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一. 选择(30分)

( )1. --Where ____ Mary's pen pals ______from? ------The United


A. does, come B. does, live C. do, come D. are, live

( ) 2. ____________ Mary from?

A. What's B. Where C. Where's

( )3. There ____ a small park and some food shops across from the school.

A. is B. are C. has D. have

( )4. Please write ____ me and tell me ____ yourself.

A. to, of B. to, about C. with, about D. with, for

( )5. Next to the hotel is a small house _____ an interesting garden.

A. has B. is C. and D. with

( )6. Bridge Street is a very good place ______.

A. to have fun B. have fun C. to have funs D. have funny

( )7. -----I hope you have a good trip! -----______.

A. Thank very much! B. You too! C. Of course I will. D. Thanks! ( )8. ------What _____ animals do you like? ------I like dogs, too.

A. the other B. other C. others D. another

( )9. The pandas are kind of shy, so please _____ quiet.

A. do B. to be C. be D. 不填

( )10. His home is on a _____ street, so it's very noisy(嘈杂的) during the


A. quiet B. busy C. clean D. dirty

( )11. My new pen pal Jim Green _____ me that he can _____Chinese but

only a little.

A. tells, say B. tells, speak C. says, talk D. talks, speak

( )12. Walk _____ the park, you can see the hotel on your right.

A. across, B. through, C.cross D. pass

( )13. There is _____ interesting pay phone next to _____ post office.

A. a, the B. an, a C. a, / D. an, the

( )14. The Chinese people _______ very _________.

A. is, friend B. are, friendly C. is, friendly D. are, friends

( )15. ---Let's _____ the quiet and beautiful park! ------That sounds good!

A. enjoy B. like C. love D. watch

( ) 16 Elephants like eating_________, but lions like eating_________.

A. grass, meat B. meat, fish C. meat, grass

( ) 17. My sister likes singing very much, and my mother likes singing,_________.

A. also B. too C. either

( ) 18. If you want to ask the way, first you should say “________”

A. Sorry B. Good morning C. Excuse me

( )19.—Is he from America? —____________.

A. Yes, he does B. No, he doesn't C. Yes, he is

( )20. The park is _____ Eighth Avenue.

A. to B. from C. on

( )21. The bank is _______ the supermarket ______ the hotel.

A. next to B. between and C. across from

( ) 22 Does he ____________ any brothers or sisters?

A. has B. have C. to have

( ) 23. They go to school ____________ Monday ____________ Friday.

A. to; to B. to; from C. from; to

( )24. Is there a Chinese restaurant behind the hotel?

A. No, there isn’t . B. Yes, it is. C. No, there is.

( )25 Lucy likes pandas because they are ____ friendly.

A. kind of B. a kind C. kinds of

( )26. Koalas sleep ____ the day and eat ______ night.

A. in in B. during during C. during at

( )27. Koalas like eating _______

A. leaf B. leaves C.meat

( )28. Please ____ quiet! The pandas _____ shy.

A. is are B. be are C. be is

( )29--What time do you arrive ______ Shanghai? ---At ten o’clock.

A. at B. in C. from D. to

( )30. --- I hope you have a good trip! --- _______.

A. Thank you very much! B. You too! C. Of couse , I will D. That/s all right

二、从对话后的方框中选择正确的句子完成对话。(10分) B:No, but there is one on Nanjing Street. And it is a good place to have fun.You can take a taxi to get to Nanjing Street.

A: Can I find a hotel near the park? A:Well, is there a bank near the park?

B: is a supermarket on the corner.Then pass the supermarket, and you can see a small restaurant. A: Thank you very much.



to work.. They want to go to the Haishan Park. The park is near their house, so they people chat(聊天旋转木马other boys and girls. Mr

36. A. don't go B. doesn't go C. not go D. goes

37. A. don't go B. doesn't C. not go D. go

38. A. takes a walk B. take a walk C. takes the walk D. take the walk

39. A. no B. many C. a lots of D. lot of

40. A. play the guitar B. play guitar C. plays the guitar D. plays guitar

41. A. having B. have C. has D. enjoy

42. A. having B .and C. with D. or

43. A. plays tennis B. play the tennis C. plays the tennis D. play tennis 44 A. think B. thinks C. thinking D. look

45. A. relax B. relaxing C. relaxed D. boring

四 阅读理解(30分)


Mr. and Mrs. Smith come from London, England. They work in China now. They teach English in a middle school. They like their work very much. They have two children, Sam and Sue. They are both in Shanghai with their parents. Mr. Smith can't speak Chinese, but his wife can speak it very well.

Mr. Smith like swimming and reading, and Mrs. Smith has the same hobbies. They often go swimming in the afternoon and read in the evening. Sam and Sue like playing games with Chinese boys and girls.

Sam's uncle has a farm near London. He likes swimming, too. He wants to

work in Shanghai, but he can't speak Chinese. So he is still there and goes to Chinese classes every day.

46. Sam and Sue are from __________.

A. Canada B. America C. England D. China

47. What sport does Mrs. Smith like?

A. Swimming B. Running C. Playing basketball D. Walking

48. What does Sam's uncle do?

A. A teacher B. A worker C. A farmer D. A doctor

49. What does Sue like?

A. Swimming and reading B. Learning Chinese

C. Watching TV D. Playing games with Chinese boys and girls

50. _______ are in the different countries now.

A. Mr. and Mrs. Smith B. Mr. Smith and his brother

C. Mrs. Smith and her children D. Mr. Smith and his children


There is an elephant and a monkey. They're friends. But one day they want to know who is stronger(更壮).One of them says, "Who can get apples over there(在那里), who is stronger."

