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( ) 1、 A. at last B. at once C. at first ( ) 2、 A. is good at B. isn’t bad for C. does well in ( ) 3、 A. a lot B. a lot of C. a few

( ) 4、 A. sad B. angry C. worried ( ) 5、 A. put out B. hand out C. turn out

B)根据题意,从A、B、C四个选项中选择一个可以填入空白处的最佳答案 ( ) 6、—How do you study English well?

—________working hard.

A. In B. At C. By

( ) 7、Her sister ______a taxi driver. Now she works for a charity.

A. is B. was used to being C. used to be

( ) 8、The old parents_____lots of money on their son’s new house.

A. cost B. spent C. paid

( ) 9、Driving after drinking wine_____in China.

A. allows B. is allowed C. isn’t allowed

( ) 10、At last the boy was made_______and began to laugh. A. to keep crying B. to stop crying C. to stop to cry ( ) 11、You can see_______if you go out at night.

A. million stars B. thousand of stars C. millions of stars ( ) 12、If I_____you, I’d save some money to buy a new car.


A. were B. am C. was

( ) 13、—Who is singing in the next room? Is it Lucy? —It_____be her. She has gone to New York.

A. can’t B. must C. might

( ) 14、I prefer sports shows______soap operas. What about you?

A. than B. at C. to ( ) 15、—Do you know Li Na?

—Of course. She is a great tennis player_______comes from Hubei, China.

A. what B. who C. which

( ) 16、Luding is a beautiful city______I have ever visited.

A. who B. that C. what

( ) 17、—Could you please provide us______some information about the students’health?

—Sure, it’s my pleasure.

A. of B. from C. with

( ) 18、We shouldn’t_______our hopes. Everything will be better.

A. cheer up B. fix up C. give up ( ) 19、A new cinema______in our city last year.

A. built B. was built C. is built

( ) 20、The little boy is really unhappy. Let’s do something to_______

A. cheer up them B. cheer him up C. cheer them up ( ) 21、I______believe it______ I see it with my own eyes.

A. won’t; and B. will; until C. won’t; until ( ) 22、Many accidents_______by careless drivers last year.

A. are caused B. were caused C. have caused ( ) 23、By the end of this year, I________English for seven years.

A. had learned B. learned C. was learned ( ) 24、Do you know________?

A. when will he be back B. where did he go C. when he will be back ( ) 25、—Would you like______a movie with us tonight? —Sorry, I have to help my mother do some chores. A. see B. to see C. seeing




Hello, I'm from the USA. I'm in Grade Two in a middle school. Let me tell you something about my . My school day usually begins at 8:00 in the 1:00 in the afternoon. My school has extra lessons for those who wish to and I take some of these lessons. I must wear uniform


;one week for Easter, 3 months in summer, 3 days for National Heroes Week, 2 days for Labor Day and 2 weeks for Christmas and the New Year.

( ) 26. A. life B. work C. friends ( ) 27. A. at B. on C. until ( ) 28. A. our B. their C. your

( ) 29. A. sports B. parties C. performances ( ) 30. A. activities B. chances C. vacations


How do students around the world get to school? Do you know? a

the school bus. Some students parts of the world, things are different. In Japan, to go to school. And in places where there are rivers and lakes, like Hongshanhu and Caishandao, students usually go to school by boat. That must be a lot more fun than ?

( ) 31. A. did B. carried C.had ( ) 32. A. saw B. got C. listened ( ) 33. A. by B. in C. on ( ) 34. A. also B. too C. either ( ) 35. A. another B. other C. others ( ) 36. A. if B. because C. although ( ) 37. A. where B. who C. what ( ) 38. A. on feet B. on foot C. with foot ( ) 39. A. spends B. costs C. takes ( ) 40. A. so B. such C. that




As a Chinese middle school student, everyone has different feelings about middle school life. How is it to be an American middle school student?

