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Unit 5 单元检测题 分数:100分 时间:90分钟

一、 单项选择 (15分)

( )1. --Listen! Somebody is coming. --No, ___is coming. I can’t hear___. A.somebody, anybody B. anybody,somebody C. nobody, anything D. somebody, somebody

( )2. We _____ go on a picnic if it _____ rain tomorrow. A.don’t, isn’t B.don’t, stop C. will, doesn’t D. aren’t, doesn’t

( )3.Get up early, or you can’t ______ the early bus. A. catch B. catch up C. catches D. catches up with

( )4. Da Shan speaks Chinese ______ for us to understand. A. good enough B. enough good C. well enough D. enough well

( )5. If you don’t want to go swimming, I ______. A. won’t; too B. also won’t C. won’t, either

D. won’t , neither

( )6. He was_____ tired ___he couldn’t go on working. A. too?to B. such?that C. so?that D. too?that

( )7. It’s hard___________ the work in two days. A. finishing B. to finish C. finish D. finishes ( )8. Our teacher said sound____ much more slowly than light. A. traveled B. was traveling C. has traveled D. travels.

( )9. I don’t know if she____. If she____, let me know. A. comes; comes B. will come; comes

C. comes; will come D. will come; will come

( )10. You to school tomorrow if you look after your mother in the hospital A. don’t need come

B. don’t come C. needn’t to come D.needn’t come

( )11. What an______ story! I’m much ______ in it. A. interested, interesting B. interesting, interested C. interesting, interesting D. interested, interested

( )12. --I’m not going to wear jeans to the party. --If you , the teachers will let you in. A. don’t B. won’t C. can’t D. mustn’t

( )13. My life will be ______ than it is now. A. more better B. much good C. much better

D.many better

( ) 14. I live in an apartment ____ two living-rooms. A. has B. with C. and D. for

( ) 15. Though I live in the forest ____ , I don’t feel ____ . A. lonely ; lonely B. alone ; lonely

C. lonely ; alone

二、 完型填空 (10分) All over the world people enjoy sports. Sports are 16 people’s health. Many people like to watch 17 play sports games. They buy tickets 18 turn on their TV sets to sit 19 them. Sports 20 with the season. People play 21 games in different seasons. Sometimes they play inside the room, sometimes they play outside. We can 22 sports here and there. Some sports are rather interesting. 23 people 24 different countries cannot understand each other, but after a game they often become very 25 to each other.

( )16. A. good for B. good at C. good D. good to

( )17. A. other B. others C. the other D. the others

( )18. A. and B. but C. or D. so

( )19. A. in front B. in the front C. in the front of D. in front of

( )20. A. change B. are C. play D. start

( )21. A. same B. different C. the same D. the different

( )22. A. see B. look C. find D. watch

( )23. A. Sometimes B. When C. Or D. So

( )24. A. from B. to C. outside D. inside

( )25. A. friend B. friendly C. friends D. more friendly


Before you go to another country it is a great help if you know the language and some of the customs of the country. When people meet each other for the first time in Britain, they say, “How do you do? ”and shake hands. Usually they do not shake hands when they just meet or say goodbye. But they shake hands after they haven’t met for a long time or when they will be away from each other for a long time. Last year a group of German students went to England for a holiday. Their teacher told them that the English people hardly shake hands. So when they met their English friends at the station,they kept their hands behind their backs. The English students had learned t hat the Germans shakehands as often as possible, so they put their hands in front and got ready to shake hands with them.It made both of them laugh.

( )31.It is _ if you know the language and some of the customs of the country. A. not useful B. not helpful C. very helpful D. very bad

( )32. English people usually shake hands when they ______. A. meet every time B. meet for the first time C. say goodbye to each other D. say hello to each other

( )33. Usually English people don’t shake hands _______. A. when they will be away for a long time B. when they say “How do you do? ” C. when they just meet or say goodbye D. after they haven’t met for a long time

( )34.Which of the statement is right? A. German people shake hands as often as possible. B. English people like shaking hands very much. C. German people hardly shake hands. D. Neither English people nor Germans like shaking hands.

