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1.与某人合作work with sb 2.制作抽认卡make flashcards 3.读课本read the textbook

4.制作词汇表make vocabulary lists 5.听录音带listen to tapes

6.向某人寻求帮助ask sb for help 7.与小组合作work with a group 8.看录像带watch videos 9.朗读read aloud

10.练习做某事practice doing sth 11.用那种方法(in)that way 12.说的技能speaking skills 4页3a-4

13.询问某人关于某事ask ab about sth

14.做某事的最佳方法the best way to do sth The best way of doing sth

15.更具体的建议more specific suggestions 16.例如for example

17.看英文杂志read English magazines 18.记忆流行歌曲的歌词

Memorize the words of pop songs 19.有一点帮助help a little

20.询问关于做某事ask about doing sth

21.看着(注视)某人做某事watch sb do sth 22.加入英语俱乐部join an English club 23.得到大量的练习get lots of practice 24.有乐趣have fun

25.做某事开心(有乐趣)have fun doing sth 26.和某人进行会话

have conversations with sb

27.对某事感到兴奋get excited about sth 28.以做某事结束end up doing sth 29.对。。。做调查do a survey about … 30.做英语笔记keep an English notebook Take/make notes in English classes 31.写(记)日记keep a diary Section B 1a-2c(5页)

32.口语英语spoken English

33.犯语法错误make mistakes in grammar 34.发音准确get the pronunciation right 35.得到大量的写作练习 get lots of writing practice 36.在笔记本上in the notebook

37.一个练习英语的同伴a partner to practice English with

38.为什么不做某事?why not do sth? 39.做某事怎么样?what about doing sth 6页 3a-4

40.学会做某事learn to do sth

41.首先,起初(3)first of all/ to begin with/at first 42.后来,随后later on

43.害怕(不敢)做某事be afraid to do sth Be afraid of doing sth 44.在课堂上in class 45.嘲笑某人laugh at sb

46.造完整的句子make complete sentences 47.听力练习listening practice 48.。。。的秘诀之一one of the secrets 49.决定做某事decide to do sth

50.开始做某事start to do sth/start doing sth Begin to do sth/begin doing sth

51.写自己的原创的句子write one’s own original sentences

52.喜欢做某事enjoy doing sth 53.得了一个get an A

54.做某事有困难have trouble doing sth Self Check(7页)

55.写下新单词write down the new words 把它们记下来write them down 56.在字典里查阅生词

Look up new words in a dictionary 57.这种纸this kind of paper 58.摸起来柔软feel soft

59.做笔记(3)take notes/make notes/keep a note book 60.说本族语的人native speakers 61.编对话make up conversations

62.作为第二语言as a second language

63.在世界各地around the world/all over the world 64.获奖win a prize (for) 65.。。。的重要性the importance Reading(8-9页)

66.解决,处理,应付deal with

67.担忧worry about/be worried about 68.我们中大多数most of us 69.和。。。生气be angry with sb/be mad at sb/be annoyed with sb

70.生气几年stay angry for years 71.(时间)流逝go by

72.有分歧have disagreements

73.决定不做某事decide not to do sth 74.互相,彼此each other 75.解决问题

solve a problem/deal with a problem 76.把。。。视为/看作regard… as… 77.抱怨complain about

78.太多的作业too much homework 79.对某人要求严格be strict with sb 80.对某事要求严格be strict in sth 81.把。。。变成。。。change …into…

82.尽某人最大努力try one’s best to do sth 83.在某人的帮助下with one’s help =With the help of sb 84.把。。。和。。。比compare…to/with… 85.考虑,思考think about 86.以。。。出名be famous for… 87.面对/正视挑战face challenges 88.让某人别做某事let sb not do sth 89.履行职责do one’s duty

90.中断友谊break off a friendship 91.看心理医生see a psychologist 92.用积极的方式in a positive way

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