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unit 13Section A课件

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Unit 13

Rainy days make me sad.


The news which Beijing will held 2008 excited Olympics makes me _____. laugh The funny movie made him ______.



tense The loud music makes me _____.

clean up the street

cry He said the sad movie made him _____.
to clean up the street They were made __________________ yesterday.

Revision exercises:

1. The story was so sad that it ____________________ made us cry. 这故事如此悲伤以致于它令我们哭了. 2. Exams always ______________________________ make him tense 考试总让他很紧张. 3. The news that China will hold 2008 Olympics ______ made us excited ___________________________________. 中国将举办2008奥运会的消息令我们很兴奋. makes them exhausted. 4. Long time studying ___________________________ 长时间的学习令他们筋疲力尽. Loud music makes me want to dance. 5. ___________________________________________. 大声的音乐令我很想跳舞.

lagoon n. 泻湖; 环礁湖 scientific adj. 科学的 therefore adv. 因此; 所以 pink adj. 粉红色的 lighting n. 光线;光明 hard adj. 坚硬的; 坚固的 serve v. (为…)服务; 招待; 端上(饭菜等) fair adj. 公平的;公道的 endangered adj.有绝种危险的; 濒临灭绝的

loud music

red wall

light blue wall

soft music

hard seat

soft seat

TASK 1. Read the article by yourself ,then answer the questions.

1 .What should the restaurant owners know if they want to make money?
They should know the restaurant science.

2.What does the color red make most people feel?
Red makes most people hungry. It also makes them eat faster.

3.What does the soft color make most people feel?
It makes people relaxed,so they spend more time eating their meals.

4.What does loud music make people feel?
It makes people want to leave.

5.What does hard seat make people feel?
It makes people want to eat quickly and leave.

6.Why do so many fast food restaurant paint their walls red, play loud music, and have hard seats?

They want people to eat quickly and leave so that they can serve more people every day.

TASK 2 read the article again and fill in the blanks.

Read again and fill in the chart! Restaurant have to know how to make food and owner ____________________ how to make money hungry learn and Red color makes customers ________ and use _____eat faster. knowledge Soft colors make people ______, then they relaxed from spend _______more eating meals. time scientific look good Soft lighting makes people ___________ but studies look bad makes food ____________. nice Loud music may be _______ at first, but soon it makes people _______________. want to leave

Hard seats also make customers __________ eat quickly and leave. want to

TASK 3 important sentenses and phases.

1. They also have to know how to make money.

(1) know how to do 其中的不定式带有疑问词。
know what to do 知道做什么。

这一句式可以改为复合句, 上句也可

They also have to know how they can make

(2) make money / earn money 挣钱

(3) also , too , either , as well分析: 1.too用在肯定句末,一般疑问句句末,前加逗号。 2.either用于否定句末,前加逗号。 3.also 用于句中,置于动词之前,助动词之后。 4.as well 用于句末,前不加逗号。 例如:He went to park and his brother as well. 他和他哥哥一块去公园了。 5.as well as 用于句中 例如:He went to park as well as his brother.
Fill in the blanks with proper words. also 1.John ________ plays the piano. also 2.His wife is ________ a French. too 3.Will you go there , ________ ? either 4.I don’t watch TV, ________ . as well 5.He speak French and English ________ .

2.Here are some things they’ve learned from scientific studies 从科学的研究中得出结论 learn from 向…学习 scientific studies 科学研究 3. Many fast food restaurants, therefore,have red furniture or walls. 很多快餐店,因此有红色的家具或墙. therefore:1.因此;所以 I was ill, and therefore could not come. 我病了,所以没能来。 He has broken his leg and therefore he can't walk. 他摔坏了腿,因此不能走路了。

4. Soft colors like pink and light blue make people relaxed, so they spend more time eating their meals. 柔和的颜色, 如粉 红色和浅蓝色让人们得到放松, 因此他们用更多的时间来进 餐。 (1) like 动词,喜欢 介词 像,如同 eg.What does you mother look like? She has long hair. eg.What is your mother like? She is very kind. 改错:He is likes his father. (2) light blue 浅蓝色 light adj. 浅色的 light green curtains 浅绿色的窗帘 deep adj. 颜色深的, 浓重的

A: How do you feel about pollution?
B: It makes me kinds of angry .how about you? A: it makes me want to join a clean-up campain
heavy traffic=busy traffic endangered animals People who keep you waiting

Keep sb doing sth
Pollution n.污染 pollute v 污染 polluted adj 受污染 的

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