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初一年级英语上册单项选择 100题

(本大题共100小题, 从第1小题到第100小题每题1分 小计100分; 共计100分。) 1、---What's her name?---_____Zhao Jun. A.His name is B.My name is C.Her name is 2、当别人问你是哪国人时,你应说: A.I am China. B.I live in china. C.I live in China. 3、---_______everyone here today? ---Yes,we are all here. A.Are B.Is C.Am 4、-Where is your eraser?-_________is in the pencil-box. A.My B.Your C.It D.That 5、-Is Alice a doctor?(医生)-No,_____. A.he isn't B.she isn't C.I am not D.she doesn't 6、-Thanks a lot.-________. A.That's all right B.That is all C.That's right D.No thank 7、-What's your name? -_________. A.Good morning B.I'm fine C.My name is Lucy 8、选择正确的译文: 她的盒子在哪里?在这里。A.Where her box is?Here. B.Where is her box?It's here C.Her box is where?It's here. D.Her box where is?Here. 9、-_______are those sweaters? -They are blue. A.What color B.What C.Which 10、Every day we _________there _______our friends. A.walk to;and B.walk;with C.walk;by D.on foot;with 11、Do you like _________?A.vegetables B.vegetable C.eat vegetables D.green vegetable 12、-Is the shirt from ________? -Yes,it is.A.Li Ming's father B.Li Ming father C.your D.Li Ming's 13、-Is Tom's pencil new or old?-____.A.Yes,it is B.No,it isn't C.It's new D.It's a new 14、-Do you have any _________? A.shorts B.skirt C.hat D.dress 15、I like ________. A.this skirt B.skirt C.blue skirt D.some skirt 16、Here _______two black umbrellas.A.is B.are C.has D.be 17、If your friend ________happy,you _________happy. A.are;are B.feel;are C.is;are D.feel;feel 18、How _______ you feel(感觉,觉得)?____________ you happy today? A.do;is B.are;Are C.do;Do D.do;Are 19、Put (放)your right hand(右手) in.Don't ________ out(出,外面的). A.take B.take it C.put D.look 20、I _______ my books ________ the bag. A.take;in B.put;in C.put;with 21、I have ______ hands (手)and ________ fingers(手指). A.two;two B.two;five C.one;ten D.two;ten 22、Let's _________ a song for you. A.sing B.singing C.look D.like 23、How many _______ do you want?A apples B.apple C.any apples D.the apples 24、-____?-I’m eleven.

A。How are you B.How is the weather (天气怎么样) C。How old are you D.How much is it 25、It is _________.A.blue B.a blue C.in blue D.blue color 26、-What's the date?-It's ____. A.June one B.June Day C.June first D.Monday 27、-____is Danny's birthday?-___June 8. A.What;It's B.When;Its C.When;It's D.What;It is 28、-What _________is it today?-It's________. A.day;May 1 B.date;May 1 C.day;Monday D.date;Monday 29、0ctober 1 is ______.A.May Day B.Children's Day C.National Day D.New Year's Day 30、I can see a bird _________the sky.A.in B.at C.with D.on 31、-What's this ________? -It's a map.A.in english B.In English C.in English 32、Mary is an __________girl.A.Canadian B.Japanese C.English D.Chinese 33、This is _________. A.Anna's room picture B.Anna's room's picture C.a picture of room of Anna D.a picture of Anna's room 34、I am busy_____ my homework (作业).A. finish B. finishes C.finishing D.to finish 35、It's time _________class. A.for B.to C.at D.in 36、Do you like a hamburger? A.Yes,I do. B.No,I like it.C.Please give me bread.D.Rice is OK. 37、What color do you like, blue________ red ?A.on B.and C.or D.but 38、This pair of trousers _____ my favorite clothes. A.am B.is C.are D.be 39、Can you ________to school with me? A.go B.goes C.going D.went 找出与划线部分意思相同或相近的选项: 40 It's time for lunch.A.to have lunch B.to cook lunch C.to make lunch D.having lunch 41、_______ dogs can you see in the picture?A.How much B.How C.What D.How many 42、It's time for us _______have math. A.to B.for C.at D.after 43、I'm_______.Let's go to eat hamburgers. A.hungry (饥饿的)B.tired (累的,疲惫的)C.thirsty(口渴的) D.happy 44、-____You can guess(猜). -I think it's twelve. A.How old is he? B.How many sisters do you have? C.What's eight and four? D.How tall is he? 45、Thirty-five andfifteen is _____ .A.forty B.fifty C.sixty D.thirty 46、Let's ________to the park!A.to go B.go C.going D.goes

47、_______eat bananas. A.Monkey(猴子)B.Monkeys C.The monkeys D.Monkies 48、________like dumplings(饺子).

