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七年级下练习Unit 8

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1.Can I help you? 同义:__________________________?

2.There ________ some money on the table. A. has B. have C. is D. are

3.Maria says the food tastes (品尝) ________and sell _________ .

A. good, good, B. well, well, C. well, good D. good, well.

4.Would you like some __________(土豆)?

She’d like _________(eat) a large bowl of noodles.

5. What ________ of dumplings would he like? Mutton and onions.

6.We have some great ___________(优惠).

7. What would you like me ___________(do)?


_______ _______ ________ of noodles ________he ______?

9.I like noodles but my mother ________. Look! They __________(buy) fruit.

10.I’d like dumplings w________ carrots.

11.Please give reasons _________ being late for school.

12. Why not ________(have) something to eat?

13.He’d like noodles.

_______ ________ _______ noodles ________ he ________?

14.They’d like pears.

________ _________ pears ________ they ________?

15.He had apples.

________ ________ apples ________ he _________?

16.They are . _________ _______ _________ they?

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