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Unit 7 Will people have robots?


Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving Day is a very important holiday in America.
On the fourth Thursday of each November,families and friends get together to celebrate(庆祝)it with a traditional turkey dinner, usually in the mid-afternoon. Thanksgiving Day originated as a celebration of

the year’s harvest and is similar
to the Mid-Autumn Festival in China.

Read and remember these phrases:
on computers live to be 200 years old in danger play a part in sth computer programmer in the future the same…as over and over again look like on paper free time on the earth space station look for huandreds of wake up get bored fall down

Make a future plan for yourself:
In ten years, I’ll be ________ I’ll live _______ I’ll work ________ I’ll go to work ______

3a. Skim(略读) and answer the questions: 1.What will Jill be in 20 years? He will be a newspaper reporter.

2.What does Jill mention(提到)in 3a? B A C A. 职业 B. 居住地点 C. 爱好 D. 衣着打扮 E. 薪水 F. 度假计划 D F

3a.Read Jill's answer to the question"what will your life be like in the future ?"Fill in the blanks with the words in the box. meet work wear more live less look keep(饲养) fewer take

In 20 years, I think I’ll be a newspaper reporter. I’ll _____ in Shanghai, because live there will be ______ jobs in that city. As a more reporter, I think I will _____ lots of meet interesting people, so I’ll have more friends. I’ll have _____ pets, though, fewer because I’ll have _____ free time. And my less apartment will be no good for pets because it’ll be too small.

keep So I’ll probably just ____ a bird. During the week, I’ll _____ smart clothes. On the wear weekend, I’ll _____ less smart but I’ll be look more comfortable. In the future, people will _____ more so they’ll probably have work fewer vacations, but I think I’ll _____ a take holiday in Hong Kong when possible. One day I’ll even go to Australia.

Complete the chart about your life 20 years from now. You can add more items.

What will your…be like?

job home free time activities neighborhood

doctor in an apartment

keep some plants
near a park

Write about your life 20 years from now. Use 3a and 3b to help you.
___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________

One possible version:
In 20 years, I think I’ll be a doctor. I’ll work in a hospital in Anshan, because my parents work in Anshan. I want to live with them. I’ll live in a large apartment. On weekends, I think I’ll keep some plants in my apartment. There’ll be a park near my home. I’ll take a walk after supper. I like basketball, so I can also play basketball with my friends in the park.

一.Choose the best answer: 1. There ___ a football match this weekend. C A. is B. are C. will be D. will have 2. What do you yhink Sam will be ___ 10 years ?

–-- A doctor. B A. after B. in C. for D. during 3. -When ___ you ___ reading The old man and the sea ? C -It`s difficult to say. I`m busy these days. A. did,finish B. does,finish C. will,finish D. do,finish 4. Mr. Li planted about three ___ trees on Tree-planting Day. A A. hundred B. hundred of C. hundreds of D. hundred 5. Some scientists think that it will take ___ of years to make robots do C most work for humans. A. hundred B. hundreds C. three hundred D. three hundreds 6. How ___ will the engineer be back ? B A. far B. soon C. long D. often 7.If there is ___ pollution, the air in our city will be ___ dirtier. B A. less,more B. more,much C. less,less D. more,more

1.Try to recite the passage in 3a. 2.Finish off the wb exercise.

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