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( )1.---How do you study _______a test? ----I study _______reading the textbook.

( )20.--We need a music CD that we can dance_______ --I have one.I'II take it ______the party.

A.in, in B.in, to C .to, to D.to ,in


In learning English, one should first pay attention to listening and speaking.It is the

A. for ; for B. for ; by C. by ; for D .by ; by ( )2. David ______ English since he was five years old.

A. learns B. learnt C. has learned D. will learn

( )3. Beijing is one of the ______ in the world today.

A. busiest city B. busiest cities C. busy city D. busy cities ( )4. My brother spends too much time ______computer games. A. to play B. play C. plays D.playing ( ) 5. If I______ you, I’d wear a shirt and tie.

groundwork(基础) of reading and writing.You' d better much listening.Don' t be of making mistakes.But be careful not to let them stop you While you are doing this, a good letters.Then if you can, ask some others to go through you have written and tell you where it is wrong.Many mistakes in your speaking will be Through correcting mistakes, you can do better in learning English.

If you are slow in speaking, don′t about it.One of the helpful ways is reading, either aloud or to yourself.The important thing is to choose .It mustn't be too difficult for you.When you are reading this way, don' t stop to A. is B. was C. were D. has been ( )6.The young trees should ______well as often as possible A.be water B. watered C. watering D. be watered ( )7.He pretended ________me when he walked by.

A. not see B. not to see C. don't see D. to not see

( )8.The man in the office ______ be Mr. Black because he went home just now. A. mustn’t B. may not C. can’t D. needn’t

( )9.My grandpa is _________ weak ______ look after himself.He needs help.

A.so, that B.very, to C.so, to D.too, to ( )10.----How many people will come to Beijing next year? ----It's hard to say. _________people , I think.

A. Million of B. Millions of C. Three millions D. Three millions of ( )11.-----Whose guitar is this?

-----Susan plays the guitar. It must _______.

A. belong to her B. belong her C. belong to hers D. belong hers ( )12.Do you like music ____makes you excited? A. that B. what C. who D. it ( )13.We prefer ________at the party rather than______. A. to sing; dance B. to sing ; dancing C. sing; to dance D. sing ;dance ( )14.------Where would you like to visit? ------ I'd like to visit____

A. warm somewhere B. warm anywhere C. somewhere warm D. anywhere warm ( )15.I like places __________it's not cold in winter. A. those B. which C. where D. This ( )16.Tom is a ________ boy.He is too young to drive a ear. A.fifteen-years-old B.fifteen-year-old C.fifteen years old D.fifteen

year old

( )17.-- We will go to Beijing for three days during the vocation of October. --______________

A.So does he B.So he does C.So will he D.So he will ( )18.I want to buy _______for my father’s birthday to make him happy.

A. something special B. special something C. nothing special D. special nothing

( )19.The notebook ___________ be John's .There is his name on it.


B.might C.could


the new words if you can guess their meanings when they have nothing to do with the sentences.You can do that some other time.

21.A.have B.send C.make D.try 22.A.sure B.proud C.afraid D.tired 23.A.English B.Chinese



24.A.start B.idea C.time D.way 25.A.how B.when C.what D.why

26.A.happily B.easily



27.A.talk B.fear C.worry D.hurry

28.A.something B.everything



29.A.by B.on


D.in 30.A.look

B.look for C.look up





here is nothing difficult for us to do in the world. That is to say, if we do it, the difficult thing will be easy; if we don’t, the easy thing will be difficult. Here is a story.

Long, long ago, there lived two monks(和尚)in Sichuan. One was poor and the other was rich. One day the poor monk said to the rich one,“I want to go to Nanhai. What do you think of it?”

“Go to Nanhai?I have been trying to go there for quite a few years but I couldn’t .How can you get there without any money?”

“A bottle and a bowl are quite enough for me,”answered the poor one.

