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苏教版七上Unit 5Grammer Integrated Skills

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Unit 5 Grammar---Integrated Skills

Unit 5 Grammar

1. Whose book is this? = Whose is this book? 这本书是谁的?

Whose glasses are these? = Whose are these glasses? 这眼镜是谁的?

2. What do you have lunch? I have some fish lunch.

你午饭吃什么? 我午饭吃些鱼。

What does he want 他圣诞节想要什么?

The present is Millie. 这个礼物是给Millie的。

The school hall is meetings. 这个学校礼堂是用于开会的。

3. family members 家庭成员

4. get together 聚在一起

5. give each other presents = give presents to each other 互相赠送礼物

give sb. sth. = give sth. to sb.

6. The Dragon Boat Festival is . 端午节就要来了。

the weekend 即将到来的周末

7. nice the cake is! 多好的(漂亮的、美味的)蛋糕啊!

8. go out for a birthday dinner 出去吃生日晚餐

go out for a walk 出去散步

9. Who ? 谁去了你的生日晚会?

10. get sth. as … 获得…作为…

get some books as birthday presents 得到一些书作为生日礼物

11. some other things 一些其它的东西

Unit5 Integrated Skills

1. Happy Chinese New Year. 春节快乐。

2. this 今年的春节庆祝活动

3. find out more on the radio 在收音机里找到更多的信息

4. go on a holiday 去度假

be holiday 在度假

5. have a party 开个晚会来庆祝春节

6. the party 在晚会上

7. take a lot of photos 拍很多的照片

8. night 在晚上

9. watch the 观看烟花

10. What do you do 你做什么来庆祝它?

11. seem happy 似乎高兴 seem + adj. (类似:feel, look, smell, sound, taste)

12. shows about different festivals around the world 有关全世界不同节日的展览

13. have the shows 举行展览

14. Have a nice day! 过一天愉快的日子。

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