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苏教版七上Unit5 Reading Welcome

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Unit5 Reading

1. Thank you for sth. / thank you for doing …

Thank you for your help. ==Thank you for helping me.

2. tell sb. about sth. / tell sb. to do …

3. on Sunday / October 31/ April 1, 2010

on a cold morning

on the morning of October 31

4. have (a lot of /great) fun doing…

have a good time doing…

5. dress up as a ghost

dress up (in a white dress)

dress his son

6. paint our faces

paint the house blue

paint--- painter --- painting eg. a Chinese painting

7. make pumpkin lanterns

make lanterns out of pumpkins = make pumpkins into lanterns make A into B = make B out of A

8. play a game with the people inside

moon cakes with nuts inside

inside ----- outside eg. We can meet outside the park.

9. knock on / at the people’s doors

10. give us some candy as a treat== give us a treat of some candy treat sb. as …

11. play a trick /joke on sb.

12. If they don’t give us a treat, we play a trick on them.

13. enjoy nice food and drinks

14. Halloween is not much fun for children. (不可数名词)

15. on Halloween

At the Mid-autumn Festival

on Children’s Day

16. people in the USA

17. have a party on that day

18. She thinks it is really a special day. (宾语从句)

Unit5 welcome

1. What’s in the bag?------ There is/ are …

What’s that in the bag? It is …

2. have a guess‘

3. dress up as a ghost

dress up

dress sb.

4. how/what about sth.

doing …


5. What is your favourite festival? = What festival do you like best?

6. Why do you like it? Because ….

7. get lots of nice presents

8. at Christmas / on Christmas Day

9. the Mid-autumn Festival

10. on that day

11. get together

12. have a big dinner / have dinner

13. enjoy the full moon

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