A few American middle schools came to Beijing several months ago. They wanted to enrol(招生)some students to go to America. They held a big enrollment meeting. There were a lot of parents and children at the meeting. They were very interested in studying in America. A 12-year-old boy said, "I hear activities after school in America are


very rich, so I want to open my eyes there."

In America, kids can choose the school they like. Most middle schools are two years. And most high schools are four years. One school year needs about 40 000 dollars for a Chinese student. It's still a lot for most Chinese families.

( ) 41. Many American middle schools came to Beijing not long ago.

( ) 42. The American schools came to enroll Chinese students to study in the US. ( ) 43. A 12-year-old boy said he wanted to go to the rich after-school activities in America.

( ) 44. Like schools in China, both middle schools and high schools in the US have three grades.

( ) 45. The cost of studying in America is not high for most Chinese families. 阅读下面的短文,从各题所给的A、B、C三个选项中选出最佳选项


UK parents hope their kids can grow into successful people so they make their kids learn all kinds of subjects after school. Though some kids are very young, they still take part in a lot of after-class activities.

In UK, 20% of parents spend yearly 600 pounds on different classes for their kids. For example, young kids have to learn French, swimming, painting and so on to follow their parents' ideas. 75% of parents think that early learning is good for kids. Most kids who go to after-class activities are under 6 years old.

The famous educator Lisa Houghton says, "Although learning different kinds of subjects is important to kids, it's more important to make them have a happy childhood. Parents should spend more time having, fun with their kids, not just making them stay in the classrooms."


A. become successful people B. enjoy their life C. be famous (

A. enjoy themselves by studying B. do what their parents tell them C. be better than others

( ) 48. The idea "Early learning is good for kids. " is supported the UK parents.

A. 20% B. 60% C. 75%

( ) 49. The famous educator Lisa Houghton the most important for parents.

A. spending more time having fun with their kids B. providing their kids with a happy classroom life C. helping their kids learn more subjects

( )50. How old are most of the kids who go to after-class activities? ,

A. Over 6 years old. B. Only 6 years old. C. Under 6 years old.


The British Museum has a 250-year-old history. There are a lot of famous collections of world culture in the museum. Every year, a lot of people go to visit the British Museum.



To let more people see the collections of China easily, the museum holds a touring exhibition called "China: Journey to the East". It is the second touring exhibition after the ancient Greek collection exhibition.

The touring exhibition will help British kids aged between 7 and 14 know more about Chinese culture, such as Chinese languages, arts, inventions, foods, traditional clothes and so on.

Jessica, an official of the museum, says, "The Chinese history is an important part of the world history. It influences (影响)many other countries, including Britain. Our kids should know more about China, not just chopsticks, pandas and the Beijing Olympics." ( .

A. Europe B. the western countries C. the world

( British Museum.

A. first B. second C. third

( ) 53. The purpose of the British Musejim's touring exhibition "China: Journey to the .

A. make the museum more famous

B. let more people see the collection of China easily

C. help every British kid to know more about Chinese culture


A. it's long and colorful B. China is becoming stronger and stronger C. it influences many other countries

( . A. chopsticks, pandas and the Beijing Olympics B. Chinese languages, arts and inventions

C. Chinese foods and traditional clothes


Many people begin to use pencils from an early age. There are many kinds of pencils:some have erasers on top; some are colorful. You may have used many kinds of them for many years, but do you know the history of pencils?

Many years ago, people in Egypt used lead(铅)to write. Now, pencils are made from graphite(石墨)instead of lead. In 1564, people found that graphite could leave black marks. In the beginning, the people used it to make marks on their sheep. Later they used the graphite to write. They thought it was lead. Graphite left a blacker mark than lead, but it was not strong enough so it needed something to hold it.

In 1565,Conrad Gesner first put graphite into something to hold it. Later, in the 1600s, German people mixed graphite with some other things and used them for writing. Later, France couldn't get pencils from both the English and the Germans, so Nicholas Jacques Conte began to make pencils. In France, there was little graphite, so he mixed graphite with clay(粘土).

