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Starter units 1-3

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Starter units 1-3 测试题

[fa?n] [kw?lt]


( ) 1. 选出字母顺序正确的一项:

A. h c d e B.c f g h C. g d c h D. a e g d

( )2. 在四线三格中占上两格的小写字母是

A. a B. b C. g D. c

( ) 3. What’s this A. at B. on C. in D. at

( ) 4. She has an 1

A. map B. oranges C. uncle D. jacket

( )5. Are ______ her parents?

A. this B. these C. she D. he ( )6. — is that quilt ?

—It’s white.

A. How B. What’s color C. What color D. what

( )7. Which is right (正确)?

A. These is my books. B. Are they your pen?

C. Are those his rulers?--Yes, they are.

( )8. --Your jacket is very beautiful. --- A. Where? B. No. C. Thank you.

( )9. ―Pleasethe word “map”, Lily.

―OK, it’s “M-A-P”.

A. look B. spell C. read

( )10. 下列字母中与字母a 含有相同音素的是 。

A. b B. h C. d D. g

( )11. 下列字母中所含元音音素与其他三项不同的一项是

A. Oo B. Kk C. Jj D. Hh

( )12. --- How do you do, Helen?


A.I’m OK, thanks. B. How do you do?

C. Good morning! D. How are you?

( )13. --What’s this?

--________ a key.

A. He’s B. This’s C. It’s D. That’s

( )14. This is A. an; a B. the; the C. a; an

( )15.This is egg in English.

A. a B. an C. the D. /




1. white (反义词)____________ 2. I’m(完整形式)_________

3. it’s(完整形式)_________ 4. R(同音单词)

5. Uu( 同音词) ___________ 6. what’s (完整形式


1 .The pen is _________(棕色的).

2. What ________(颜色) is it?

3. My jacket is __________(黑色的).

4. _______ ________ (晚上好),Mrs. Black!

5. I’m fine, ________ _________(谢谢).

6. ----What’s this (用英语).

----It’s (一床被子).

7. 请拼写它.

it , . 8. 这不是一张英语地图。

This isn’t .

9.His jacket is (橙色的) .

10. 这是一台黑白电视机。

This is a and

八、用be 动词的适当形式填空。

1. What color they?

2. What this in English?

3.—How she? – She 4.The ruler blue.

5.—What they? –They oranges.

十. 按要求改写句子。

1. I’m对划线部分提问)

are you?

2. My name is Bob. (同义句转换)


3. She’s 对划线部分提问)


4. I’m Cindy. Nice to meet you!(作出回答)



十一 阅读理解


Welcome to my study. A picture is on the wall. What can you see? Three letters are in it. Letter P, Letter E and Letter N. Is it “pen”? Yes, you’re right. What color are they? Letter P is green, letter E is yellow and letter N is red. Look! A bag is on my brown desk. It’s my schoolbag. It’s black. My chair is yellow. It’s nice. I have a blue pen in my pencil box. My pencil box is orange. This is my Chinese book. I like my study very much.

( )1. What color is letter P?

A. Green. B. Yellow C. Red D. Blue

( )2. Which letter is red?

A. P B.E C. N D. C

( )3. What’s in the pencil box?

A. An orange pencil B. A blue pen

C. A black bag D Ayellow chair

( )4. Where is my English book?

A. It’s in the bag. B. It’s on the desk.

C. It’s on the chair. D. Sorry, I don’t know.

( )5. is black.

A. The pen B. The desk

C. The bag D. The pencil box


This is Jim’s room. It’s not big, but it’s very clean. There is a bed in the room. It’s near the door. Underthe bed, there are two balls. There is a desk and a chair near the window. There is a bookcase beside the desk. On the bookcase, there are many books and newspaper(报纸). There are two pictures in the room, too. They are on the wall.


1. The balls are ______.

A. near the window B. on the desk

C. under the bed D. beside the desk

2. Jim’s bed is ______.

A. near the door B. near the window

C. on the bookcase D. on the wall

3. ______ are on the wall of Jim’s room.

A. The books B. The balls C. The newspapers D. The pictures

4. Jim’s ______ are on his bookcase.

A. books B. newspaper C. pictures D. A and B

5. Jim’s room is ______.


A. big B. not clean C. dirty(脏的) D. not big 5

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