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人教版7年级上第10 单元Section A 2

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七年级 下册

Unit 9
What does he look like?

Section A

Period Two

Words and expressions

Read the words and expressions loudly.

Words and expressions handsome actor actress person adj. 英俊的 n. 演员 n. 女演员 n.人

To learn the usage of is and has in describing people’s looks

To learn new words: handsome, actor, actress, person

Let’s describe your new friend.

My friend Rose is my good friend. She has a round face, two big eyes and a small mouth. She has long straight hair. She is thin. She’s of medium height. She is very beautiful …

Write these words in the correct box. (3a) short hair heavy curly hair thin of medium build tall straight hair of medium height short long hair



heavy, thin, short hair, curly of medium build, hair, straight hair, tall, short, long hair of medium height

Circle the correct words to complete the conversation. (3b) A: So what do/does your friend Clark look like? B: Well, he is/has thin, and he have/ has black hair. A: Really? Is/Does he tall or short?

B: He is/ isn’t tall or short. He is/ has of medium build. A: Does he has/have curly or straight hair? B: He is/has straight hair. And he is/has really handsome.

Write answers to these questions about different people. Then tell your partner about them. (3c) What does your favorite actor or actress look like? _________________________________ What does your favorite teacher look like? _________________________________

Pair work
Describe someone in the class. Ask your classmates to guess who you are describing. (3d)

This person is of medium height. She has short hair.

Read and draw
a. Steven is my classmate. He’s ordinary-looking. He has a medium build and short, curly, brown hair. He is wearing a green T-shirt, dark green jeans and blue shoes.

b. Ruth is my neighbour. She’s in her fifties. She has a large build with glasses on. She has short, black hair, small eyes and a big mouth. She’s wearing an orange dress and green sandals.

c. Nicole is slim and looks pretty. She has curly black hair. She’s wearing a beautiful yellow dress and orange shoes.

d. Greg is the janitor of our school. He has medium height and very short, grey hair with a small pair of glasses on his big nose. He’s wearing a yellow sweater and blue trousers.

e. Lucy is my friend. She’s tall and thin with shoulder-length, straight blond hair. She is wearing a pink shirt, purple jeans and blue trainers.

Read and guess
Read this note. Then write a similar note describing someone in your class. Read your partner’s description. Guess who it describes. Meet me at the station at eight o’clock this evening. Come to the newsagent’s. Carry a green bag and a red rose. I’m quite tall and I’ve got long brown hair and brown eyes. I’ve also got glasses.

Task 1 Mrs. Brown在商场里 不慎丢失了自己的小 女儿,于是去寻人处 登记。假如你是Mrs. Brown,该如何向那里 的值班人员进行描述 呢

Task 2
警察局正在通缉一名 罪犯。社区的工作人 员正在给各住户发放 该罪犯的照片,希望 大家协助警方早日缉 拿该罪犯。如果你是 警察,如何根据照片 向居民描述罪犯的特 征呢?

句子链接 根据汉语补全英语句子。 而且他的确帅气。 And he’s really handsome _________. 【解析】handsome表示“帅;帅气”,多 用于描述男性。例如: a handsome boy 一个帅气的男孩 pretty 表示“漂亮;靓丽”,多用于描述 女性。例如: a pretty little girl 一个漂亮的小姑娘 a pretty face 一张漂亮的脸蛋

has short hair. has long hair. has straight hair. has curly hair. has a beard. He/She is tall. is short. is of medium height. is fat/heavy. is thin. is of medium build.

注: 另附word文档。 点击此处链接

1. Lily _____ short and ____ curly hair. is has

2. Tim ____ tall, and his sister ____ of is is
medium height.

3. Lucy _____ beautiful long black hair. has
4. Betty’s mother ____ of medium build. is has 5. Mike _____ curly black hair and he

is _____ very thin.

根据汉语完成下列英语句子。 1. — 玛丽长什么样? — 她高个子,留着长发。 look like — What does Mary ______ _____? — She’s _____ _____ long hair. tall with 2. 我爸爸中等身材,短头发,戴眼镜。 of medium build My father is ____ ________ _______ short hair glasses with ______ _____ and ________. 3. 琳达是一位中等身高,留着长卷发的女 孩。 medium height Linda is a girl of ________ ________ and has long curly she _____ _____ ______ hair.

Translate and write them down. 1. 她总是留一头长直发。 She always has long straight hair. 2. 她长得漂亮但有些内向。 She’s good-looking but she’s a little bit quiet. 3. 他很帅。 He is really handsome. 4. 他留着卷发还是直发? Does he have curly or straight hair?

Write a passage about your friend. You may begin like this: I have a new friend today. His name is… He is very tall. He is of medium build. He has…

To preview the new words and expressions
To preview to describe your favorite singer, actor or athlete

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