In 1812,William Munroe made the fist American wood pencils. Later, a man put a


small eraser on top of a pencil. A new kind of pencil was born.

( .

A. Egypt B. England C. Germany ( than lead.

A. blacker and softer B. blacker and harder C. softer and lighter ( ) 58. The first people to mix graphite with other materials are .

A. English B. German C. French

( .

A. William Munroe B. Nicholas Jacques Conte C. Conrad Gesner ( of pencils.

A. kinds B. history C. materials



A: Oh, hi. B: Yes, I am.

A: Let me introduce myself.

B: Nice to meet you. My name is Harry. I'm studying at Cambridge University. A: B: Three days ago.

A: Well, if there's anything I can do for you, please feel free to let me know. B:

I will.

A: Yes. There's one small bank down the street. B: OK. Thank you. 五、用所给单词的适当形式填空(每题2分,共10分)

66. When I have free time, I often practice________(speak) English. 67. If Simon_______(have) time next weekend, he will go to the zoo.

68. Don’t worry about your son. He is old enough to be independent and live by_______.(he)

69. Would you like________(have) cup of coffee?


70. We should help the________(home) people after the earthquake.




1. Can you________(翻译) the English sentences into Chinese, please? 2. Students should get to school______ ______(准时) every day. 3. You can’t________(想像) what life will be like in 50 years’ time? 4. They saw an____________(有教育意义的) film yesterday.

5. Mary________(意识到) that she had fallen in love with the young man.



is kicked or headed on an open field. Only the goalkeeper( 守门员 is scored.

6._______ 7._______ 8._______ 9._______ 10._______ 三、阅读理解(每小题2分,共10分)


Have you ever felt life is bad? Do you find that life seems to make things difficult for you and everything seems to go wrong? I sometimes felt that way, but a friend changed me.

He told me that although he didn't have enough money, he was happy. I asked why he was happy. Then he told me what he saw in India.

A few years ago, he was really feeling sad and went to India. He saw an Indian mother cut off her child's right hand with a knife. After that he could never forget the sad The mother did this so that the child could go out on the streets to beg and get some food to eat.

Then he began to think about how happy he was. He had food to eat, a complete body, a job, a family, the chance to say that some food wasn't delicious, and many things that the mother and the child in front of him never dreamed of having.

After hearing his story, I began to think about it, too. Was my life really that bad? Perhaps it wasn't. It wasn't bad at all.

( .

A. show the readers he knows a lot


B. stress his opinion

C. attract the readers' interest

( A. angry B. sad C. crazy ( A. to ask others for food B. to tell others he's sorry

C. to say he's unable to do anything

( after he saw what the Indian's life was like.

A. felt very sad and angry B. came to believe he was lucky

C. started to feel he was helpless


A. how to feel good when upset

B. how to help the poor when possible

C. how to keep a balance between rich and poor



16. 请不要担心他的健康。 Don’t_______ _______ his health. 17. 如果你意外烧伤,你该怎么办?

What would you do if you burned yourself_______ ________? 18. 许多年轻人梦想成为有名的篮球运动员。

Many young people _______ _______becoming famous basketball players. 19. 别紧张!你没有什么大碍。

______ ______ ______! There is nothing serious with you. 20. 运动会因为天气不好被推迟了。

The sports meeting was______ ______because of the bad weather.


你的加拿大朋友Danny是一位中学生,他希望了解你将如何度过这个寒假。为此你把你的想法写成短文,以后再发e–mail 给他。寒假生活包括以下内容:  ⒈ 坚持锻炼身体。 ⒉ 根据个人兴趣和需要安排学习。 ⒊ 帮助家人做家务。要求:寒假生活除必写以上3项内容外,其它活动可增加2-3项,可适当发挥。 Dear Danny,

I’m very happy to tell you about my plan for the winter vacation.



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