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1. 大明在英语学习中遇到了以下问题:大明喜欢英语,但是对他来说学英语是困难的。他能够听懂英语老师讲的课,但是他很害羞。他不敢喝同学用英语谈话。他花很长时间记忆新单词,但是很快就忘。他也不擅长英语语法。假如你是大明, 请针对以上问题,给语言博士写一封,求助学习方法。

Dear Language Doctor,

I’m Daming. I like English very much. But it’s difficult for me to learn English. I understand my teacher in class. But I am a shy boy. I’m afraid to talk with my classmates in English. It takes me a long time to remember new words. I will forget them quickly. I am not good at grammar, either. What should I do?

Best wishes,


2. 假设你是语言博士,请根据大明的问题,回复一封信。

Dear Daming,

You need to practise speaking more often. Why not try to speak English as much as possible? You can talk about films and songs with your classmates in English. Don’t be shy. Just try.

It is natural to forget new words. I suggest you write four or five words a day on pieces of paper and place them in your room. Read the words when you see them, and try to use them.

Grammar is important. What about writing down your mistakes in your notebook? And don’t forget to write down the correct answers next to the mistakes.

Best wishes,

Language Doctor



Beijing is the capital of China. It’s in the north of China. The population of it is over twenty million. Beijing is over 5000 years old. It is famous for Roast Duck and the Great Wall.

Dezhou is smaller than Beijing. It is in the northweat of Shandong. It has a population of seven million. It is a younger city than Beijing. It is famous for Dezhou Chicken. The roads are wider than that of Beijing. Beijing’s traffic is heavier than that of Dezhou.



Northeast tigers mainly live in Changbaishan area of Jilin Province. They can walk quietly and jump as high as two meters. They can even swim but they can’t climb up trees. There are fewer tigers now than before, because people cut down more trees. And people killed tigers for their bones and fur. The government is building lots of nature parks to protect northeast tigers.

5.请根据提示向外国友人简单介绍黄山。1. 位于安徽省南部,是中国著名的旅游圣地。每年有大批中外游客前去观光。2.乘汽车去大约要花3个小时,也可以乘火车或飞机。3.登山可领略云海(the sea of clouds),奇松(wondrous pines),怪石(unique rocks)等秀丽的风景及清晨美丽的日出。 The Huangshan Mountain is one of the most famous mountains in China. It lies in the south of Anhui. Every year thousands of Chinese and foreigners pay a visit here. It’s not far from here. It takes you about three hours to get there by bus. You can also go there by train or by plane. While you are climbing the mountain, you can enjoy the sea of clouds, wondrous pines and unique rocks around you. In the early morning when the sun rises, the sky looks very beautiful. It’s really a nice place to visit.



One day, I saw an accident on my way back home after school.

I was working down the street when I saw a car hit a motorbike. I took my mobile phone and took photos of the car drove away as quickly as possible. The woman on the motorbike fell down and hurt her leg badly.

I walked up to the woman and called the police at once. After the policeman arrived I showed the photo to him. Then I helped them send the woman to the hospital.

With the help of my photo, the police caught the car driver soon. I was very happy to do a good thing.

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