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2013新人教版八年级英语上Section A-3a-3c

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Unit 10 If you go to the party, you’ll have a good time!

If you watch the football match , you’ll be tired.

If you watch the match, you’ll be excited.

If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time.

If it is fine , I’ll go swimming.

If it rains , we won’t go to climb the mountain.

If it is windy , children won’t go hiking.

? If I eat snacks in the reading room , the assistant will stop me. ? If I talk on the phone in the reading room, the others will be mad. ? If I smoke in the reading room, the assistant must ask me to go away .

1. 2. 3. 4.

从句 主句 If you are late, you will say sorry. If he eats more, he will be fatter. If you are happy, clap your hands. If you fight at the party, you must go out.

Read the sentences
I think I’ll take the bus to the party. If you do, you’ll be late. I think I’ll stay at home. If you do, you’ll be sorry. What will happen if they have the party today? If they have it today, half the class won’t come.

Should we ask people to bring food? If we ask people to bring food, they’ll just bring potato chips and chocolate.

Fill in the blanks with the words given.

1.The students will go to the doesn’t rain Summer Palace if it ___________ (not rain) tomorrow. 2.If he _________(walk) to school, walks he’ll be late. will read 3.If she likes it, she __________ (read) it soon. 4.If you play computer games on weekdays, you _______ (be) tired. will be

work 5. If you ______(work) hard, your dream will come true. studies 6. If she ______(study) hard, She will go to Beijing University. is rainy 7. If it _____ ( rainy )tomorrow, I will play the piano. has 8. If I _____(have) much money in the future, I will travel all over the world.

Grammar Focus: if 条件句
I will have a good time tomorrow. I will go to the party tomorrow. 合并 If I go to the party tomorrow, I’ll have a good time. if引导一个条件状语从句 当主句是一般将来时时, if引导的从句必须用 现在时来表示将来可能发生的动作或存在的状态。

在英语里, 当句子的主句为将来时态时, 它所引导的

表示将来时间, 这在英语里被称为“主将从现”。

的will+动词原形构成的一般将来时, 还包括be
going to+动词原形、be doing所表示的一般将来时 以及我们以后会学到的其它的将来时态。例如:

What is he going to do when he grows up?


We are leaving for Amoy tomorrow if it doesn’t rain.

如果明天不下雨, 我们就去厦门。
We will buy that microwave next week if its price

keeps going down.
如果价格持续下降, 下个礼拜我们就买那台微波炉。

1. Structure If +…, I’ll / you’ll +…
↘ 条件 ↙↘ 结果 ↙

For example: If you study, I’ll be happy. wear jeans to school , y

ou’ll be sorry. get up late, you’ll be late. eat too much, you’ll be fat. wash your clothes yourself ……

这里if所引导的是真实条件句(real conditional), 即所 假设的条件有可能成为现实, 表达假定所假设的条件 实现时会出现的情况或会采取的行为。有时, 我们 可以使用并列结构的祈使句来表达这种类型的条件句。

e.g. If you set your alarm clock, you won’t oversleep. 如果你上闹钟, 你就不会睡过头了。 Set your alarm clock, and you won’t oversleep.

?If you give him an inch, he will take a mile. 他会得寸进尺。

Give him an inch, and he will take a mile.
?If you don’t give him some food, he will starve. 如果你不给他一点吃的, 他就会饿死。 Give him some food, or/else he will starve.

2. 用法

(1)条件状语从句通常由连词if引导, 意为“如果、假如”, 主句不能用be going to表示将来, 而应该用shall、will。 e.g. If you leave now, you are never going to regret it. (错误) If you leave now, you will never regret it. (正确) (2) if “如果”, 引导条件状语从句, 主句用一般将来时, 从句则用一般现在时,如: If it rains tomorrow, I shan’t climb the hills.

1.如果你不赶快走, 你就会迟到。 If you don’t go soon, you’ll be late.

2 .如果你爱你的父母, 你应当帮他们做做家务。
You should help do the housework if you love your parents. 3. 如果你更友善一些, 你会教上很多好朋友。 You will make lots of friends if you are more friendly.

