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self-organized expedition 自助游

self-funded travel

private tour

independent travel

DIY tour 自助游 自助游 自助游 自助游

self-driving travel/tour 自助游

package tour/group tour/organized tour 跟团游

travel : 较长或者国际的旅行

journey: 长距离的陆地旅行

trip: 时间短,距离近的旅行

tour: 有规定路线的

outing: 一日游

tourism eco-tourism ( ecological tourism )

nature preservation zone


holidaymaker ( a person who is away from home on holiday ) places of interest / tourist attractions

hitch-hike ( to travel by getting free rides in other people’s cars, lorries, etc. ) , hitch-hiker

return ticket / round-trip ticket

single ticket / one-way ticket

reserve a seat / make a reservation passport


leave for / set off for / set out for see sb. off

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