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2013 ~2014 学年第 一 学期期末考试试卷(B卷) 课程名称: 英语3 任课教师姓名:

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I Complete the following sentences with the phrases with in given below. (10’) in bed in the beginning in pen in my free time in other words

1. _______ the children wanted to come to London with us, but now they don’t.

2. Tanya doesn’t feel well. She’s been ________ all day.

3. ______ go karting. What do you do?

4. Don’t use a pencil. Write all the information ________.

5. Steven is a vegetarian, ________ he doesn’t eat meat.

II Choose the best choice for each blank. (30’)

1. _________ 23rd, July, 2004, my father came back with a gift for me.

A. In B. At C. On D. For

2. ---Must I leave at once?

---No, you ___________ .

A. mustn't B. can't C. may not D. needn't

3. I’ve never done volunteer work, ___________.

A. but I wanted to B. but I’d like to C. but I am liking D. but I wants to

4. Mr. Green has little time today, _____?

A. have he B. hasn’t he C. does he D. doesn’t he

5. They will go to the Great Wall if it _____ tomorrow.


A. isn’t rain B. rains C. doesn’t rain D. won’t rain

6. This box is _____ heavy for me _____ carry.

A. too … to … B. to … too … C. to … to … D. too … too …

7. There _____ an English film tomorrow evening.

A. will have B. will has C. is going to have D. is going to be

8. He offered a reward to _______ would return the lost ring.

A. who B. whoever C. whom D. anyone

9. Please give us _______, please.

A. three glasses of beers B. three cups of beers

C. three glasses of beer D. three cups of beer

10. This book is ________ but that one is _________.

A. him, me B. his, my C. his, mine D. him, mine

11. ________ are good friends.

A. Tom and me B. me and Tom C. I and Tom D. Tom and I

12. ---Could I have some milk?

---Certainly. There's __________in the bottle.

A. little B. a little C. a few D. few

13. Have you met Mr. Li ______?

A. just B. ago C.before D. a moment ago

14. Miss Green isn't in the office . she_______ to the library .

A.has gone B. went C.will go D. has been

15. ---Could you tell me_____?

---Her cousin, Susan.

A. Whose is she looking for B. who she is looking for

C. who she looking for D. she was looking for

III. Cloze (10’)

John sent for a doctor because his wife was ill. He called the doctor and made sure they __1__ meet at five. He arrived at the doctor’s at twenty __2__ five. He thought, “ It’s a little bit earlier. I’ll wait for a moment. It’s good __3__ there on time.”

__4__ he stopped his car in front of the doctor’s. He __5__ and saw a noisy square not far from here. He went there and sat down on a chair to enjoy the last light of 2

afternoon sun and __6__ himself quiet. He saw some children playing and some women talking to each other happily.

Suddenly he __7__ a girl crying. He came up to her and asked some questions. Then he knew she got lost. John tried to find out her __8__ and took her home. The girl’s parents were very thankful.

Then John hurried to the doctor’s. When the doctor saw him, he was very __9__ and said, “You’re late. Why did you keep me waiting for twenty minutes?” John said __10__ except one word—sorry.

1. A. should B. shall C. would D. will

2. A. past B. to C. of D. after

3. A. to arrived at B. to get C. to leave D. to ride

4. A. Every time B. From now on C. Before D. Then

5. A. looked for B. looked after C. looked at D. looked around

6. A. made B. let C. had D. felt

7. A. hears B. was hearing C. heard D. would hear

8. A. name B. school C. age D. address

9. A. polite B. angry C. happy D. kind

0 A. something B. everything C. anything D. nothing

IV Reading comprehension (30’)


It’s December 31st. The Greens are very happy. They are getting ready for the

coming New Year’s Day. Helen is sweeping the floor. Her brother Henry is decorating the house. Mr. and Mrs. Green are making a cake.

Next year, Helen is going to be 21 years old. And she’s going to work in another city in the USA. Henry is 11. And next year he is going to be a middle school student. Mr. and Mrs. Green are going to have a long holiday. They are going to visit China

because they like Chinese culture very much. They want to visit the Forbidden City and the Great Wall.

( )1.What’s the date today?

A. It’s November 31st. B. It’s Sunday

C. It’s windy and cold. D. It’s December 31st.


( )2. What is Henry doing?

A. He’s sweeping the floor. B. He’s making a birthday cake for his sister. C. He’s decorating the house. D. He’s cooking. A. She is 19. B. She is 20. C. She is 21. D. She is 22. ( )3. How old is Helen this year? ( )4. What are Mr. and Mrs. Green going to do next year? A. They are going to have a party. B. They are going to visit China. C. They are going to buy a new computer. D. They are going to visit their friends A. Chinese food B. Chinese people C. Chinese culture D. Chinese clothes ( )5. Mr. and Mrs. Green like __________ very much.