4.如果你带外校的朋友来, 老师会让他们离开。
If you bring friends from other schools, the teacher will ask them to leave. 5. 如果你不完成作业, 妈妈不会让你玩电游。 If you don’t finish your homework, your mother won’t let you play computer games. 6. 当你看到Bill Gates, 你会对他说些什么? What will you say to Bill Gates when you see him?

For more exercises, click here.

1. be+doing形式: 用现在进行时态表达将来,
主要意义是表示按计划、安排即将发生的动作, 常用于位置转移的动词, 如go、come、leave,

start、arrive等, 也可用于其它动态动词。如:
The president is coming to the UN this week. 总统这周将到联合国来。 We are moving to a different hotel the day after tomorrow. 我们后天将换一家宾馆。

在现在英语中, 有相当多的动态动词都可以用 现在进行时表示将来。例如: Dinner is ready. We’re having fish for dinner. 晚饭好了, 今晚我们吃鱼。

I’m spending my holidays in Singapore this year.
今年我要去新加坡度假。 Tom isn’t finishing his high school until next year. 汤姆明年才高中毕业。

2. Can you give me some advice please?

advice意为“劝告;建议”是不可数名词,不能说 a advice, 而是a piece of advice,也因为advice是不可 数名词。“两个(则)建议”,

我们通常说 two pieces of advice。注意piece要采用复数, advice不可数,但piece可数。我们也可以说为 some pieces of advice一些建议。 如:Can you give me some advice? 你能给我一些建议吗?

与advice有关的一些词组: ask advice of 向...征求意见, 请教 by sb.'s advice 依某人劝告 on sb.'s advice 依某人劝告 follow sb.'s advice 接受某人意见 give advice 劝告, 忠告

3a Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets.
Dear Su Mei, I don’t ______ (know) what to ______ (do) about going to know do Mike’s birthday party tomorrow night. My parents ______(think) I should study for my English exam next week. think If I______(go) to the party, they ________(be) upset. Mike will be go have ______(tell) us wear nice clothes, but I don’t ______(have) tells any. If I_____(wear) jeans, I ________(look) the worst. Also, wear will look I’m not sure how to ____(go) to the party. If I ______(walk), go walk will take take it _________ (take) me too long. If I _____ (take) a taxi, it _________ (be) too expensive. Can you give me some advice will be please?

3b Complete the sentences using your own ideas.
1.If I get up late tomorrow, ____________________________ I will miss the school bus 2.If I don’t finish my homework, ____________________________ my teacher will be angry 3.If I don’t get enough exercise, I won’t be strong ____________________________ 4.I will not have enough time to study if I play computer games all the day. ____________________________ 5.I will not make any friends if ____________________________ I always make them upset.


1. Complete the sentence. Use the phrases from the box.
will be late, will laugh at you, will never stop talking, won’t study for your test, will tell you to stop

1. Don’t talk in class. If you do, the teacher will tell you to stop __________________. 2. Don’t watch TV tonight. If you do, you won’t study for your test __________________________.

4. Don’t walk too slowly. If you do, you will be late ________________. 5. Don’t wear jeans to dance. If you do, people will laugh at you ____________________.

6. Don’t ask about her children. If you do, she
will never stop talking _______________________.

2. 用所给词的正确形式填空。
1. Whatwill happen (happen), if we climb the tree. ___________ 2. Could you help me organize (organize) the ________ party games? 3. If it _____ (rain) tomorrow. We won’t go __________ rains (not go) hiking. 4. If you wear jeans to the party, the teachers will be (be) angry. _______ 5. Don’t ________ (bring) food to school. ride 6. We are going to _______ (ride) bikes to school.

3. 阅读下面短文把文中出现的语法错误改正过来 。
Dear Jenny,

Thanks for inviting me to the party. Of course

I’ll go to the party. And I think if I will give you a ② give present, you are happy. I hope it won’t rain that day. ③ will be Because if it w

on’t rain, my little son will come, too. ④ doesn’t If he comes, you aren’t disappointed, he is really funny.⑤ won’t be OK, see you on the party. Yours, Rose


1.Write five sentences with if structure. 2.Copy the sentences on PPT3 and translate them.

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