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九年级上英语UNIT 8试卷

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古城学校九年级上英语UNIT 8


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I. 听力技能(三部分,共20小题,


第一节 根据所听内容,选择相应的图


( )1.What do Peter’s parents a;;ow

him to on Saturday


A B C ( )3. What’s the matter with the




( )4. How would the boy travel

around the world if he had a

million dollars?


( )2. Which part of the body did the

biy get pierced?



第二节 对话理解 听下面的对话,从题中

所给的A B C 三个选项中选出最

九年级英语试题第1页 (共12页)




( )5. What rules does Mike have at home?

A. He has to do homework

wvery night.

B. He has to stay at home on school hights.

C. He has to get up early every


( )6. How often does Jim get to school late?

A. Often. B. Never. C. Sometimes.

( )7. What did David do last Sunday?

A. Helped his uncle clean his


B. Went to the hospital to see

sick people.

C. Help an old man do some


( )8. What present does Hack advise the girl to give to Tom?

A. A book. B. A notebook. C. A pen


( )9. Where probably are the two speakers?

A. At a hospital. B. In a clothes shop. C. In a restaurant.

( )10. Which sweater does the woman like?

A. The woolen(羊毛的) one.

B. The cotton(棉的) one.

C. The red one.

听下面的对话,回答第11至12小题。 ( )11. What did Jim ask Jack to do yesterday?

A. To help him draw a picture. B. To go shopping with him. C. To help him do his home


( )12. What does the girl advise Jack to do?

A. To go to Jim’s house.

B. To write an e-mail to Jim. C. To buy a gift for Jim.

第三节 听短文,然后根据短文内容判断下列句子的正(T)误(F)。

( )13. The music program starts at 4:30.

( )14. There are four beds in each room at the hospital.

( )15. One of the visiting hours is from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

( )16. The hospital also provides two smoking rooms for people.

第四节 笔录要点 根据你所听到的内容,

第一节 单项填空 从A,B,C

九年级英语试题第2页 (共12页)

三个选项中选出最佳答案填 C.is learning


( )21. He looks sad. Let’s cheer him 第二节 完形填空。(10分)

____ . One night a thief broke into an A. up B. in C. out ( )22. Tony could help ______ the city parks. The husband told the wife to be A. cleans up. B. clean up C. ,while he said loudly, “My dear, clean out ( )23. Not only the students ____ also their teacher likes football. A. too B. except C. but wake up.” ( )24. we need to ____ up with a plan on Clean-up Day. clothes at once and was ready to start

A. come B. go C. work his work. ( )25. I _______ some clothes to charity because they are too shouted in a loud voice, “Stop thief!

small for me. Stop thief!” The thief was so

A. take after B. hang out C. frightened that he ran away as fast as give away ( )26. Tom is a volunteer in his spare ( )31. A. It's B. His C.

time. He nearly spends Their

every Sunday evening ( )32. A. child B. daughter

_______ in an orphanageC. wife

(孤儿院). ( )33. A. kind B. quick C.

A. working B. work quiet

C. to work ( )34. A. thieves B. workers ( )27. It often snows in _______ C. farmers

winter. ( )35. A. glasses B. shoes C.

A. a B.clothes

/ C. the ( )36. A. chair B. floor C. ( )28. I _________ to read, so I table

always put my _________ ( )37. A. behind B. asleep

to good use by working in C. ill

the after-school care center ( )38. A. tried on B. took off

at her elementary school. C. put on

A.love;loves ( )39. A. sadly B. really C.

B.loving;loving suddenly

C.love;love ( )40. A. leaving B. buying ( )29. We can’t put off _________ a C. selling



B.makeing C.to 第三节 阅读理解(35分)

make I. 阅读大意。根据短文内容,判断正误( )30. Pei says he _________ more (T)或(F)

about animals. The 29th Olympic Games in Beijing

A.has learned were over,which were a great success.

B.learned During the 2008 Olympic games, I 九年级英语试题第3页 (共12页)

worked as a volunteer helping the police ( ) 46. The students collected ______ keep order(维持) outside the Birds’s Nest. more bottles in December It was a kind of hard but exciting work. than in January.

Being a volunteer was a lucky and A. 10 B. 20 C. 30

great experience. After that, I know how ( ) 47. From the graph above, we know great out country is. And I know how that the students picked up hard people work. Thanks for the chance the same number of bottles in of being a volunteer. ______ and ______.

Li A. October; February B. Yue September; April

Being a volunteer teacher in Gansu C. November; March

Province isn’t easy. The living conditions ( ) 48. Why do the students collect empty there are poor. But I think it’s worth the bottles? Because they _______.

effort. My work makes a difference to the A. want to do something for their children there. And at the same time, this school

new experience makes me improve. The B. like empty bottles very much students also like me. I hope my work can C. want to sell them to buy balls give the children a good start in their lives.

Yang Lei (B)

( )41.Li Yue and Yang Lei were A friend of mine named Paul

volunteer for the 29th received an expensive car from his

Olympic Games in Beijing. brother as a Christmas present. On

( )42.Li Yue’s duty was to help the Christmas Eve when Paul came out of his

police keep order inside the office, a street urchin(顽童) was

Bird’s Nest. walking around the shining car. “Is this

( )43. Yang Lei doesn’t think being a your car, Paul?” he asked.

volunteer teacher in Gansu Paul answered, “Yes, my brother

Province is easy.. gave it to me for Christmas.” The boy was

( )44. Yang Lei likes her teaching surprised. “You mean your brother gave experience very much. it to you and it didn’t cost you nothing? Boy, I wish…”He hesitated(犹豫). II.阅读细节: Of course Paul knew what he was

(A) going to wish for. He was going to wish he

The Grade 3 students at the Clean City had a brother like that. But what the boy School collect empty bottles. In June, they said surprised Paul greatly. are going to take them to a recycling(回收) “I wish,” the boy went on, “that I center. They are going to sell the bottles could be a brother like that.” Paul looked and buy some books for the school library. at the boy in surprise, then he said again, Kate has started a graph(图表) to show “Would you like to take a ride in my the number of the bottles they have car?”

collected. This is the graph. “Oh yes, I’d love that.” Students Bottle Collection After a short ride, the boy turned and with his eyes shining, said, “Paul,

would you mind driving in front of my

The months of the School Year house?”

