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冀教版英语八年级下册Lesson 42 It Only Takes a Moment

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Lesson 42 It Only Takes a Moment news , information , message , instruction

2. get started : 开始

3.E-mails let you send and messages around the world receive : →(opp) give accept→(opp)refuse in seconds : 在几秒钟之后、之内。 4.Click on that 点击

5.Type the e-mail address of the person you want to receive the e-mail.=Type the e-mail address of the person who /whom /that you want to receive the e-mail.

Eg: That is the teacher who teaches English well.

6. Type what you want to say –that is your message . 7.Your message will be sent to the person you address. 8.Do you want to receive e-mail somebody has sent you ? not everybody 并非每个人 ,表部分否定 。 anybody : 用在肯定句/ ?/ not / if /whether 从句中

9.If you have new mail , you will see a list of messages. in the list , make a list of ?列?清单 a list of ?: ?的清单 list : (v) 列表,举 ,出

10. Then on click the message you want to read . 11. When you have finished reading a message ,click on “close” .

类似finish 的短语有:enjoy ,practice ,be worth doing 值得做 ,be busy , consider doing 考虑做某事, suggest 建议做某事, can’t help doing 忍不住做某事, feel like doing 想要做某事,miss doing

错过 做某事, be used to doing 习惯于做某事,give up 放弃做某事,keep on 继续做某事,mind doing 介意做某事.

12.The box with the message will close .

13.It’s always nice to hear from Wu Hong . hear from 收到某人来信, hear of / about听说


( )1.I _______a strange gift yesterday,and I still don’t know who sent it.

A.took B . accepted C .received D. brought

( )2.Jhon went to bed after he finished _____the e-mail to Mike .

A. sending B. to send C. send D .sent

( )3. He isn’t in .Do you want to leave a(n)______?

A. news B. message C. information D .idea

( )4.A new bridge ________next year .

A.is built B. will be built C. builds D. will build

( )5.Listen ! _______is shouting to you.

A. Anybody B. Everybody C. Every one D. Somebody

( )6.I knocked on the door but _______answered.

A. somebody B. nobody C. anybody D. everybody

( )7.________may have a chance to be successful if he tries his best.

A.Somebody B. Everybody C. Nobody D. None

( )8.-Is there ______in the room ?

-No, I can’t see_______in it.

( )9.- It’s said that an airport _______in YangZhou.

-It’s true .That’s what we are getting excited about these days.

A.builds B.will build C. is building D. will be built

( ) 10.You will ________a warm welcome when you get there.

A. receive B. accept C. received D. accepted

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