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【2013贵阳】2. Jimmy is a good boy. He ____ his father . They are both kind and clever .

A. takes after B. takes out . C. takes away.

【2013锦州】10. —He looks unhappy today.

—Let’s __________.

A.cheer him up B.help out him C.look after him D.argue with him

【2013大庆】19. You had better hurry or we’ll be late for the plane. The plane will _____ in a

few minutes.A.take up B.take down C.take off D.take away

【2013义乌】18. —Tommy, don’t make a mess in your room.

—OK, mum. I will _________ my toys at once.

A.take out B.put away C.play with D.look for

【2013广东】26. Again and again the doctor ______ the crying baby girl, but he couldn’t find out what was wrong with her.

A. looked over B. looked after C. looked for D. looked out

【2013滨州】28. —So many problems! I’m tired.

— A. get into B. get off C. get on D. get over

【2013菏泽】35. You are _____to type quickly when talking to each other on QQ so the other person doesn't get bored

A. suggested B. supported C. taught D. supposed

【2013常州】39. Many social workers went to Ya’an to help clean water and food to local people to reduce their pain from the earthquake.

A. put out B. come out C. work out D. give out

【2013扬州】50. — Who's the most modest boy in your class?

— Daniel. He never ________ in public.

A. gets off B. takes off C. shows off D. turns off

【2013丽水】63. The great writer has written many stories for children. It is said that a new one will ______ at the end of this month.

A. go out B. come out C. look out D. run out

【2013河北】95. Please ______ the water when you brush your teeth.

A. take down B. turn up C. take away D. turn off

【2013连云港】102. — Would you please see the film Iron Man 3 with me tonight, Kate?

— I'd love to, but I've ________ Linda's invitation to dinner.

【2013苏州】134. I used to quarrel a lot with my parents, but now we ______ just fine together.

A. get along B. get up C. get away D. get off

A. suffered B. earned C. received D. accepted

【2013 黄冈】141.—How heavily it is raining!

—What a pity! We have to _____ our sports meeting. A. put off B. put out C. put on D. put up

In our life, we may meet person with different personalities[性格] 。What is your personality type[类型]? Read about the following and find out !

A Dreamer thinks there is a "right" way to do things. This person wants to live in the "perfect world". Many are good listeners and like to help others. Many Dreamers work as teachers, and often lead others. Famous Dreamers: Mohandas Gandhi, Angelina Jolie.

A Partner wants to be in a group. For this person, rules are important. They consider tradition to be of great value. Partners are often serious, careful people. Many do well as teachers, managers and police officers. Famous Partners: Queen ElizabethⅡ,Mother Teresa.

For Thinkers, understanding things is very important. They like to deal with problems and 1

make new things. Thinkers can also be active. They like to win. They have very strong opinions[主张]. Many Thinkers work as scientists, inventors and engineers. Famous Thinkers: Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking.

Artists want to be free. They don't want to follow the rules all the time. They also like trying new things. Like Thinkers, many Artists have strong opinions. They are creative and do well as musicians and actors. Famous Artists: Cristiano Ronaldo, Madonna.

91.How many personality types are mentioned in the passage.

A. Three B.Four C. Five D.Six

92. According to the passage, when you need help, may give you a hand.

A. Dreamers B. Partners C. Thinkers D. Artists

93. You may choose a job as , if you are careful and serious.

A.a player B.an actor C.a police officer D.a scientist

94. If you are active and like to win, maybe you are similar to .

A. Gandhi B. Mother Teresa C.Bill Gates D.Madonna

95. Which could be the best title for the passage?

A. Famous People B. Personality Types C. Perfect World D. Job Choices

(2012北京中考)Several weeks ago, our headmaster, Mr. Gaudi, told us that our school had been chosen to compete on Smart Aleck—a game show which my best friend Carla and I both love. Carla has a good imagination, and I know a lot of history, so we thought we’d be good __35__ for the team.A few days later, Mr. Gaudi held a meeting with everyone interested in the__36__ . He told us that Smart Aleck uses a five member team. He also said that three more people would be needed as backup(替补). Unluckily four times that many students were at the meeting. So Mr. Gaudi said we would have a __37__ and the top eight scorers would become the team and the backup.Everybody agreed that this was a __38__ way to decide. Yesterday, all of the hopefuls went to the dining hall after school. We would have to decide the starting line-up(阵容).Mr. Gaudi acted as the host. After a couple of hours, all the __39__ on the team were set except one. Carla and I __40__ for that last position.We had to hold a one-on-one competition between the two of us.The winner would be on the team and the loser would be the backup. Midway through our two-person competition,I was starting to pull ahead.__41__ I saw the look on Carla's face.I waited for a second and knew what I had to do.As much as I wanted to be on Smart Aleck,Carla wanted __42__ even more.So,starting with my next question,I held back and let Carla __43__,just by a little bit.Her expression as she __44__ she would be on the show made up for my not being on the team.And since I will go as backup,I'll still have the fun of seeing the show up close.Was I __45__ by not trying as hard as I could?I don't think so.No one noticed,and Carla and I didn't __46__ it.It won't hurt the team because Carla will be a very good competitor on the real show.I think that making my best friend happy was the right thing to do.

35. A.choices B.pairs C.leaders D.fans (语境+词义辨析)

36. A.course B.work C.trip D.show (联系上文)

37. A.direction B.discussion C.competition D.conversation (词义辨析)

38. A.special B.hard C.fair D.funny (词义辨析-adj)

39. A.places B.rules C.names D.orders (下文)

40. A.tied B.clapped C.cried D.returned (动词-辨析+搭配)

41. A.Still B.Never C.Then D.Again (连词)

42. A.us B.it C.me D.her (连词)

43. A.wait B.turn C.move D.win (文章理解)

44. A.accepted B.realized C.considered D.decided (又考了realize哦~~)

45. A.coming B.refusing C.helping D.cheating (词义辨析)

46. A.mean B.plan C.regret D.say (全文理解)



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