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2012版八年级上册 Unit 1 Section A 1a-1c

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Unit 1

Where did you go on vacation?

Section A 1a-1c

Give the past form of the following verbs.

1.play -- played
2.stay-- stayed 3.study-- studied

6.is -- was
7.go -- went 8.do -- did

4.practice -practiced 5.stop -- stopped

9.have-- had
10.see-- saw

My vacations
On my vacation, I’d like to travel. It can make me relaxing. Ok, let me tell you about my vacations.

Where did Liu Yifei go on vacation?

She went to New York City.

Where did they go on vacation?

They went to the beach.

Where did Mr Bean go on vacation?

He went to the mountains.

Where did the students go on vacation?

They went to summer camp.

Where did Sam go on vacation?
Hi, Sam!

He visited his uncle.
Hi, Uncle Jack!

Where did Old Li and his friend go on vacation?

They visited museums.

1. stayed at home __ f 2. went to New York City __ b g 3. visited my uncle __ 4. went to summer camp __ d 5. went to the c mountains __ 6. went to the beach __ a 7. visited museums ___ e

Match the activities 1a with the pictures [a-g].


Listen and number the people in the picture (1-5).

1. Tina
2. Xiang Hua 3. Sally 4. Bob 5. Tom
4 5 3 2


--Where did Tina go on vacation?

--She went to the mountains .

二、用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。 1. I didn’t visit not visit ) the Great Wall last ____________( vacation.

went summer. I_______(go) to New York City for my

was 2. Jim’s father _____ (be) in Toronto yesterday.
go 3.--_____Nancy ______(go) to New York City last Did

stayed studied 4. Mary _______ (stay) at home and _________
(study) for the exam last Sunday.

went -- Yes. She______(go) there with her parents.

5. -- What ______you ______( buy ) in Beijing last buy did month? -- I bought nothing.

三、句型转换 1、Lucy did her homework at home.(否定句) didn’t do Lucy ______ _____ her homework at home. 2、He visited the museum.(一般疑问句,肯答) Did visit ______ he _____ the museum? he did Yes, ____ _____.

3、She went to New York City.(一般疑问句)
Did she go to New York City?

4、They went to summer camp. (否定句)

They didn’t go to summer camp.

Talk about your vacation with your partner.

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