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九年级英语第五单元it must belong to Carla.检测题

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( )1. The books belong to ____. A. him B. his C. he's D hers

( )2."Do you know who the pen_______?”Sorry ,I don’t know.

A .belong B .belong to C. belongs to D. belongs

( )3. --Whose T-shirt is this? --It ___ be John's. It's too small for him.

A. must B. might C. can't

( )4 . You’d better not read today’s newspaper because there is _________in it.

A. something interesting B. anything new C. important thing D. nothing special

( ) 5 There is _____ rain and it's ____ cool in summer.

A. too much, too much B. too much, much too C.much too, much too

( )6.He pretends _______this thing.

A. not know B. not knowing C .not to know D .to know not

( )7.The headmaster _______be in the office because the light is off.

A. can’t B might C. could D. must

( )8. ---Must I finish my homework now?-- No, you ____. You may have a rest first.

A. mustn’t B. can’t C. may not D. needn’t

( )9-Why is the man running in the street? --He _____ for exercise.

A. might run B. might be C. might be running

( )10.It’s so cold and you’ve walked a long way. You ________be tired.

A .can’t B. might C .must C. can

( )11. We were late for class ____ the heavy rain. A. because B. because of C. so

( )12 I didn't come to school yesterday____ I had to look after my grandmother at home.

A. because B. because of C. since

( )13.You should be careful ____ the dog that doesn’t bark. A. of B. for C. on

( )14.--What is behind the tree? --There must be a dog ______ there.

A. to sit B. sit C. sitting

( )15._____ there is something in this box. A. May be B. Maybe C. May

( )16.The oral test makes up 20%____ the final exam. A. on B. to C. of

( )17.A serious accident ____ her and she was badly hurt.

A. happened to B. was happened to C. was happening

( )18. A woman ______ a camera over there is Tom’s mother. A. on B has C with

( )19 .Do you know_____________?

A .What will he do next B. What he will do next


C. where does he usually go D. Where might he go

( )20 .The boy used to spend time __________his classmates.

A. chat with B chatting with C to chat with D on chatting with


watching and pstening. When they are getting older they begin to story books, science books…,

( )1.A sleep B read C drink D eat

( )2.A sport B exercise C knowledge D meat

( )3. A interested B interesting C weak D good

( )4. A everybody B something C nothing D anything

( )5. A lend B write C learn D read

( )6. A try B have C think D wait

( )7. A place B school C way D road

( )8. A on B with C to D by

( )9. seldom(几乎不) B always C certainly D sometimes

( )10. A harder B much C well D better

三、阅读理解 A

A. 18:05 on Channel 1 B. 19:00 on Channel 2C. 19:00 on Channel 1 D. 19:30 on Channel 2 2

2. If you want to know something about Australia , you can choose ______.

A. Weather Report B. Popular Music C. Special Sports D. World - famous Cities : Sydney

3.If you’re going to travel in Xiamen tomorrow , you should pay attention to the programme _____. A. Weather Report B. Around China

C. Today’s Focus D. Children’s Programme

4. How long does the TV play “Water Margin”last ? About ______.

A. 30 minutes B. 50 minutes C. 90 minutes D. 120 minutes

5. You can watch _______ if you want to learn English on TV.

A. News in English B. Computer Classroom

C. Special Sports D. Foreign Light Music

四、 单词拼写

1.Your answer is ____________(很可能) true.

2. The pen_______(掉下来) from her hand while she was walking along the river.

3 I’m trying to get good grades in the _________(期末)exams.

4 Tomorrow we’ll go for a ________(野餐)in the country if it doesn’t rain.

5 He is the ________(主人) of the bookshop

6 There are some kites in the ______(天空).

7. Did the policeman ________(抓住)he thief at last?

8.We could hear the _______(吵闹声)outside our windows in the midnight..

9. The winner was ___________(采访) by the local newspaper yesterday about the match. 10 .One _________(手指) can’t lift a small stone.


1 I have some trouble _________(find) his office.

2 Twenty years __________(go) by, he becomes very rich now.

3 Liu Qian’s magic performances are__________(amaze),we ____________(impress) last night.4.Ihis matter is of great ______________(important).

5 Now most work can _______________(do) by robots.

6 Too much work made me _________(feel) tired.

7 He left there without __________(say) a word.

8 He had his broken bike __________(repair) just now.

9. You’d better ______ (not go) to the supermarket.


1、这本书法语书一定是张杰的,因为他是我们班上唯一一位正在学习法语的人。 This French book ________ ______ ______ Zhang Jie because he is the only student ______ is studying French.

2、我梦见我在花海中畅游 _____my dream I was ______ in an ______ of flowers.

3、你不能把一个假装睡觉的人叫醒。You can't ______ a person who is ________ to be ______.

4、因为错误太多,他考试不及格。He ______ the exam __________ ______ lots of _______.



He ______ be running to ____ a _____. He ______ be running _______ _________.

6.你认为anxoius 是什么意思?它可能是worried的意思

What _______ you______”anxious” _______? It _______ ________”worried”

7 . 每个人各有各自的想法。Everyone ________ his or her _____ ______.

8 也许这意味着你害怕太多的家庭作业。

Maybe it ______ you’re afraid of _____ ______homework.


If you have _____ ______ where it might ____, please _____ me.

七、 书面表达

用所给的词做线索noise, late night,wind, footstep, window,dog,worried发挥想象来描写


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