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2013新人教版八年级英语上Section B-1a-1e

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Unit 10 If you go to the party, you’ll have a good time!

What were you doing yesterday evening? Were you watching an exciting match?

If you watch the match, you’ll feel excited.

8月11日晚,2013年世界羽毛球锦标赛落下帷幕,在收官战男 单决赛中,中国选手林丹在(16-21/21-13/20-17)领先的时候, 收到老对手李宗伟的退赛大礼,成就了世锦赛"五冠王"的伟 业。持外卡出战的"超级丹",成功宣告"王者归来"。

If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time.


If you wear uniforms to school, the teachers will be happy.

If it snows, we’ll make a snowman.

if 引导的条件状语从句
例句1 如果你努力工作, 你的梦想将会实现。 If you work hard, your dream will come true. 例句2 如果明天下雨, 我将不出去散步。 If it rains tomorrow, I won’t go out for a walk.



Result she will go to university. he may go to university.


she gets good grades,
he gets good grades, she gets good grades, he gets good grades, she gets good grades, he gets good grades,


she should go to university.
he can go to university. she could go to university.


he might go to university.

1a. Circle the three things you think they are important to you. _____ be happy _____ go to college


_____ be famous
_____ travel around the world

赚钱 接受教育

_____ make a lot of money
_____ get an education

Basketball player Golf player Professional athlete football player

Group work
Do you want to be a professional athlete? Why or why not?


Yao Ming’s team give him US$15, 000,000 every year.



An agent is a person who The Lions are a works for another person great soccer team. or a company.

What does the soccer agent talk about joining the Lions?

1b. Listen. Put an “A” or “P” before each thing. _____ be happy P
P _____ go to college A _____ be famous A _____ travel around the world P _____ make a lot of money P _____ get an education

1c. Listen again. Complete the sentences. c 1. If you join the Lions, ______ 2. If you become a Lion, ______ e a 3. And if you work really hard, ______ 4. If you become a soccer player, ______ d b 5. But if I don’t do this now, ______
a. you’ll be famous. b. I’ll never do it. c. you’ll become a great soccer player. d. you’ll never go to college. e. you’ll travel around the world.

Conversation 1


Agent: The lions are a great soccer team, you know! Michael: Oh, I know. Agent: If you join the Lions, you’ll become a great soccer player. Michael: I’m sure I will. Will I travel much? Agent: Sure! If you become a lion, you’ll travel around the world. Michael: Sounds great. Agent: It is. And if you work really hard, you’ll be f

amous. Michael: Well, I don’t know.

Conversation 2
Father: You shouldn’t join the lions right now. Michael: Why not? Mother: If you become a soccer player, you’ll never go to college. Michael: But I really want to play soccer. I want a job I love. I want to be happy. Father: Of course you want to be happy, but there are many interesting jobs out there. Michael: But it’s my dream to play soccer with the Lions! It’s really exciting!

Father: It is exciting. And I know you want to make a lot of money. But money isn’t everything, son. Michael: I know. But if I don’t do this now, I’ll never do it. Mother: But don’t you want to get an education?


A: what do you think I should do? can you give me some advice? B: I think you should go to college. A: But if I go to college, I’ll never become a great soccer player.

1. If it _____ tomorrow, we’ll go to the park. B A. isn’t rain B. doesn’t rain C. will rain D. don’t rain 2. I _____ with you if I’m free . B A. go B. will go C. went D. going B 3. The volleyball match will be put off if it _______. A. will rain B. rains C. rained D. is rained B 4. There ______ a football game on TV this afternoon. A. is going to have B. will be C. is going to play D. will play

5. This work is ________ for me than for you. D A. difficult B. the most difficult C. most difficult D. more difficult 6. I'll catch up with Lucy before she ________ the C finishing line. A. reach B. is reaching C. reaches in D. will reach D 7. Excuse me. Could you tell me ________? A. where's the office B. where's the bus stop C. what's she doing D. where the post office is C 8. I won't go if it ________ tomorrow. A. rain B. is raining C. rains D. will rain C 9. Wu Dong is good at ________ English. A. speak B. speaks C. speaking D. spoke

10. You'd better ________ your jacket. A The room is too hot. A. take off B. put on C. take out D. take care 11. In the race Wu Dong ran fastest. No one D could ________ him. A. get on with B. hurry up C. give up D. catch up with C 12. He is a little ________ than you. A. fat B. fater C. fatter D. fattest C 13. Watching TV ________ is bad for your eyes. A. much too B. many too C. too much D. to many

14. You’d better look up the new word in a dictionary _____ you don’t know it ? A (2009年甘肃省兰州市中考试题) A.if B.that C.though D.whether 15. I bet Mrs. Black will come to help us with the D celebration if she ______ too busy tomorrow. (2009年吉林省通化市中考试题) A. is B. will be C. won’t be D. isn’t

16. All the students in Class 5 will climb the D mountain if it _______ rain tomorrow. (2009年四川省绵阳市中考试题) A. won’t B. don’t C. didn’t D. doesn’t A 17. Attention, please. There____ a football game between China and Korea this evening. (2009年山东省淄博市中考试题) A. is going to be B. has been C. has D. will have

18. ____ will be a basketball game tomorrow. A (2

009年四川省泸州市中考试题 ) A. There B.That C. It D 19. Do you know there will __________ English party this Friday. (2006 贵州铜仁) A. have an B. hold an C. is an D. be an

D 20. The plane will ________from Beijing Capital Airport and land in London. (2010年天津市 ) A.take up B.take out C.take away D.take off B 21. He likes the book but it ______ too much. (中考真题) A pays B costs C takes D spends

1. Read the article in Activity 2b. 2. Write about your own plans, using sentences with “if” and “will”.

My own plan I think I will be a teacher in ten years. If I become a teacher, I will work with children. I love children so I will be happy. I will also be able to work outside sometimes. But I won’t

be famous.

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