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学号 班级: 姓名: 八年级英语“周周清”检测题 ( 第13周 ) I. 根据首字母或汉语提示,用适当形式补全词汇,(每题1分,共12分) 1. My father is good at computer science. He works as a computer ___________ (程序师). 2. The boy likes planes very much and he wants to be a _______(飞行员) in the future. 3. Mary is a beautiful ________(小提琴手) from America. 4. Pedro’s dream is to be a famous __________ (工程师) in the future. 5.I’m going to learn another __________(外国的) language. 6.What’s the _________ (关系) between the man and the woman? 7.What we are talking is about _________ (自身提高). 9.The boy is not happy because of the much _________ (学校作业). 10. Don’t open that box. It’s my _________ (个人的) thing. 11..He joined the English club to _________ (提高) his English. 12..Li Lei likes delicious food and he wants to be a c _________. II.单项选择。(每题2分 ,共8分) 1. He’s going to _____ an engineer when he _____ up. A. do ; grow B. do; grows C. be; grow D. be; grows 2. An _____ must take _____ lessons. A. actor; act B. actor; acting C. acting; actor D. acting; act 3. That sounds _____. A. like good B. like a good plan C. likes good D. likes a good plan 4. There ____ a talk show on CCTV-4 at nine this evening.

A. will have B. is going to be C. is going to have D. is having III. 用所给词的适当形式填空。(每题1分,共5分)

1. The boys __________ (go) play soccer this afternoon.

2. _____ you _____________(play) basketball with me next week?

3. The actor ___ going to ________(move) New York.

4. He admires actors very much. He’s going to take_____ (act) lessons every day.

5. Lucy ________________(not stay) at home next weekend.

IV.请根据汉语提示完成下列句子, 每空词数不限。(每题2分,共10分)

1. Alice and Ben made their ______________________ (新年决心) yesterday.

2. Please__________ (写下)your name!

3.Tony is going to _______________ (取得好成绩) next year.

4..He ______________ (组建足球队) in the school.

5. You should _____________ (多锻炼)。


1. 2.我想成为一名科学家。

3. 你打算怎么做呢?

4. 我要坚持不懈的写作。



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