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1.It’s very lucky______ you to get the tickets ______ the World Cup.

A. for, of B. of, for C. of, to D. to, for

2. (At the doctor’s) ——It’s nothing serious, doctor? ——No, _______.

A.you’ll be all right soon B. You won’t be all right soon

C.There’s some trouble with you D. It’s very serious

3.——Will you stay for lunch?

——Sorry, ______. My brother is coming to see me.

A.I mustn’t B.I can’t C.I needn’t D.I won’t

4. China has______ the WTO for some years.

A. taken part in B. joined C. been a member of D. entered

5.Many_______trees must be planted every year.

A. thousand B. thousand of C. thousands of D. thousand

6.The post office is not far from here. It’s only ten_______ by bike.

A.minute B. minutes C. minute’s D. minutes’

7.She doesn’t know the school, but it’s _______ to be quite a good one.

A.told B. spoken C. talked D. said

8.We don’t allow ______ in this room.

A. smoking B. to smoke C. people smoking D. people to smoking

9. Hurry up! The film ______ for ten minutes.

A. has been on B. began C. begins D. has begun

10.It was so cold that the travelers had the fire ______ all the night.

A. burning B. to burn C. burn D. burnt

11.She ______ his number in the phone book to make sure that she had got it right.

A. looked for B. looked up C. looked after D. looked like

12. ——What’s your father? ——______.

A. He’s an engineer. B. He is always kind to others.

C. He is really a good man. D. He’s working in Fuzhou.

13. He is a good student . He gets __________ well _________ his classmates .

A. up ; on B. in ; on C. on ; with D. on ; at

14.——I called you just now, but you weren’t in.

——Sorry, I ______ the reading room.

A. was in B. have gone to C. studied D. have been to

15.A third of the population of the city _______ their own cars.

A. has B. have C. had D. is

16.His bag is nicer than _______ in his class.

A. any other student B. the other students’ C. any other students D. any student’s

17.——Remember this, children. _____careful you are, _____mistakes you will make. ——We know, Miss Zhao.

A The more, the more B The fewer, the more C The more, the fewer D The less, the less

18.——Has Jack finished his homework yet?

——I’ve no idea, But he ______ it the whole afternoon.

A. would do B. was doing C. did D. had done

19.——He’s never stolen anything before, ______ he?

——______. It’s his third time to be taken to police station.

A. hasn’t; Yes B. is; Yes C. has; Yes D. has; No

20. My bag is full . What about __________ ?

A. your B. their C. her D. yours

21. This is my______ first time to go to Shanghai. I think I'll enjoy myself.

A. a B. the C./ D. an

22. It’s bad for your health to go to school______ break?fast.

A. at B. for C. with D. without

23. Our teacher told us that we would have a______ holi?day after the exam.

A. two week B. two-week C. two weeks D. two-weeks

24. —I’m sorry I ______my homework at home.

—That's all right. Don’t forget ______it to school this afternoon.

A. forget; to take B. forget; to bring C. left; to take D. left; to bring

25. Ride slowly , please . There is ________ traffic at this time of day .

A.much too B. too much C.too many D.many too

26. _________ Chinese in your English class.

A.Not speak B.Don’t speak C.Speak not D.Don’t speaking

27.——Aren’t you tired, Kate?

——______. I like going shopping.

A. Not at all B. I’m so sorry C. You’re welcome D. Yes, of course

28.——Don’t forget to come to my birthday party tomorrow.


A.I don’t B.I won’t C.I can’t D.I haven’t

29.——Do you know Susan’s address?

——Yes. She lives______201, Dongchang Road, Fuzhou City.

A. in B. at C. along D. on

30.——Would you like some coffee?

——Yes, please. By the way, do you have any milk? I prefer coffee ______ milk.

A. from B. with C. to D. for

31. —May I park my car here, Sir?

—_________. You may park it over there.

A Yes, you may B Yes, you can C No, you needn’t D No, you mustn’t

32.——What do you think of his surfing?

——Oh, no one does ______.

A. good B. well C. better D. best

33.Mother is too busy to wash clothes for____ .I have to wash them___.

A.I; myself B. me; herself C. me; myself D. her; herself

34. —_________terrible weather it is!

—The radio says that it’ll get _________ later in the day.

A. What a; bad B. What; worse C. How;bad D. How a; worse

35. Barry has just finished writing a____________composition.

A.eight-hundred-word B.nine-hundred-word

C.eight-hundreds-word D.nine-hundreds-words

36. ——Would you like some drinks, boys?

——Yes, _______, please.

A. some oranges B. two boxes of chocolates C. some cakes D. two bottles of orange

37. It’s cold outside . _______ your sweater, please .

A.Put on B.Put C.Wear D.To wear

38. The man in the shop asked the woman __________ .

A.which kind does she like B.which kind she is

C.which kind is she likes D.which kind she likes

39. ——How are you today ?

——I’m feeling ________ than yesterday .

A.worst B.well C.worse D.bad

40. ——Would you like milk or orange ?

——________ . I prefer water .

A.Both B.Either C.Neither D.None






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