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1. as+ adj./ adv.原级 +as 和……一样
? 1) ? (1)This film is as interesting as that one. ? 这部电影和那部电影一样有趣。

(2)Your pen writes as smoothly as mine. ? 你的钢笔书写起来和我的一样流畅。
其否定式为not as/so +adj./ adv.原级 +as。例如: This dictionary is not as/so useful as that one. ? That dictionary is more useful than this one. ? 这本字典不如那本字典有用。

? 2)当as… as 中间有名词时采用以下格式。 as +形容词+ a +单数名词 as + many/much +名词 This is as good an example as the other is. I can carry as much paper as you can.. 3)用表示倍数的词或其他程度副词做修饰语时,放在 as的前面。 This room is twice as big as that one. Your room is the same size as mine. 4) 倍数+ as + adj. + as = 倍数+ … + of This bridge is three times as long as that one. This bridge is three times the length of that one. Your room is twice as large as mine. Your room is twice the size of mine.

? very/quite/too/so +形容词原级 ? It is very/quite/too/so wet today.

2. much + 不可数名词/比较级
? Don’t eat too much food in the evening. ? Our school is much bigger than yours. ? This lake is much more beautiful than that one.

much/a little/even/three years+ 比较级
? She is much taller than Mrs.Liu. ? He is three years older than I. ? This problem is a little more difficult than the other one.

句 型 等 级 1.as+原级+as 原 级 2.not + so/as + 原级+ 例 句

This tiger is as as strong as that one.

比 比较级 + than 较 级 (两者作对比)

Garfield is fatter than the dog.

最 the+最高级+of /in 高 级 (三者或以上作对比)

The flower is the biggest of all.

4. in fact 其实; 事实上;实际上;
In fact, I think an old car is better than none. 事实上,我认为有一辆旧车总比没车强
In fact, he is a very outstanding youth. 事实上,他是个十分优秀的少年。

5. in/on/to the south/north/west/east of
? A is in the ~of B (A在B之中) ? C is on the ~ of B (接壤但不包含) ? A is to the ~ of C (不接壤不包含)

? Guangzhou is in the south of China. 广州在中国的南部 ? Japan lies to the east of China. ? 日本位于中国东方。 France lies to the east of England. ? 法国位于英国东方。 ? Guangdong is on the south of Hunan. ? 广东在湖南南边。 Shangdong is on the north of Jiangsu. ? 山东在江苏北边。

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