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Unit 1

1.go(be) on vacation 去度假 2.stay at home 呆在家

3. go to the mountains 去爬山 4. go to the beach 去海滩

5.visit museums 参观博物馆 6.go to summer camp 去夏令营

7 . quite a few相当多 8. study for 为····学习

9. go out 出去 10.most of the time大部分时间

11.taste good 尝起来好吃 12. Have a good time=have fun=enjoy oneself

13.of course当然

14. feel like 感受到 15. Go shopping去购物

16. in the past 在过去 17. Walk around 四处走走

18.too many+可复 ,too much +不可复 ,much too+形容词

19.because of +短语 ,because + 句子 20. One bowl of 一碗···

21.drink tea 喝茶 22. Find out 查明

23.take photos= take pictures 照相 24.something important重要的事 (不定+形)

25.come up 出来 26 up and down 上上下下

27. go on+v-ing 继续


1.buy sb. Sth= buy sth for sb. 为某人买某物 2.taste+adj尝起来

3.nothing…but+v 除了···之外都没有 4.seem to be +adj 看起来

5.arrive in + 大地点 ,arrive at+ 小地点 ,get to+ 地点 ,reach+地点

6.decide to do sth决定做某事 7.try doing sth 尝试做某事 try to do sth 尽

力做·· have a try 试一试 try one`s best to do sth 尽某人最大努力


8.enjoy doing sth 喜欢做某事 9. Want to do sth=would like to do sth

10. start doing sth开始做某事 11.stop doing sth 停止正在做的事情 stop to do sth 停下来去做另一件事 12. Look + adj 看起来

13. dislike doing sth 不喜欢做某事 14. Why not do sth=why don`t you+v 原

15. so +adj+that can`t 从句=too+adj to do sth= not enough to,如此以至于

16.tell sb (not) to do sth 告诉某人做或不做某事

17.keep (in) doing sth 继续做某事 18. Forget to do sth 忘记去做某事 forget doing sth 忘记做过某事


1. Help with housework 帮做家务 2.go+v-ing, 从事室外活动go shopping

3.on weekends =at weekends 在周末 4.how often对频率提问,回

答用. every day once a week twice three times等

5.hardly ever 几乎从不 6. Once a week 一周一次

7.twice a month 一月两次 8. Go to the movies 去看电影

10. Use the Internet 用互联网

11.be free to do sth 有空做某事 12.have dance and piano lessons上。。。课

13.swing dance 摇摆舞 14.play tennis打网球

15.stay up late 熬夜 16.at least至少

17.go to bed early 早点睡觉 18. Play sports 做运动

19.be good for 对···有益 be bad for 对···有害

20.go camping 去野营

21.in one`s free time 在某人业余时间 22.not…at all= not…in the slightest

23.the most popular 最受欢迎的

24.such as= for example 例如 25.old habits die hard旧习难改

26. go to the dentist 去看牙医 27. More than多于

Less than 少于 29. Be good at doing sth 擅长做某事

Be good with sb. 与某人相处的好


1.help sb with sth 在某方面帮助某人 help sb do sth

2. how about\ what about+v-ing? 3. Want sb (not) to do sth 4.

How many + 可复+一般疑问句? 有多少?

5 主语+ find+ that 从句: 发现 6 It`s +adj (for sb) to do sth 对某人说做某

事是怎样的 7.spend time with sb 和某人度过一段时 Spend …on sth

在···花费 ,spend …in doing sth花费时间做某事

8.ask sb. about sth. 向某人询问某事 Ask sb. not to do sth叫某人不要做某事.

9. by doing sth. 通过做某事 10. Start doing sth开始做

11. What`s your favorite…?= what do …like best?

12. the best way to do sth.做某事最好的方式是。。。

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