to

Plan a party
Write everything you have to do next week. Choose a day and time to have a party. Then invite classmates to your party.

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