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初二下英语U2 l4

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Unit 2

What should I do?

press [v.]

pressure [n.]
Q: Are you often stressed out and under pressure?

He is under great pressure(压力) ________.

P16: Maybe you should learn to relax!
Reading task of Para 1: Q1: How many children does Cathy Taylor have? 2: What lessons do the kids have after class? 3: Can they get home before 7 o’clock? Language points:

L1,2. Their school days are busy enough. L4. The tired children don’t get home until 7 p.m. not…until… 直到…才… E.g.孩子们直到妈妈回来才能睡觉。 can’t comes The kids _______ go to sleep until their mother _______ back. L5. It’s time for homework. to do ==It’s time _____ _____ the homework.

Reading task of Para 2:


1.The Taylors like many American and British parents. 2. Kids have to take part in activity after activity. 3. Children are under less pressure now. 4. There are tired kids in the classroom Language points:
L2. They try to fit as much as possible into their kids’ lives. fit [v.] 适合,适应 fit…into… 安排; (为做..事)找时间 as … as possible 尽可能…(加adj/adv原级 ) soon early Please write to me as _____ as possible. Get to school as ________as possible. L4. Teachers complain about teaching tired kids. complain [v.] 抱怨 不要抱怨生活,找到自己的原因。 complain about find _____ Never __________ ______ the life, ______ out your own reasons. 很多人正在抱怨居住在城市里。 Many people are complaining ______ _________ in the city. ___________ about living

Reading task of Para 3:


1. after-school club 2. activities include sports, music… 2. Pushy parents are nothing new.

3. but now parents seem to push their children a lot more.

Language points:
L1. include [v.] Our subjects include English, math, Chinese… 包括; 包含 L2,3. 推推拉拉 push [v.]推;督促 pushy [adj.] 固执己见,一意孤行的 她太固执而不能与其他人好好相处。 too ______ get on She is _____ pushy to _____ _____ well with others. 当他们在走路时别推他们。 Don’t push ______ ______ them when they are walking. 电脑对我们不是新鲜东西了。 The Computer ___ nothing _____ for us. is ________ new

Reading task of Para 4:


1. Linda Miller has 3 children. 2. Competitions of kids starts at an early age. 3. Children are compared with other children. 4. Scientists believe that “Don’t push the kids so hard”. Language points:
L2. Competition starts from a very young age. competition [n.] 竞赛, 竞争 L3. Mother send their kids to all kinds of classes. a kind of ; all kinds of; kind of L4. They always comparing them with other children. It’s crazy. compare [v.] 对比,比较 crazy [adj.] 疯狂的 请把新书与旧书做比较。 go crazy compare Please _________ the new book ______ the old one. with

他不想与他人做比较。 =go bananas He doesn’t want to _____compared with others. be _________ ______

Reading task of Para 5:


1. Does Dr Alice agree the opinion“Don’t push the kids too hard”? 2. Why does she agree? 3. Why do kids need a bit more time?

Language points:
L1. Children may find it hard to think for themselves when they are older. it’s + adj. + to do…; sb. find it + adj + to do… 某人发现做某事怎样… Eg. It’s difficult/hard to learn Physics. = I ____ ___ _______ ____ learn Physics. find it difficult to 他发现放松很重要。 He __________________________ relax. finds it important to L4. Parents should give kids a bit more time. = a little more time On the one hand, …, On the other hand… 一方面,…,另一方面… L4. Children need organized activities. They also need time and freedom. organize [v.] 组织 organized [adj.] 有组织的 freedom [n.]自由 We will organize____ __________ activity tomorrow.(组织一次有组织的活动) _______ an organized

? Key words: pressure fit complain include push / pull pushy compare crazy themselves adult organized freedom ? Key phrases: as…as possible under pressure complain about… compare with… sb. find it … to do On the one hand,…. On the other hand. ? Key sentences: It’s time for homework.= It’s time to do homework. Children find it hard to think for themselves. ? Key grammar:

? 1. 词、组、句 ? 2. 作业纸 ? 3. 明天听写

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