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11. My uncle used _______ a very good football player, but this was a long time ago.

A. to being B. being C. be D. to be

12. ---My car has broken down. Could you please give me a ride tomorrow?

---I’m sorry I ________. I’m leaving for London tonight.

A. can’t B. mustn’t C. couldn’t D. shouldn’t

13. ---Is _______true that Americans eat hamburgers and hot dogs every day?

---No, that’s not true, but they are both very popular foods in America.

A. this B. anything C. it D. something

14. ---I _______to get to the South Mall. Could you tell me which bus I should take? ---Just catch the No. 10 bus from here. It’s the 4th stop.

A. am trying B. would try C. tried D. have tried

15. ---How well did you do in the maths exam?

---Better than before. I think it was _______ difficult than the last one.

A. more B. less C. much D. very

16. ______Mrs Wilson came into the classroom, all the children welcomed her.

A. Whether B. As well as C. If D. As soon as

17. Liz is kind to others and she has always found it easy to _______ at school.

A. make friend B. make friend with C. make friends D. make friends with

18. _______weather we had on our holiday!

A. What a good B. How a good C. What good D. How good

19. We didn’t have enough chairs, _______some of the students had to sit on the floor.

A. but B. so C. or D. and

20. There was a fire in the street last night, but the firemen ___within twenty minutes.

A. took it out B. brought it out C. worked it out D. put it out

21 .Mary has visited the museum. I am going to___her somewhere else this afternoon.

A.take B.bring C.push D.carry

22.— What about Mr. Black\'s speech?

—Wonderful! There were____________people there.

A.a large number of B.much C.a great deal of D. lots

23.My uncle went to Australia last year. We haven't seen him_______.

A.since almost a year B.from almost a year on

C.after almost a year D.since almost a year ago

24.—Do you like the new coat, Jack?

—Well, let me_______and see.

A.wear it on B.put on it C.try it on D. dress on it 25-— What would you like for_______breakfast, Mr. Scott?

—Three pieces of bread with_______ cup of black tea, please.


A.a; a B.不填 the C.a; the D.不填;a

26-— What are you looking for, Michelle?

—My cousin's MP3 player. It_______right in here, and now it\'s_______.

A.has been; gone B.was; gone C.was; going D.is; going

27.— Did you and your friends ride your bicycles to the beach yesterday afternoon? ~~Yeah.________we had!

A.How a fun B.What fun C.What a fun D.How fun

28.— Can your brother make model airplane?

—Yes, this week he______a new model.

A.builds B.is built C.had built D.is building 29-Mr. White is of great help; you______let him go.

A.had not better B.had better don' t

C.had better not D.had no better

30.My grandfather wants___around the world because he enjoys___new places.

A.travelling; seeing B.to travel; to see

C.to travel; seeing D.travelling; to see

II. 综合填空(2 0小题,每题1分,共2 0分)



George and his wife had been looking around for a bigger house. The first place they saw was a bit (1) f_________from the office where they worked. The second place was large (2) b__________hadn't a garden, in which the children could play. Then they visited a third and a (3) f___________place. Both were too expensive. They (4) n__________lost hope.

Yesterday they (5) f__________a less expensive house— a four-bedroomed house with a little lawn (草坪) at the (6) f__________.It was just what the children needed. But some of the roofs and walls were (7) b_________..George needed much money to (8) r__________the house.

So today George asked his father to lend him money. His father wasn't sure if his son would ever be (9) a__________to return the money. He thought for a while, then he said, "You grew up (10) w__________a garden. I don\'t think it\'s a must for the children to play in a garden."


David goes to school in New Zealand. When he was at primary school, he didn’t have any

(11) h_____________ to do. He only had to read for 15 minutes very evening: that’s all! His school had a huge sports field that was (12) b__________ enough for four football fields. He loved to run around with his (13) f__________. His teacher was nice, too. Sometimes she would say, “(14) S__________ your maths work please, children. It’s a beautiful day outside. Let’s go out and play a (15) g__________!”

Things have changed since David started high school. He still (16) p_____ a lot of sports, but 2

the work is a bit harder. He has to do some homework, but not too much, only one hour each night.

But the (17) b________ thing David loves about his high school is all the sports he can play. The sports ground has a running track, a (18) s______ pool and four football fields. David plays sports every day after school.

David is looking forward to (19) g ________to university. After he has finished his studies, he wants to (20) t_________ around the world. He dreams and hopes that day he can.


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