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九年级英语《Unit 11 Could you please tell me where the restroom》

教学案1 人教新目标版

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1.It’s ____________ (二点过一刻),Let’s hurry up.

2.I am ______ happy ______ you ________ the exam sucessfully.

3.He hurried ______ me without stopping.

4.Please ______ the message to him,will you?

5.Great changes ____________(发生) ____________ (在过去几年里)。

【当堂训练】 一、单项选择

( )1. He asked me _______.

A. who will kick the first goal in the World Cup

B. when was the APEC meeting held

C. when China became a member of the WTO

D. where the next Olympics will be held

( )2.You must remember _______.

A. what your teacher said B. what did your teacher say

C. your teacher said what D. what has your teacher said ( )3. I

don”t know ______ . which room I can live B. which room can I live

C.will find/ will arrive D. will find/ arrives


( )6. Please tell me ______ last year.

A. where your sister works B.where does your sister work

C. where did your sister work D. where your sister worked

( )7..She asked me if I knew ______

A. whose pen is it B. whose pen it was

C. whose pen it is D. whose pen was it

( )8. I would like to know _____.

A.when will he return my book. B.if has he received my email

C. that he has been busy D.if he’ ll join us

二、句型转换。1. “Do you want to try it?” Tom's mother asked him. →Tom's mother asked him _______ _______ _____to try it.

2. I think she’s an honest girl.(改为否定句) →I _______

_______________, _______ ?(反意问句) 3. Lucy hasn't decided which trousers to buy.(改为复合句) →Lucy hasn't decided ________________________ buy.

4. I don't know how I can get to the hospital.(改为简单句)


5.I noticed him smiling at me.(改为复合句)


6. How does he get on with his new classmates? Could you tell me? (改为宾语从句)_________________________________________________

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