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班级 姓名 学号 分数

听力部分 (共30分)




二、听对话,并将相关的信息进行配对,对话读两遍。(每小题1分,共5分) ( )6.Mary A. playing the piano

( )7. Susan B. playing basketball

( )8. Jim C. drawing picture

( )9. Tom D. collecting CDs

( )10. Tim E. playing football



( )11. When are they going to have the party?

A.On Sunday noon. B.On Saturday night. C.On Sunday evening.

( )12. Why are they going to have the party? Because it’s _____________.

A.Lucy’s birthday. B. Lucy’s grandfather’s birthday. C. Lucy’s grandmother’s birthday.

( )13. Where is the party going to be?

A.At Lucy’s home. B.At the Greenland Hotel. C.In the yard.

( )14. What time is the party going to start?

A.At seven. B.At eight. C. At seven thirty.


( ) 15.Where is Simon?

A. In Beijing. B. In Shanghai. C. In Guangzhou.

( ) 16. Whose birthday is it?

A. Uncle’s. B. Simon’s. C. Liy’s.

( ) 17. How is the weather in Shanghai?

A. Very cold. B. very warm. C. Very hot.


( ) 18. What are they talking about?

A. Weekends. B. animals. C. Actors.

( ) 19. What does Sam think of pandas?

A. They ’re exciting and scary. B. That sounds good. C. They’re cute.

( ) 20. What do they want to do this weekend?

A. Play sports. B. Go to the park. C. Go to see the animals.


( )21.The library windows are _______.

A.bright B.white C.small

( )22.We can borrow books from the library on ________.

A.Thursday B.Friday C.Saturday

( )23.In the library there are ________ reading rooms for the students.

A.one B.two C.three

( )24.A student can keep the books for ______.

A.only a week B.two weeks C.a month

( )25.There are so many interesting things and new ideas in _____, so we love them.

A.reading rooms B.the library C.books


一. 选择填空(每空1分,共15分)

( ) 1.-Where are you from? -I am from______.

A. Chinese B. American C. Japanese D. America

( ) 2. We’ll go to the beach for________ .

A. the whole day B. day C.whole day D. whole the day

( )3. Will you please stop______?

A. to make so much noise B. making so much noise

C. making so much noises D. to make so much noises

( )4. Kate is ________ school girl.

A. a 8 years old B. a 8-years-old C. an 8 year old D. an 8-year-old

( )5. She is _______ an interesting story.

A. saying B. telling C. talking D. speaking

( )6. We saw some students ________ football on the playground just now.

A. play B. playing C. to play D. played

( )7. I ____in Grade 1 last year.

A. is B. am C. was D. are

( )8. This box is___ that one.

A. heavy than B. so heavy than C. as heavy as D. heavier as

( )9. Who is , David, Jim or Mike?

A. tall B. taller C. even taller D. the tallest.

( A. ones B. one C. once D. shoe

( )11. — Excuse me. Where is the supermarket, please?

— Go along the Green Street and then left.

A. take B. turn C. make D. get

( ) 12. Mike, ________ in bed.

A. not read B. doesn’t read C. no read D. don’t read

( )13. — Happy Thanksgiving! —______ .

A. Thank you B. The same to you C. That’s all right D. Not at all

( )14. They found ________ useful to remember words.

A. it B. this C. that D. them

( )15. I have ________ to do today.

A. something important B. important something

C. anything important D. important anything

2. My favourite subject is_______and _______ .

3. She was very _______ /_______ ,so she had to have a rest.

4. Will you switch _____/_______the computer, please ?

5. The shop is on your _______ / _______, you can’t miss it.

三. 完形填空。(每小题1分,共10分)

It's September 1st, and we're all back to school. It's good to_____1____ all my teachers and friends again. They all____2_____ fine.

We're in Grade Eight this year. We have____3____ new subjects. I'm not very_____4_____ at Chinese, but Han Mei says she can_____5_____ me. I think I can____6_____ it better.

I like English very much. Zhang Hong likes English,____7____ . But she needs help. I_____8____ I can help her.

Mr Hu is our new English teacher. He____9____ know all of us, so he has our names on a piece of paper and____10_____ our names before he begins his lesson.