A.ChineseB.Chineses C.Chinas D.China 49、What do they _________? A.to like B.likes C.like D.liking 50、-_________the date yesterday? -It was May first. A.Where B.What C.Which D.What's

74、________ do you like art? Because it's fun. A. When B. How C. Why D. What

75、Alice doesn't like to play ________ basket, but she likes to play _______ piano.

A. the, / B. /, / C. the, the D. /, the

76、________ comes before November, but after September. A. October B. December C. August D. January 77、- ________-She's a new student. She's English.

51、-What _________is it today? -It's________.

A.day;May 1 B.date;May 1 C.day;Monday D.date;Monday

52、They play _________their cats there.A.of B.with C.and D.to

53.Mybirthdayi_____June.A.inB.on C.atD.of 55、-__________is class?-At 8:00. A.Where B.How C.What D.When 56、一Where is the chair? 一-----. A.There it is B.There is it C.Its there

57、----. name is Joy.----. is a girl. A.Her;She B.Her;she's C.she's;Hers 58、一What's this? 一It's . A. a desk B.desk C.four desks 59、一Are those your trousers? -__________.

A.Yes,they're B.Yes,they are C.Yes,those are D.They are

60、Where 一your friend一 ?A.does;live(居住,v)B.do;lives C.is;live D.are;lives ( ) 61、一 is David?一He is 1.7 meters(米) tall(高).A.How B.How tall C.How much ( ) 62、一Can I help you? 一Yes.I'd like。

A.two bottle of milks B.two bottles of milks C.two bottle of milk D.two bottles of milk ( )63、It's time 一go to bed. A.for B.at C.to D.in ( ) 64、Mr.Wang 一two daughters.They 一 students. A.have;are B.has;is C.has;are D.is;have 65、They 一 here to have a birthday party tonight. A.come B.is coming C. comes D.are come

( ) 66、A:一.B:All right. A Thank you.B Let's go now.C I'm late D.Are you sure? ( ) 67、Can you 一 the words on the wall? A. look at B. see C. tell D.watch 68、Is your friend a girl ______ a boy? A. but B. or C. and

69、These are your apples. Please ______ them in your bag. A. take B. look C. put 70、The door and the windows are ______ the wall. A. in B. on C. behind

71、David White is my mum's brother. He's my _______. A. aunt B. uncle C. brother 72、--____ students come to school on foot?(步行) -- 24. A. How much B. How many C. How D. What about

73、--Thank you _____ helping me with my English. --It's my pleasure.(不必谢,没什么。) A. of B. in C. on D.for A. Is Kate a new student? B. Where's Kate? C. Who's Kate? D. How's Kate? 78、Lin Tao and I ________ in Row Two. A. is B. am C. are D. have

79、There ________ some milkin the cup. A. is B. are C. have D. has 80、Whendoyouhavelunch? ________12;00. A. At B. To C. In D. On 81、The girlis ________.

A. five years old B. five year old C. fifth years old D. five years of

82、Theyare________.A. manteacher B. manteachers

C. men teachers D. men teacher

83、________Children's Day my mother takes me ________Beihai Park. A. On; in B. In; on C. On; to D. At; to

84、-What's your favourite sport? -________.

A. Swimming and run B. Swim and run C. Swim and running D. Swimming and running 85、Can you play________basketball? A. the B. a C. your D. /

86、Jim is______English boy. He is______good student. He likes playing_______football.

A. an; an; the B. an; a; × C. an; a; the D. a; an; the

87、Mrs Green with her two children often __________ to the museum(博物馆). A. is going B. go C. goes D. are going

88、Can you __________the schoolfrom here? A. look B. look at C. see D. watch

89、Their telephone number ________ 3364750. A. are B. is C. be

90.Thank for________me.A.helping B. help

C.helps D.to help

91.Whoistheboy______aball?AinB.onC.with 92.CanIlook_______yourphoto?AinB.atCto 93.Canyou_______jiaozi _______English? A.say;with B.speak;in C.say;in

94Igotobedat10;00_______theeveningonsunday.A.on B.in C.at D.of

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