After a year, the poor monk returned from Nanhai and told his story to the rich monk. The rich monk’s face turned red and he had nothing to say. It’s thousands of miles from Sichuan to Nanhai. The rich one didn’t succeed but the poor one did. 根据短文内容,判断下列句子正(T)误(F).

( )31. Only the rich monk wanted to go to Nanhai. ( )32. It took the poor monk half a year to get to Nanhai.

( )33. The poor monk went to Nanhai with nothing except a bottle and a bowl. ( )34. The rich monk’s face turned red because he didn’t give the poor any money. ( )35.The story tells us that nothing is difficult if you try to do it.


You may know the song Happy Birthday very well.But do you know about its writer? It was written by an American girl.And she became very rich after that.

When she was a child, she was poor.Once, she was invited to her friend's birthday party.She was pleased but sad because she didn't have enough money to buy a gift for her. "The party is coming soon, but now I bare little money." Tears ran down her face. Later that night she was in bed, thinking about the gift when the door opened and her grandma came in."What happened?" her grandma asked.Hearing the girl's story, she said, "Don't worry.I think I can help you.How about singing a song together? Happy birthday to ..."What a beautiful song! They sang and sang.Suddenly she woke up.It was a dream! She

decided to write it down at once and sing it to her friends at the party.

When she sang the song at the party the next day, her friends were very happy."How wonderfully you sing! We haven't heard such a beautiful song before.Thank you for giving me the special gift." said her friend.And they learnt to sing it together.Later the girl became well-known in America.

36.The song Happy Birthday was written by______________ A.an American girl

B.an American girl's grandma

C.an American boy D.an American girl's friend 37.The girl was sad because__________________ A.she didn't want to go to the party. C.she didn't have enough money to buy a gift. 38.What gift did she give her friend? A.A flower. D.A song.

A.boring D.interesting



B.A toy.

C.An interesting bookB.she would be busy that day. D.she wasn't invited to the party.

At school a teacher met the little boy and asked, “ What’s your name, my little friend?” “Gao Ling, sir”, answered the boy. “How old are you?” “Six, sir.”

“What’s your father’s name?” “Gao Dalin, sir”. “How old is he?” “He’s six too, sir.” “Oh,” the teacher said in surprise. “Is he as old as you?”

“Yes, sir,” said the boy. “He became a father only at that time when I was born.” ( ) 46. Mr. Gao is ________now.

A. six B. twenty-five C. thirty-one D. thirty-five

( ) 47. Mr. and Mrs. Gao love their son because________.

A. the boy is clever B. he likes to go to school C. he can go to school himself D. he can answer their questions

( ) 48.Gao Ling is in Grade ________now

A. One

B. Two

C. Five

D. by bike

D. Six

( ) 49. Gao Ling went to school________.

A. by car B. on foot

( ) 50.Gao Ling thought________.

A. his father and he were born on the same day B. his father was younger than him C. by train

39.What did her friends think of the song? It was_________

40.Which of the following is TRUE?

A.The girl was still poor after writing the song. B.The girl sang the song with her grandpa in her dream. C.The girl' s friends had heard the song before. D.The girl became famous because of the song.


Recently, an Internet game has become a new fashion among young office workers and students.People can "farm" on a piece of "land" and "grow' ', "sell" or even "steal vegetables", "flowers" and ' ' fruits" on the Net, They can earn some e-money and buy more "seeds", "pets" and even "houses".

Joyce interviewed some young people.Here are their opinions.

Harold: I don't quite understand why they are so mad about the childish game.Maybe they are just not confident enough to face the real world.

Allan: 1 enjoy putting some "bugs" in my friends' gardens and we've become closer because of the game.Having fun together is the most exciting thing about it.

Laura: You know, people in the city are longing for(渴望) the life in the countryside.It reduces my work pressure(压力).Besides, it gives me the exciting experience of being a "thief'.

Ivy: Well, it's just a waste of time.Teenagers playing the game spend so many hours on it that they can not focus on (专注于)their study.

