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班级 姓名 得分

七年级Weekly Test for Unit 6



1.watch(复数)______2.carrot(复数)________3.sound(第三人称单数)____________4.tomato(复数)____________5.I(宾格)______ 6.it is(缩写)________


1.We have ____________(蔬菜)for dinner every day.

2.We have ____________(许多)clubs. Join us soon.

3.Edle doesn't like ____________(西红杮).

4.—Let's eat ice cream.—That ____________(听起来)good.

5.I like ____________(草莓)very much.


1.Emma and Paul like salad.(改一般疑问句)

2.My grandparents have many nice pictures.(改否定句)

3.My uncle has hamburgers for lunch.(改一般疑问句) 对划线部分提问) 对划线部分提问)


1.I have ____________(大量,许多) books in my home.

2.My family have ____________(健康食品) for meals.

3.They do sports ____________(每天).

4.My sister Kate likes bananas,apples ____________(早饭).

5.Those carrots are ____________(汤姆的).


1.Lucy ____________(like) tomatoes very much.

2.____________ he ____________(have) hamburgers for breakfast?

3.What ____________you often ____________(do) after supper?

4.They _________(not have) many CDs,but they ________(have) a lot of video cassettes.

5.Let's ____________(play) computer games.




班级 姓名 得分

1. I like dessert because___________delicious.

A. they are B. it C. they D. it is

2. Tom is good at English, and she can speak it very_________.

A.good B.well C.interesting D. better

3.We need to eat___________fruit to keep healthy.

A. a lot B. a lots of C. much D. many

4. ----What do you often have for __________dessert?

A. a B. the C./ D. an

5.---What will you do this weekend?

----____________.I am sure we will enjoy much delicious food with our friend.

A. We will go on a picnic B. We will stay at home

C. We will go hiking D. We will go swimming

6.Eating healthy food _____________________us.

A. is good to B. is good for C. are good to D. are good for

7.___________like carrots and ice cream.

A. My sister and I B. I and my sister C. My sister and me D. me and my sister

8. I like hamburgers _________________________.

A. Because it is yummy B. because they are tasty

C. because it is yummy D. Because they are tasty

9.He likes carrots. Do you like_______?

A it B. them C./ D. its

10.We can see many things in the room. Some meat_____in the bag. Some

vegetables______in the basket.

A. are; is B. are; are C. is ; is D. is ; are

11.There________________in that food store.

A. are lot of foods B. is lots of foods C. is many food D. is lots of food

12.Jim eats_______________ for breakfast.

A. oranges; apples, bananas B. eggs and apples , bananas

C. hamburgers, oranges and bananas D. apples and oranges and French fries.

13.How many ____________do you have?

A. breads B. chicken C. broccoli D. chickens

14. John has _____eggs and _____bread for breakfast ever day.

But today he has _____apple and ____orange.

A. /;/; the; an B,an ; a ; an; an C./;/; an; an D. an; a; an ; an

15. I am thirsty. I think I’d like to buy some_____________.

A. orange B. bread C. cakes D. eggs


I’m Tonny, I usually have two meals brunch and dinner. “ ” means breakfast and lunch. I a hamburger, 2

班级 姓名 得分

For dinner I like an . ( )26. A.an B. a C. one D.all

( )27.A.Meal B.Dinner C.Supper D.Brunch

( )28.A.have B.has C. likes D.eats

( )29.A.like B.has C. am D.do

( )30.A.any B.a C. an D.some

( )31.A.one B.it C.them D.ones

( )32.A.get B.eat C.bring D.play

( )33.A.lunch B. dinner C.breakfast D.meal

( )34.A.salad B.soup C.broccoli D.egg

( )35.A.meal B.fun C. drink D.dessert

阅读理解。(20%)(2分1个) A

It is very important(重要) to keep healthy and have a good life habit(习惯).

Life(生活) today is better than before. People eat a lot of meat, fish, eggs and other

food with fat(脂肪).They often go out for good meals with their families or friends. But they are easier to get ill, why?

I think more meat and fish, less exercise are bad for health. Good rest, less meat and

fish, more vegetables and enough exercise are good for health. As for me, I like all kinds of sports. So I usually play sports for an hour after school. My eating habits are very good. I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. I drink milk every day. I usually drink a cup of water 15 minutes before every meal. I love junk food, but I only eat it once a week. And I sleep nine hours every day.

( )36.Why are people easier to get ill today?

A. Because they eat too much food with fat B. Because they eat a lot of fruit and vegetables.

C. Because they do all kinds of sports D. Because life is much better today.

( )37.Which is bad for health?

A. Less sports B. Good rest. C. Less meat D. Fruit and vegetables.

( )38.How long does the writer usually exercise(运动)?

A. For 15 minutes B. For 30 minutes C.For 45 minutes D.For 60 minutes

( )39. What does the writer do before meals?

A. Do some exercise B. Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables

C. Drink some milk D. Drink some water.

( )40.What does “junk food” mean in the passage?

A. 健康食品 B.垃圾食品 C. 可口食品 D. 新鲜食品



46. My father likes ______________(看)magazines and newspapers after dinner.

47.Make a ___________(清单)before you go shopping.

48.Usain Bolt is a ______________(跑步)star.

49.Playing basketball is good for our_______________(健康)

50.Does Kate like ___________(草莓)?

51.How many___________(汉堡包) would you like?

52.How much ____________(花椰菜) do you have?

53. I like ___________(梨子) .

54. Liu Xiang is a famous______________(奔跑者).

55. My aunt doesn’t like______________(喝) orange.











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