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1.put the money in the bank 把钱存在银行

2. two million 两百万 millions of 数百万

3. give sth to sb=give sb sth 把某物给某人

give it to charity 把它捐给慈善机构 4. medical research 医学研究 5. what if… 如果…怎么办

6.introduce sb. to sb.把某人介绍给某人 7. everybody else 其他每个人 everyone else

8. get nervous 变得紧张,感到紧 9. help sb with sth=help sb to do sth 帮助某人做某事

10.take a walk=have a walk 散步 11.in public(places) 在公众场合 12.be confident of sth 对…很自信 have confidence in sth. 对…有信心 13.give a speech 做演讲

14.ask you to be in a movie =to be an actor in a movie 请你演一部电影 15.be friends with sb 和某人成为朋友 make friends with sb 与某人交朋友 16.wait for sb. to do sth 等待某人做某事

17.introduce oneself to sb 向某人做自我介绍 introduce sb. to sb. 把某人介绍给某人 18. not…in the slightest

= not ...at all 一点也不 19.get along/on well with sb 与某人相处得好

20.. would rather do sth than do sth =prefer to do sth rather than do sth = prefer doing sth. to doing sth. 宁愿做......也不愿做...... 21. feel nervous (of) doing sth 做…感到紧张

22.want sb to do sth 想要某人做某事 23.come top 名列前茅

= become the top student

24.let sb down =make sb disappointed =make sb frustrated 让某人失望 25. come up with sth提出= think up 26.solution to sth 解决某事的办法

27.the rest of people 其余的人 the rest of +n.复数/不可数n. 28.a first-aid book 一本急救书 29.on a nearby shelf 在一个附近的书架上

30.have experience (in) doing sth 有经验做某事

31.come out 出版; 出来;开花

32.give advice on…提出关于…的建议 33.by accident= by chance 意外;偶然 34.cover sth with sth 用…盖住… be covered by …被…覆盖 35. press sth hard 用力压 36. fall downstairs 摔下楼 37.hurry to do 匆忙做某事 38.medical help 医疗救助 39.the burnt area烧伤的部位 40.running water 自来水 41.the danger of doing sth 做…的危险性

42. hide sth. from sb…把…藏得远离人 (hide-hid-hidden)

43.an internet friend 一个网友 44.get pimples 长粉刺

45.plenty of = a lot of =lots of相当多的46. offer sb sth= offer sth to sb 给某人提供…

47.ask sb. for advice 寻求某人的意见 48.take/ follow sb. Advice 接受某人的意见

49.a small/big circle of …一小/大圈


50.hurt oneself 伤到某人自己 51.the danger of doing sth 做…的危险性

52.with/ without permission (没有)经过允许

53.ask for sb.’s permission 请求某人的允许 54.represent sb. to do 代表某人去做某事

55.the company of other people 其他人的陪伴

56.share…with sb 与某人分享 57.let /make sb.(not) do 让…(不)做某事

58.help you relax 帮助你放松

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