There's a river over there. The monkey says," I can't swim." The elephant says," I can swim. Please sit on my back." They go across the river. The apple trees are very high. The elephant can't reach(够着)the apples. The monkey climbs(爬) up the tree and gets many apples.

Now they know they should help each other(互相).

51. The elephant and the monkey want to know _____.

A. who is smarter B. who is higher C. who is stronger

52. _____can't swim.

A. The elephant B. The monkey C. The big animals

53._____ can't reach the apples at first.

A. The elephant B. The monkey C. The high animals

54. Who helps the monkey go across the river?_______

A. The elephant B. The monkey C. a boat

55. From the story we know we should .______

A. help each other B. learn from the monkey

C. learn from the elephant


Dear Peter,

I know that you are coming to Hefei next week. Welcome to my home. Let me tell you the way to my house. You will live in Changjiang Hotel on Changjiang Street , won’t you ? OK ! Changjiang Street is a famous and busy

street in our city. You can start from your hotel and go straight along

Tongcheng Street. You pass two small streets: Hongxing Street and Lujiang Street. When you see an overbridge (高架桥),please turn right and go along Huangcheng Street. It’s an old street, but it’s clean. There’s a big park on the street. It’s beautiful and clean. When you get to Jinzhai Street, please turn left and go along it. You will pass Wuhu Street and Tunxi Street. Then you can see a KFC on your right. There’s a supermarket across from the KFC and my house is near the supermarket. There’s a pay phone in front of the KFC. You can call me there and I will go to meet you.

I hope you will have a good trip.


Li Li

( ) 56. Where will Peter live in Hefei ?

A. Li Li’s room B. Changjiang Hotel

C. Anhui Hotel D. His friend’s house

( ) 57. How is Changjiang Street by Li Li’s words ?

A. It’s beautiful . B. It’s famous.

C. It’s old. D. It’s famous and busy.

( ) 58 How many streets are mentioned (提及) in this letter ?

A. 6 B. 7 C. 8 D. 9

( ) 59 How is the park ?

A. It’s old but it’s clean.

B. It’s on Tongcheng Street.

C. It’s beautiful and clean.

D. It’s quiet and dirty.

( ) 60. Where’s the KFC ?

A. It’s near Li Li’s home.

B. It’s across from the pay phone.

C. It’s across from the supermarket.

D. It’s between the supermarket and the pay phone.


61. I 就划线部分提问)

______ _______ you like math? 就划线部分提问)

______ is the supermarket?

63. I sit on Jim's right and on John's left.(变同义句)

I sit _______Jim _______ John.

64. He is from Africa. (变同义句)

He _____ from Africa.


________ ________ does he speak? 就划线部分提问)

_______ _______ does he like?

67. There is some water in the bottle.(否定句)

There______ ______ water in the bottle .

68. There is a pay phone near here . (同义句)

There is a pay phone ______ ______ ________ .

69、Is there an old hotel near here ?(改为同义句)

Is there an old hotel ______ ______ ________?

70、Excuse me ,where’s the airport?(同义句)

Excuse me ,can you tell me ____ _____ ______the airport ?


71、There is a big ________ (超市) in front of our school.

72 Is there a park near your _______ (住宅)?

73I like to keep ______ (忙碌) every day.

74You can see three big _______ (饭店) in this district.

75Let’s enjoy the _______(城市)beautiful avenues.

76Go ______ (一直)and turn left, you will see the bookshop in front of you.

77.This is a good place to live in. It’s _______ (安静).

78.______ (如果) you are hungry , you can buy some food there.

79、Where is the ______ (旅馆)? It’s on Bridge Street.

80、. I want to go to the bank . It’s on the _______ (中央)Street.

六. Writing.(20分)


81、want, koalas ,to ,do ,you , see(?)

82、do ,like ,I, tigers, are ,not ,scary , because ,they (.)

83、do ,want , why ,they ,penguins ,see ,those ,to (?)

84、pen, your ,new ,is ,where ,pal ,from (?)

85、her ,the United States ,in ,friend, lives(.)

86、with, Tom ,on ,likes ,sports ,father ,playing ,weekends, his (.)

87、me, you ,tell, and ,can, dislikes ,likes ,your(?)

88、this ,street ,down ,left ,and ,go ,turn (.)

89、hungry ,if, are ,you ,you ,buy ,food ,can ,some ,here (.)

90、what, sports , other ,like ,you ,do (?)


大陈镇中七年级英语(下)第一次月考卷 答题卡

Class(班级)____Name(姓名)_________ Marks(成绩)________


1___ 2___ 3___4___5___ 6___7___8___9___10__

11___12___13___14___15___ 16___17___18___19___20___

21___22___23___24___25___ 26___27___28___29___30___

二、情景对话(每空2分) 31___ 32___ 33___ 34___ 35___

三、完型填空(每空1分) 36___37___38___39___40___ 41___42___43___44___45___


A) 46___47___48___49___50___ B)51___52___53___54___55___

C) 56___57___58___59___60___


61_____ ______62______ 63_____ ______64______ 65____ _____

66______ ______ 67______ ______68______ ______ ______

69______ ______ ______70 _____ _______ ______


71______ 72______ 73______ 74______ 75______

76______ 77______ 78______ 79______80______


1__________________________? 2__________________________.

3__________________________? 4__________________________?

5__________________________ . 6__________________________.

7__________________________? 8__________________________.

9__________________________. 10__________________________?



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