41.According to the passage, people can't _________things in this game. A.grow B.borrow C.steal D.sell 42.Among the people Joyce interviewed, _____ likes the game while _______ dislikes the game.

A.Laura, Allan

B.Allan, Harold C.Harold, Ivy D.Ivy, Allan

43.From Laura's words, we can guess that she's most probably____________ A.a student B.an office worker C.a farmer D.a thief 44.Which is NOT the reason why people like the game? A.They are longing for country life. B.They can have fun with friends.

C.The game can relax people and give them a new experience. D.They are confident enough to face the real world. 45.Where can you find this passage? A.In a car magazine. B.In an advertisement C.In a newspaper

D.In a science book


Mr. Gao lives in a town. When he was twenty-five, his son was born. He calls him Gao Ling. The little boy is clever and his parents love him very much.

It’s September 1st today. A new school year begins. Gao Ling is happy and wears his most beautiful clothes. He’s going go school with his new bag.

“Let me take you to school, dear,” said Mrs Gao.

“Thank you, Mummy,” said the boy, “The school is not far from here. I can go there myself.”

C. his father forgot to tell him about his age D. Gao Dalin became a father six years ago

四、词汇(25分) (一)、单词拼写(10分)

1.If you want to _____ (成功)in passing the exam, you have to work hard. 2. Our math teacher has taught at this school for more than 20 years. So he has a lot of _______(经验)

3.The doctor told me that it was _______(有帮助的)to eat vegetables.

4.I find it hard to d ______ with family problems.

5.You won’t pass the exam_________(除非)you work hard.

6.Our teachers often tell us the ______________(重要性)of studying knowledge. 7.Don’t c______________ on your clothes.you should study hard.

8.We are so ______________(自信的)that we aren’t afraid to speak in public. 9.To be h______________,I am not good at the schoolwork. 10. ________(无论什么)you do, you can’t change the situation. (二)、按要求完成句子。

11.we must plant trees every year in our country.(改为被动语态) Trees must _____________ _____________ every year by us in our country. 12.This computer is Alan’s.(改为同义句) This computer_______ _______Alan.

13.Tom likes music.The music has lyrics.(用定语从句合并句子) Tom like music ______ _______lyrics.

14.You shouldn’t smoke in the bus. (改为同义句) You are not _______ _______ smoke in the bus.

对划线部分提问) _______ _______ will your parents go to America?

16.He liked English better than math last year,(改为同义句)

He _______English____________ math last year. 17. He used to cause a lot of trouble. (改为一般疑问句) _______ he _______ to cause a lot of trouble? 18. He’s already finished his work.(改为一般疑问句) _________he finished his work ________? 19.It must be Lucy’s bags.(改为否定句)

It _______ ________ Lucy’s bags.

20.Tom has lunch at school every day. (改为一般疑问句) _________ Tom _________ lunch at school every day?

(三) 词的正确形式填空。

21.The girl is shy, she is ______________(terrify)of speaking at the meeting.

22.My English teacher is ________________(friend) to us.We all like her.

23. He likes music. He wants to be a__________(music).

24.When they heard the ___________(frustrate) news,they got very frustrated.

25.We’re considering________(visit)Paris for holiday.

26.I can’t afford________(buy) a new car.

27.Listen!He _________(sing)that song in the next room.

28.Linda expects_______(succeed) in passing the final exam.

29.They_________(lucky) catch the last bus today

30.Why not ________(study) English hard?It is very important .



_______ _____ ______, you will speak well.


You must be careful when you _____ ______ the road.


____ ______,he is a good child.


_______ _______your opinion,we have to change our plan.


You should________ ____ ____your decision


______ do you ________ __________ this movie?


What does it ________ you ______?


I hope ______ go _________ _______some day.


以My dream为题写一篇短文,说明你的梦想是什么;怎样实现你的梦想...... 要求:字迹工整,语句通顺,无语法错误, 词数:80左右.

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