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龙江一中2013-2014高一英语必修四模块二 编制人:张新悦、王婷 审核人:刘长福


祈使句(imperative sentence)表命令、请求、劝告等,谓语动词用原形。


(1)第二人称祈使句 指的是说话的对象(即句子的主语)是第二人称(you),习惯上常常被省略。 Leave her where she is ! 让她留在原地!

Put your coat at once. We must hurry.立刻穿上衣服。我们必须快点。

(2)第一、三人称祈使句指的是由“Let(me/us, him/her/them)+动词原形+其他成分”或 “Let’s +动词原形+其他成分”构成的祈使句

Let me see.

Let’s have a rest. 【注意】如果在祈使句中需要强调对方时,也可表现出主语。

You speak first.你先讲。

Tom, listen to me.汤姆,听我说。

Someone open that window.来个人把那扇窗户打开。


Do save me!天那!(救救我吧)

Do come in.请进。


肯定形式___________ 例句:请遵守交通规则_________________

否定形式____________ 例句:不要违反交通规则_______________ 例:Don’t you believe it.决不要相信他。

Never be late again.别再迟到了。


(1)祈使句+ and +陈述句

在这个句型中,前边祈使句+ and相当于if引导的条件句。

Come early,and you’ll catch the first bus. =If you come early,you’ll catch the first bus.来早点,你就能赶上第一班汽车。


One more word,and I'll get angry with you.如果你再说一句话,我就生你的气了。

(2)祈使句+ or +陈述句


Work hard,or you’ll fail.= Unless you work hard,you’ll fail.努力干,要不,你会失败的。 = If__________________ , you_______________.

Use your head,or you won’t find a way.= Unless you use your head, you won’t find a way.




-Write to me when you get home.到家时给我打电话!

- I will. 我会的。

-Don’t forget to close the window.别忘了关窗。 -No, I won’t.不会忘。



陈述部分是肯定的祈使句时,附加疑问句用 will you 或 won’t you;

陈述部分是否定的祈使句时,用 will you.



let’s引导的祈使句,包括听话者本人在内,表示建议,反意问句用shall we。

Let’s begin, shall we?我们开始好吗?

(2)Let me(us, him, her, it, them) 祈使句

表示请求对方允许自己干某事,不包括对方(you)在内,反意问句要用will you。 Let us know your name, will you?让我们知道你的名字好吗?

1._____ at the door before entering, please.

A. Knocked B. To knock C. Knocking D. Knock

2.____ straight on and you'll see a church. You won't miss it.

A. Go B. Going C. If you go D. When going

3.Start out right away, _____ you'll miss the first train.

A. and B. but C. or D. while

4.Let's keep to the point or we ____ any decision.

A. will never reach B. have never reached

C. never reach D. never reached

5.Mary, _____ here — everybody else, stay where you are.

A. come B. comes C. to come D. coming

6. We forgot to bring our tickets, but please let us enter,____?

A. do you B. can we C. will you D. shall we

7.—Alice, you feed the bird today,_____? — But I fed it yesterday.

A. do you B. will you C. didn't you D. don't you

8. Don't smoke in the meeting room,___?

A. do you B. will you C. can you D. would you

9.It's a fine day. Let's go fishing,____?

A. won't we B. will we C. don't we D. shall we

10.Let's go swimming, shall we? —Yes, let's go.

—Let's go to a movie after work, OK? —_____

A. Not at all B. Why not? C. Never mind D. What of it? 11.—Write to me when you get home. —_____

A. I must B. I should C. I will D. I can

12.— Don't forget to come to my birthday party tomorrow. —______

A. No. I don't. B. No. I won't. C. No. I can't. D. No. I haven't.

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