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Which one is your mother?

____ one in a purple skirt under the tree.
A / B A C AN D The

2, My brother made me very angry and I didn’t want to have a word ____ him. A with B of C for D at
3, Tony ,give me a ___,and I can’t find my sport shoes. A favor B help C foot D hand 4, Do you know whose CDS they are? A our B ours C us D we 5, Don’t treat this ______ matter as a joke. A serious B typical C various D unlikely

6, Kate has learned a lot from several ___ in Africa. A experience B experiences C experienced Dexperiment 7. Smoking is bad for your health and you’d better ____ A give up it B give it up C give it back D give back it 8, I am prepared for the next game. Come on. We all ____ you to win. A hope B make C expect D think

9.How time flies ﹗ Three years ____really a short time. A is B are C was D were 10, Do you have any trouble ____ your way here? A find B to find C finding D to finding

11,Taking buses in Beijing is ____than taking a taxi.

A more cheap B less cheaper C a little cheap D much cheaper
12,It’s a serious problem.We can’t decide ___Mr wu comes back. A until B since C but D so 13, _____ the population of your city ?

A How is B How many are C What is D How much is
14,The first lesson ___I learned will never be forgotton.

A who B whose C whom D that
15, I got the first place in the English test. _______ .

A Congratulations B You bet C Good luck D It’s my pleasure

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