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( A. liking B. like C. liked D. likes

( ) 2. I ’t sure of hoe to read a word correctly .

A. use to be B. used to be C. used to D. may be

( ) 3. -- --Yes , they did.

A. Did they used to B. Did they use to C. Do they used to D. Do they use to

( ) 4. She’s A. terrify B. terror C. terrifying D. terrified

( ) 5. I don’t know it next. A. what to do B. how to do

C. what can I do D. how can I do

( ) 6. –You didn’t use to have long hair , A. did you B. didn’t you C do you D. aren’t you

( ) 7. –Is she afraid of the dark? her bedroom light .

A. with, on B. with , closed C. with , off D. with , open

( ) 8. Wu Minxia is the national swimming team .

A. on B. to C. in D. at

( ) 9. The novel(小说that I am A. interesting, interesting

B. interested, interested C. interested. interesting D. interesting, interested

( ) 10. Simon spent two hours the interview yesterday .

A. finish B. finishing C. to finish D. finished

( ) 11. My uncle has to A. give to B. give away C. give up D. give back

( ) 12. To much work make us A. feel B. to feel C. feeling D. feels

( ) 13. –Where is Uncle Li ? --He’’re talking to each other .

A. in front B. in the front of C. in front of D. in the front

( ) 14. Lily , you should A. pay B. spend C. take D. cost

( A. used to , used to B. used to , is used to

C. was used for, used to D. was used to , is used to

( ) 16. –Cindy is a girl . –Yes, you are right .

A. thirteen years old B. thirteen –years -old

C. thirteen year old D. thirteen –year –old

( , Tonny passed the English exam in the end .

A. they surprised B. them surprising C. their surprise D. they’s surprise

( ) 18. If you win the game , Mom will you .

A. take pride in B take pried of C. be proud in D. be pride of


( ) 19. the girl is young , she can make money herself .

A. Even though B. Since C. Even D. If

( ) 20. It

A. seems B. seem C. seem to be D. looks like


Hello , I am Zhang Qian . I study in a middle school now. I sure change.

For example, I used to short but now I’m tall. I used to have hair, but now I have short hair because I have no more time of it. I used to be afraid of the sea because I didn’t know how to swim. But now I am a good in our school. As for eating, I used to have meat and eggs, but now I liking eating vegetables than before. I used to watch cartons and programs(节目) on TV. Now I like programs about science. I’m more interested ’t dare(敢) to at night. But now I am not afraid . I know it’s only because there is no light.

( ) 1. A. have B. be C./ D. been

( ) 2. A. curly B. black C. straight D. long

( ) 3. A. taking B. takes C. to take D. took

( ) 4. A. swimmer B. listener C. learner D. teacher

( ) 5. A. much B. more C. many D. a lot

( ) 6. A. as B. on C. for D. about

( ) 7. A.seeing B. looking C. watching D. looking at

( ) 8. A. in B. on C. to D. at

( ) 9. A. sun B. moon C. dark D. high places

( )10. A. watch TV B. go out C. have fun D. eat dinner



Sam lives in New York. His father has a shop there and his mother is a doctor. He’s seven years old now and begins to go to school this autumn. It’s a little far from their shop and his father drives a car to take him to school every day . So he’s not late for class and his teacher likes him.

It’s Monday today. Miss Hunt is teaching them to count from one to ten. Sam is studying hard. Soon he can count them . Miss Hunt is happy and asks, “How many people are there in your family, Sam ?”

Sam is standing and begins to count with his fingers. Then he says, “Two, Miss Hunt.” “Who are they?” “My father and my mother.” “Oh?” Miss Hunt is surprised. She says, “There’re three people in your family.” “But now I ’m not at home, but at school, you know!”

( )1. Sam is A. an English boy

B. an American boy C. an English girl D. an American girl

( )2. Sam is in Grade(年级) now

A. One B.Two C.Three D.Four


( )3. Sam usually goes to school .

A.on foot B.by bike C.by car D.by bus

( )4. The teachers like Sam because .

A. he’s the youngst in his class B.he always goes to school in time(按时)

B. he helps his classmates D. he often does something for his classmates

( )5. Why is Miss Hunt happy today?

A. Because Sam isn’t late for class. B. Because Sam is studying hard.

C. Because the children are listening to her D. Because Sam can count from one to ten.



( )1. How many floors are there in Wang Wei’s house?

A. Only one. B. Two. C. Three. D. Four.

( )2. The dining room is ________.

A. next to the bathroom B. between the living room and the kitchen

C. in front of the study D. behind the living room

( )3. If Mr. Wang has a new car, he will put the car ______.

A. in the living room

B. in the garden C. in the yard D. in the garage

( )4. Wang Fei’s bedroom is ______ Wang Wei’s.

A. behind B. in front of C. next to D. under

( )5. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. There are three bedrooms in Wang Wei’s house.

B. We can’t see a bathroom upstairs.

C. The living room is very small.

D. There is a yard and a garden behind the house.





作文要求:语句连贯,词数80 个左右。



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