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7A Unit 1导学案(3)

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英语导学案 (7A Unit1)

课题: Reading II

课 时 目 标

1. To learn to say simple introduction about the students themselves

2. To use language to write simple profiles of the students themselves Important and difficult points :

Learn how to say and write simple profiles about self – introduction.

课 前 导 学

阅读P8课文, 用适当的词填空:

1. Millie is 12 ___________ ___________. __________ hair _________ short. She is a new ____________ at Sunshine Middle School. She likes ________.

2. Simon, Sandy and Daniel are her _____________.

3. Simon is ____________. He likes ___________, he often plays football ____________ _____________.

4. Sandy is tall and _____________, she likes ___________.

5. Daniel is ___________ Nanjing. He is _________ _________ Maths.

6. They are all in Class 1, ____________ __________.

课 堂 活 动

Step 1 Revision

Talk about the four students in the text.

Step 2 Presentation

1. Choose some typical students in the class and ask them to the front, ask the other students questions.

T: Who’s tall and strong in our class ?

Who’s tall and slim in our class ?

Is ------ tall or short ?

Who likes football in our class ?

Who likes music in our class ?

Do you like listening to music ?

Step 3 Intensive reading

Read the text on P8 again, find out useful expressions.

1. love / like doing sth. 喜爱 / 喜欢做某事

e.g. 我的堂兄弟喜欢游泳。

My cousin ___________ ____________.


注: 喜欢做某事也可说like to do sth.

2. be good at 擅长于, 相当于 do well in

e.g. Daniel擅长数学。

Daniel ________ _________ __________ Maths.

Daniel does __________ __________ Maths.

3. be from = come from 来自

e.g. ---你来自哪里? ---我来自江苏。

Where ________ you _________ ? /

Where ________ you ___________ ___________?

I __________ _________ / ___________ ___________ Jiangsu.

4. Her hair is long. = She has long hair.

Step 4 Introduction

Show four pictures of Millie, Simon, Sandy and Daniel .

Ask students to close the books and introduce them .

Write the model sentences on the blackboard.

This is ---------.

He/She is ------years old .

He/ She is --------tall /short.

He/She loves -----

Step 5 Practice

Guide the students to make dialogues in groups of four according to the actual situation.

T: Here is a chance for you to know more about your new classmates. Please work in groups of four and ask the questions below.


1. Guide the Ss to finish the written work in Part C according to the dialogue above and the actual situation.

T: Now I ’d like you to write something about yourself. Please complete the

sentences in Part C.

The teacher walks around the class and offers help when necessary.

2. Choose some Ss to introduce themselves to the whole class. Correct the mistakes if necessary.

课 堂 反 馈


1. 一个新学生 2. 十二岁

3. 留着短发 4. 喜爱阅读

5. 喜欢体育/音乐 6. 放学后踢球

7. 又高又苗条 8. 擅长数学


1. Now let’s ____________ (meet) my new friends.

2. Sandy ___________ (have) long hair.

3. The twins _____________ (be) from England.

4. Hello! This is _____________ (I), ___________ (I) name is Millie.

5. I like ____________ (swim), but Simon _____________ (like) sports.

6. My _____________ (同班同学) are ___________ ____________ (擅长) sports. They often play basketball ___________ ____________ (放学后).

7. ---What _____________ (年级) are you in?

---I’m in ______________ (年级) 7.

8. We are ___________ (学生) at Binhai No.1 M____________ S___________.

9. Lily has a dog, she is its m______________.

10. Sandy often listens to m____________ with her friends.


1. The teacher comes from America. (改为同义句)

The teacher ___________ _____________ America.

2. I have long black hair. (改为同义句)

___________ hair ___________ long and black.

3. He does well in English. (改为同义句)


He _________ __________ ___________ English. 对划线部分提问)

__________ _________ is Millie? 对划线部分提问)

___________ ___________ Daniel ____________?

6. These are my new classmates. (改为单数句)

__________ ___________ my new ____________.


My name is Bill. I’m English boy. I’m twelve years old. I’m a student No. 1 Middle School. I’m in Class Four, Grade One. Li Lei is my friend. in the same class. He is eleven years old. Here is a picture of have a look at it. His father, the one behind the tree, is a policeman. His mother, the one in a red hat, is a Chinese teacher. He sisters. They are twins. Their names Li Wen and Li Jing. They have a cat, name is Mimi. Look! It’s floor under the table. The twins look their cat very well. Li Lei and his sisters often come to my home, we play together, we are good friends.

( ) 1. A. the B. a C. an D. /

( ) 2. A. at B. to C. for D. on

( ) 3. A. I’m B. We are C. us are D. ours are

( ) 4. A. him B. her C. he D. his

( ) 5. A. let’s B. let C. it’s D. it

( ) 6. A. five B. two C. three D. four

( ) 7. A. be B. is C. are D. am

( ) 8. A. it B. it’s C. she D. its

( ) 9. A. on B. in C. to D. behind

( ) 10. A. at B. after C. like D. for

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