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1.There are two________ over there.(watch) 2.I like taking ________.(photo)

3.l can see a _________and two _______ standing there.(man,woman) 4.There are two baskets(篮) of__________ on the floor.(apple) 5.You often do a lot of__________ in spelling.(work) 6.Look at those_________.(tomato) 7.I like eating ___________(potato) 8.He doesn't like these_____.(boy)

9.How many _________do you see?(documentary) 10.Thirty __________live in this building.(family) 1.单项选择

(1)Would you like _________? I have three _________for you .

A ice cream ice creams B ice creams ice cream C ice creams ice creams D ice cream ice cream

(2)Jerry isn’t _____. He’s ______.

A. an English, American B. English boy, American C. English, American D. English, a American (3)What kind of movie do you like? I like ___ ______________.

A. action movie and comedy B. action movies and comedies C. action movies and comedy D. action movie and comedies (4)This room is their _________ and that room is _________.

A parents’ , John’s and Mike’s B parent’s , John and Mike’s C parents’ ,John and Mike’s D parent’s ,John and Mike’s (5)He is a famous_______; he likes_______ very much. A. music, music B.musician,m

C usician . music,musician D.musician,music (6)I have ( )to do every day.

A much work B many works C many work D much works

(7)There are 60 _________ in _________ hour.

A minutes a B minutes the C. minute an D minutes an

(8)Do you have _________ today?

A.Chinese B.a Chinese C.the Chinese D.an Chinese

(9)There are some _________ in my home .but I don’t like eating _________.

A. chicken chickens B. chickens chicken C. chicken chicken D. chickens chickens

(10)There are a lot of _________and _________on the table.

A vegetables fruits B vegetable fruits C. vegetables fruit(水果的总称) D vegetable fruit


(1)There are 56 ________ (people) in China. (2)We often take _________ (photo) in the park. (3) My sister has five ________teeth now (tooth). (4)There are six ____________ (tomato) on the table. (5)There aren’t any ______________(library) in Jiyang. (6)Let’s go to _________(Mary)room. (7)There are many _____(zoo) in this city.

(8)You often say “Best _________” to your teacher on Teachers’ Day. (9)I have a lot of ____________(homework) to do in the evening. 3.句型转换

(1)He is a Chinese boy.(改成同义句)= He _________ _________.

(2)He doesn’t go to school on weekend.(改成同义句)

=He goes to school from ____________ to________________. (3)He often goes to see a movie on weekends.(改成同义句)

=He often goes to see a movie on _____________ and ___________. (4)I have Chinese on Monday morning.(改成同义句) I have ________ __________ __________ on Monday morning.

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