( )1. A. see B. watch C. find D. look

( )2. A. do B. see C. look D. sound

( )3. A. a lot B. some C. lot D. much

( )4. A. well B. good C. bad D. nice

( )5. A. learn B. give C. help D. need

( )6. A. do B. play C. look D. feel

( )7. A. either B. very C. much D. too

( )8. A. am afraid B. think C. am sorry D. want

( )9. A. doesn't B. don't C. does D. do

( )10. A. gives B. calls C. asks D. tells

四. 阅读理解。(1-5题,每题1分,6-15题,每小题2分,共25分)


One day, Mr. Smith went to a dinner party. He was wearing very old clothes. He came into the room. But people in the room didn’t look at him. They didn’t ask him to sit at the table. He wasn’t happy. But he said nothing.

Mr. Smith went home quickly and put on (穿上) his best clothes. He went back to the party. Everyone in the room stood up and looked at him. They gave him good food to eat.

Mr. Smith took off his coat, and put it on the food and said, ―Eat, coat!‖

The other people were surprised and asked, ―What are you doing? Why do you do that?‖ Mr. Smith answered, ―I am asking my coat to eat food. When I wore old clothes, you didn’t look at me. You didn’t ask me to sit down. Now I am wearing these nice clothes. And you give me good food. Now I see, you give the food to my coat, not to me.‖

( )1. One day, Mr. Smith went to__________.

A.a birthday party B.a dinner party

C.an English party D.a movie

( )2. When he came into the room, the people didn’t look at him. Why?

A.Because the people didn’t ask him to come. B.Because Mr. Smith wore old clothes.

C.Because Mr. Smith didn’t say hello to them first. D.Because it was night, they didn’t see him. ( )3. Why did he go home quickly?

A.Because he didn’t want to stay here.B.Because he went home for his best clothes.

C.Because the people there asked him to leave.D.Because he didn’t like the food there. ( )4. What’s the meaning of ―surprised‖in Chinese?

A.高兴的 B.不满的 C.感到奇怪的 D.生气的

( )5. Which statement is right?

A.A person in good clothes should eat good food.B.A good coat should eat good food.

C.We can’t judge(判断)a man by his clothes.D.Mr. Smith is stupid(愚蠢的).



( ) 6 Where can we often see a menu?

A .In a hospital. B. In a restaurant C. In a factory D. In a shop

( ) 7 How much is the rice with meat?

A .$3.50 B .$5.20 C.$4.50 D. $4.90

( ) 8 I only have two dollars. What can I buy?

A. Coffee B. Ice cream C. Chocolate D. Orange juice.

( ) 9 I want to have a fish sandwich, a beef sandwich and two ice cream. How much should I


A. $15.40 B .$ 12.40 C. $16.10 D.$13.10.

( ) 10 Which is the most expensive food on the menu?

A. Chocolate. B. Fried rice.

C .Chicken and sandwiches. D. Fresh fruit.


My name is Max. I am twelve years old. I have many friends. Most of them are as old as I. Some are older. Some are younger.

My best friend is Bill. He lives near me. We go to the same school and we are in the same class. Bill helps me with my maths homework. I help him with his English homework..Bill is taller than me. He is quite fat. He doesn’t like sports, so he doesn’t get much exercise. We both have black eyes, but Bill’s hair is longer. I like sports and I play football or go swimming every day. Every Sunday morning Bill and I play computer games. Sometimes I win. Sometimes he wins.

( )11. The main idea(主题) of the text is ________ .

A. Max has many friends B. Max and Bill go to the same school

C. Max and Bill are best friends D. Max and Bill like the same things

( )12. Most of Max’s friends are ________ .

A. twelve years old B. older than Max

C. younger than Max D. thirteen years old

( )13. Max and Bill live _________ .

A. near each other B. in different towns

C. in the same house D. in the school

( )14. Max helps Bill with __________ .

A. his maths homework B. his English homework

C. His sports lessons D. His computer lessons

( )15. Max and Bill both like to___________ .

A.swim B.play football C.play computer games D.play sports

五、从方框中选出合适的句子补全对话,其中两项是多余的。(每小题2分,共10分) A: Hello, David. When were you born?

