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人教英语八上Unit 2 练习题

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八上Unit 2 练习题


1. We should sleep _________(至少)eight hours.

2. Mike goes to see his grandparents _________(one) a week.

3. He didn’t go to school. He could ________(hard) read or write.

4. She _________(exercise) every day to keep healthy.

5. How many _________(time) have you been to Beijing?

6.To keep healthy, I decide _______ (exercise) half an hour every day.

7. Dont give up,__________ (尽管) some of the questions are not easy to answer.

8.More than thirty percent of the water in the world _______ (be)polluted.

9. She often ________ (help)her mother _______(do) housework.

10. Tom _______ ( watch)TV every day. Look!He ______ (watch)TV now.


always, every day, often, sometimes, never, hardly ever

1. He _________gets up at six o’clock.

2. How ________do you go to the movies?

3. It _______________rains here. It’s usually sunny and warm.

4. Some of my friends exercise every day and hardly ever eat junk food,but the others eat junk food ________.

5. 1 can’t swim. So I ____________go to the beach to swim. Sometimes I go there with my friends to run.


1. His parents go to the Cinema once a week.(改为同 义句) His parents go to the __________ once a week .

2. She has a healthy eating habit.(改为同义句) Her ________ _______ _________ healthy.

3. She eats junk food once a week.(对画线部分提问) ________ _______ __________she eat junk food?

4. I sleep nine hours every night. (对画线部分提问) ________ _______ hours do you sleep every day?

5. Mary is a 16-year-old girl. (改为同义句) Mary is ______ _________ ________ .

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