( ) 45. In October the students collected Paul smiled a little. He thought he _______empty bottles. knew what the boy wanted. He wanted to

A. 80 B. 60 C. 40 show his neighbours that he could ride 九年级英语试题第4页 (共12页)

home in a big car. But Paul was wrong III.阅读图表 again. “Will you stop where those two A

steps are?” the boy asked. He ran up to the steps. Then in a short while Paul heard him coming back, but he was not coming fast. He was carrying his little disabled brother. He sat him down on the step and pointed to the car. “There she is, Buddy, just like I told you upstairs. His brother gave it to him for Christmas and it didn’t cost him a cent. And some day I’m going to give you one just like it …then you can see for yourself all the nice things in the Christmas window that I’ve been trying to tell you about.” Paul got out and lifted the boy to the two doubled rooms for two front seat of his car. The shining-eyed days, we need to pay older brother climbed in beside him and _______? the three of them began an unforgettable A. ¥160 B. ¥ 200 C. ¥ 400 holiday ride. ( )54. The ad doesn’t tell us ______? 根据上述短文,选择填空。 A. the address of the hotel.

( ) 49. The street urchin was very B. the opening hours of the surprised when _______________ hotel.

A. Paul received an expensive C. the phone number of the car B. Paul told him about the car hotel.

C. he saw the shining car B

( ) 50. From the story we can see the 阅读下面广告,做55-56小题 urchin _______________ A survey on watching TV in Green High

A. wished to give his brother a car B. wanted Paul’s brother to give him a car C. wished he could have a brother like Paul’s ( ) 51. We can infer(推断) from the story that___________ A. Paul couldn’t understand the urchin B. the urchin had a deep love for his brother C. the urchin wished to have a rich brother TV every day? ( ) 52. The best name of the story is A. 8% B. 23%. C. 57% ____________ ( )56. _______ of the students watch A. A Christmas Present B. A TV in the afternoon? Street Urchin A. 3%. B. 4%. C.83%. C. A Brother Like That IV.阅读答问(阅读下面的材料然后根 九年级英语试题第5页 (共12页)

据材料内容回答问题。) classes. At last, almost no teacher paid

A volunteer is someone who performs or (64)a__________ to me. They gave me up.

offers to perform a service out of his own One day, my head teacher asked me to her (65) free will(自愿), often without payment. ________(办公室) . To my surprise, she told The year 2001 was the International Year me my classmates had (66) ________ (选择) me of the Volunteer. 2005 was the UK Year of to be the new monitor.

the Volunteer. I felt very happy because I had never been a Some volunteer for clinical trials(临床试monitor. I really wanted to be a good monitor. 验) or other medical research. Some may First, I made a (67) ________(决定) to study even donate their bodies to scientific hard. Even though I tried to work hard at research after their death. every subject, I couldn’t catch up with others. An online volunteer is a person who My classmates (68) m________ . I was moved. spends time and effort with an In the end, I caught up with others. And I took organization through an online (69) p________ in having such good classmates. connection, rather than in person. A great 60.__________ 61.___________ number of people from around the world 62.__________ 63.__________ 64.___________ are online volunteers. Online volunteers 65.____________ 66.___________ can provide help in many fields. The 67.__________ 68.__________ 69.__________ practice of offering online help goes by (B)

other names. II、补全对话,选择适当的句子完成对There are many opportunities for people 话。

to donate their services using the internet. (B=Bill; M=Maria)

Online volunteers can do a variety of M: Hello, Bill! Where are you going? tasks. Young or old, anyone can spend his ?

spare time online offering some help as an M: The cinema? I’m afraid you can’t go online volunteer. Are you ready to be an to the cinema.. online volunteer? 57. What is a volunteer? M: Because it’s open only from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

B: What a pity!

58. How can an online volunteer M: Is there anything new on?

work? B: Yes, Chicken, Run. 59. What can you do as a volunteer? B:Sure. Let’s go to watch it in my house. ? B: It’s my pleasure!.

第四节 写作技能: III、翻译。将下列划线部分翻译成中I、单词拼写:(5分) 文,将中文翻译成英语。(5分)

(A) 75. 上个星期每个人努力鼓励单车男

When I was young, I used to get into trouble 孩——吉米. But this week, Jimmy is with my classmates. My head teacher often said it was (60) ________ (重要的do (61) e_________ well by myself. some signs asking for old bikes and called At that time, I wasn’t (62) i__________ in my aup all his friends and told them about study at all. I really wanted no longer to go to the problem. 77. 他甚至在当地的超市分school. So I often (63) __________(睡觉) in my 发广告. Then he told the teachers at

九年级英语试题第6页 (共12页)

school about his problem and they set up






IV、 写作 (10分) 假如你是志愿者俱乐部的主席,负责根据成员们的兴趣爱好,为他们安排合适的工作。填写表格,必须用 could 写出句子,工作项目自拟,但要符合客观实

九年级英语试题第7页 (共12页)

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