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初中英语课程改革理念 1

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Warming up
1. Self-introduction
2. Question Discussion

How do you feel about the English
curriculum reform ? What confuses

you most in your English teaching practice?

The Ideas of English Curriculum Reform in Junior High School
Liu Xiaozhen
Associate Professor College of Foreign Languages,

Hexi University

Learning Objectives
■ To know about the new curriculum , to agree with it, to understand it and to experience it; ■ To grasp the main ideas of the new curriculum and its implementation; ■ To promote teachers’ own qualities; ■ To help teachers renew teaching concepts, reform teaching patterns and improve teaching methods.

Learning Content
● The focuses of The New Curriculum

Reform for Basic Education
● The Basic Ideas of English Curriculum

Reform in Junior High School
● Teaching strategies for Junior School

● English Teaching assessment in Junior

High School

Learning Content
● Innovative English Teaching Based on the

Ideas of the New Curriculum in Junior High School ■ Basic Ideas for Innovative English Teaching in Junior High School ■ Innovative Teaching Designs for Junior School English ■ Hierarchical Teaching Patterns for Junior School English ■ Task-Based English Language Teaching in Junior High School

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