( )35 .This story is about _______. A. shaking hands B. languages C. customs D. languages and customs


Jack is a twenty-year-old young man. Two years ago, when he finished middle school, he found work in a shop. Usually he works until ten o'clock in the evening. He is very tired when he gets home. After a quick supper he goes to bed and soon falls asleep. His grandma who lives downstairs is satisfied with (满意) him. One day, on his way home, he met Mary. They were both happy. He asked the girl to his house, she agreed。happily. He bought some fruit and drinks for her. And they talked about their school, teachers, classmates and their future (未来). They talked for a long time. “Have a look at your watch, please,” said the girl. “What time is it now?” “Sorry, something is wrong with my watch,” said Jack. “Where's yours?” “I left it at home.” Jack thought for a moment and found a way. He began to stamp his foot on the floor, “Bang! Bang! Bang!” The sound woke his grandma up. The old woman shouted downstairs, “It's twelve o'clock in the night, Jack. Why are you still jumping upstairs?”

( )36. Jack was ________ when he finished middle school. A. sixteen B. eighteen C. twenty D. fifteen

( )37. The old woman is satisfied with Jack because ________. A. he's her grandson B. he's

clever C. he can keep quiet D. he gets home on time

( )38. From the story, we can know that Mary is Jack's ________. A. classmate B. colleague (同事) C. aunt D. wife

( )39. The word “stamp” in the story means ______ in Chinese. A. 盖印 B. 跺 C. 贴邮票

D. 承认

( )40. Jack stamped his foot on the floor in order (为了) ________ A. to wake his grandma up B. to make his grandma angry C. that his grandma was going to tell him the time D. that his grandma was going to buy him a watch

四、 任务型阅读 (10分) Once upon a time,there was a big stone on a road in the king's country.The king wanted to see if anyone would move the big stone.Some of the richest men came by and simply(简单地,直接地) walked around it and went away.Then a farmer came along carrying a lot of vegetables.The farmer saw the big stone,so he put his vegetables on the ground and tried to move the stone to the side of the road.He pushed and pushed,and he finally pushed it away. As the farmer picked up his vegetables he found something was on the ground where the rock had been. There were many gold coins (金币) and a piece of paper from the king.It said that the gold was for the person if he moved the big stone from the road.The farmer learned what many others would never understand.Every obstacle(障碍物)is a chance(机会) to make one’s life better. 根据短文内容完成下列各题。 41. Which is the best title(标题) for the passage?( )

A.The richest men and the king B. The stone and the farmer C. The gold and the farmer D. The richest men and the gold 42. 将文中画线部分的句子译成汉语。 ______________________________________________ 43. What did the richest men do when they saw the stone? 44. Did the farmer moved the stone away easily ? ______________________

45. What did the farmer find under the big stone?

Unit 5 1-5 CCACC 6-10 CBDBD 11-15BACBB 16-20ABCDA 21-25 BDAAB 26-30 BBCCB 31-35CAC 36-40 BCABC 41. B 42.每一个障碍都是改变你命运的机会。 43.The richest men came by and simply walked around it around it and went away. 44.No, he didn’t. 45. Many gold coins and a piece of paper from the king.46. flowers 47. happen 48 chance 49. tonight 50.living

51.reminding 52.realized 53.choose 54.playing 55.doesn`t rain 56.wouldn`t fail 57.will hurt

58.swim 59.to help 60.reading 六、 作文 My ideal Everyone have a dream in their mind. Whoever he or she is, they will try to make their dreams come true. I have a strong wish, I want to be a costume designer in the future .I like drawing very much and I want to see clothing which designed by me one day. I will do my best in learning more about designing clothing and I believe I will do it. Nothing is impossible in the world, if I try I may be a famous costume designer in the future

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