In 1620, about half the USA was covered by forests. Today the forests have almost gone.A lot of good land has gone with them, leaving only sand.China doesn't want to copy the USA's example. We're planting more and more trees. We've built the ' Great Green Wall' of trees across northern part of our country.The Great Green Wall is 7,000 kilometers long, and between 400 and 1,700 kilometers wide. It will stop the wind from blowing the earth away. It will stop the sand from moving towards the rich farmland in the south. More 'Great Green Walls' are needed. Trees must be grown all over the world. Great Green Walls will make the world better.

( )6. In 1620, about ______ the USA was covered by forests.

A.a third B.half C.two thirds D.a fourth

( 7. A lot of good land has gone with ______.

A.sand B.water C.wind D.forests

( )8. The Great Green Wall in China is ______ long.

A.7,000 kilometers B.1,700 kilometers C.7,000 meters D.400 kilometers

( )9. Trees must be grown in ______.

A.China B.the USA C.some countries D.every part of the world

( )10. ______ will make the world better.

A.The Great Wall B.Tall buildings C.Great Green Walls D. Flowers and grass C


Once an old man was walking in a street with his horse. It was raining hard. The old man was cold because he was walking in the rain. He wanted to stay in a restaurant. It was a quarter past three in the afternoon. The old man got to a small restaurant. There were a lot of people in it. The old man couldn’t come near the fire. He thought and thought. At last he said to the waiters, “take some fish to my horse.” The waiter and the people were very surprised. The waiter said,” A horse doesn’t eat fish.” The old man told the waiter,” This horse is very interesting. It can sing, dance and does all kinds of things. It can eat fish, too.” So the waiter brought the horse some fish. All the people in the restaurant ran out to see the horse eat fish except the old man. Now the old man sat beside the fire. After a while the waiter came back and said,” Your horse didn’t eat any fish.” The old man said,” All right, take the fish back and put it on the table. I’ll eat it.”

( )11. The old man felt very cold because______.

A.It was a cloudy and windy day. B. It snowed.

C.He had traveled in the heavy rain D. He was hungry.

( )12. The people in the restaurant all ran out because _____.

A.they wanted to see the old man. B. they wanted to see the horse eating fish.

C.they had been told there came the horse. D.there was no fire over the stove.

( )13. Indeed, the horse can neither _____ nor ____ nor______.

A. walk,speak,eat B.sing,dance,sleep

C. sing,dance,eat fish D. speak,walk,sit

( )14. All the people in the restaurant rushed out_____ but______.

A.to see the horse sing,the old man

B. to watch the horse play games,the waiter

C. to look for the horse,the old man

D. to see the horse eat fish,the old man

( )15. Why did the old man ask the waiter to take some fish to his horse? Because _____.

A. his horse liked eating fish B. he was cold

C. he wanted to sit by the fire, but wasn’t able to do so at first.

D. he himself also liked to eat fish.

V Fill in the blanks with the Past Simple,the Present Simple or the the Present Perfect Simple of the verbs in the brackets. (10’)



A: Steve, _____1__ (you/see) Mary this week? She ___2___ (not be) to the office for the last two days.

B: I ___3____ (not see) her since Sunday but Scotte __4____ (call ) her yesterday. A: So, what’s wrong with her ?

B: Nothing serious. She wasn’t feeling well, so she ___5____(stay) at home.

A: I hope she gets well soon.


A: Daniel, is that you ? I ____6____ (not be.lieve) it.

B: Rachel! What ___7_____ (you/do )here?

A: I __8_____ (visit) an old friend. And you ?

B: Barbara and I are here on holiday.

A: Barbara is here, too ? Where is she now ?

B: She __9____ (have ) lunch at the restaurant. Acturally, I am going there now. ___10____(you/want) to come with me ?

A: Sure, let’s go.

VI. Translate the following sentences. (10’)

1. 好久不见!

2. 我们都以我们所做的工作为自豪!

3. Are you here on holiday?

4. I’d like to book a table for two tonight.

5. It’s rude to talk or laugh loudly.

2013~2014学年第一学期期末考试试卷(B)卷答题纸 6

I 用下列所给的词组完成句子. (10’)

II 单项选择. (30’)

III 完形填空. (10’)

IV 阅读理解. (30’)

V 用括号里所给动词的一般现在时、一般过去时或者现在完成时填空. (10’)

VI. 英汉互译. (10’)


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