B: No. I was born in London.

A: How long did you live here?

B: A: So you moved here in 2005.

B: Yes, that’s right.

B: Because my father found a job here.

A: Do you like living in China?

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.



1. He ________ like dancing.

2. The grey cat is __________ than the white cat.

3. There are many tall __________ in.Beijing.

4. Are they _______ basketball now ?

5. She _______ at her uncle's home then.

6. Today is my __________day at your school .

7. –What does your brother do, Jack? --He is a _________ in a school.

8. Please talk __________ to the animals.

9. Jim _______ up at six yesterday morning.

10. Everyone ___________ an MP3 in my class.

七.书面表达。(共10分) 请根据下面的提示写一篇短文. Jim是一个美国男孩,想找一个中国的笔友.Jim今年15岁,是七年级的学生喜欢游泳.





1. Liu Xiang are running.

2. No left turn!

3. We want to see the Lion Dance. .

4. Look, there is an "i" in the sign. It means information, I think.

5. I like playing the piano .


M: Hi, Mary! What’s your hobby?

W: Oh, collecting CDs is my favorite.

M: Does your sister Susan like collecting CDs?

W: No, she likes drawing picture. What’s your favorite, Jim?

M: I like playing the piano. I have played it for two years.

W: How about your friend Tom? What’s your hobby?

M: Playing basketball. He began to play it five years ago. He says playing basketball makes him strong. And his twin brother Tim likes playing football.


听第一段对话,请根据对话内容,选择第11-14小题的正确答案,对话读两遍。 W:Hi,Michael. What are you going to do on Sunday night?


W:Sunday is my grandfather’s birthday. My parents are going to have a

party. My grandfather hopes you can come. You went to see him in

the hospital with me last week. He wants to say ―Thank you.‖

M:That’s very nice of him. I’m coming. Where is it? In your home?

W:No, there are going to be many people at the party. We are going to have it at the Greenland Hotel on West Street. That’s near KFC.

M:When is the party going to start?

W:At eight o’clock.

M:Thanks a lot for inviting me to the party.

W:You’re welcome.

听第二段对话,请根据对话内容,选择第15--17小题的正确答案,对话读两遍。 M: Hi, Lily. This is Simon.

W: Oh, hi, Simon. Where are you?

M: I am in Beijing to see my uncle. I’m calling to say happy birthday.

W: Thank you. How is the weather in Beijing? It’s very hot in Shanghai.

M: Quite good. It is sunny and very hot.

听第三段对话,请根据对话内容,选择第18--20小题的正确答案,对话读两遍。 W: Do you want to go to the zoo this weekend, Sam?

M: Yes, of course.

W: What do you want to see?

M: The pandas.

W: Why?

M: Because they are cute. What do you want to see , Betty?

W: I like pandas, too.

M: Well , let’s go to see the animals, Betty.

W: OK.


There is a new library in our school. It is a white building. Its big windows are shining in the sun. There are a lot of green trees around. It looks very beautiful. There are about twenty thousand books in the library. And there are four reading rooms in it. One is for the teaachers, the others are for the students. We can read newspapers, magazines and books there. After class, we often go to the library and do some reading. Every Friday afternoon, we borrowbooks from the library and we can keep them for two weeks. Books are our good friends. There are a lot of interesting things and new ideas in them. We love books very much. We love our school library, too.


1-5. EBADC 6-10 DCABE 11-15 CBBBA 16---20 CCBCC 21---25 A B C B C 笔试部分

一.1-5 DABDB 6-10 BCCDA 11-15 BDBAA

二.1.B H 2.A/E 3.C/J 4. G/D 5. F/I

三. 1-5 ACBBC 6-10 ADBAB

四.1-5 BBBCC 6-10 BCDAA 11-15 CAABC

五.1-5 CDEBF

六.1.really2.fatter 3.building 4. playing 5.was

6.first 7. teacher 8. quietly 9.got 10.has

七.One possible version:

Jim is an American boy, and he wants to have a pen pal in China. Jim is 15 years old this year. He is in Grade Seven and likes swimming. His favorite subject is math. He loves China very much and he thinks China is very interesting country. Do you like to be his pen pal?

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