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初中英语八年级上Module 13 测试卷

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初中英语八年级上Module 13 测试卷


班级 姓名 学号 分数

听力部分 (共20分)



二、听短文,并将相关的信息进行配对,短文读两遍。(每小题1分,共5分) ( )6.Tom A. played basketball

( )7. Feifei B. went out for a picnic

( )8. Susan C. went to the beach

( )9. Tony D. watched TV

( )10. David E. went shopping

三、对话理解。(每小题2分,共10分) 听第一段对话,请根据对话内容,选择第11、12小题的正确答案,对话读两遍。 ( )11. Which trip does the woman think is tiring?

A. The trip to Mount Tai. B. The trip to Hainan. C. The trip to Hong Kong. ( )12. What does the woman like to do best?

A. Swimming. B. Shopping. C. Skating. 听第二段对话,请根据对话内容,选择第13--15小题的正确答案,对话读两遍。 ( )13. What does the woman want to do?

A. To sell the flat(公寓). B. To buy the flat. C. To change the flat. ( )14. How many bedrooms are there in the flat?

A. 1. B. 2. C. 3.

( )15. When will the man go to see the flat?

A. At 6 a. m. B. At 2 p. m. C. At 6 p. m.


一. 选择填空(每空1分,共15分)

( )1. The teacher asked me ______ basketball before class.

A. not to play B. play C. not play D. don’t play

( )2. They used to ______ on the farm.

A. worked B. work C. works D. working

( )3. Thanks for______ me to your party.

A. asked B. asks C. ask D. asking

( )4. ─ Who is the man over there? Is it Mr. Li?

─ Yes, it ______be him. I know him very well.

A. might B. can C. must D. should

( )5. — When did your uncle arrive ______China?

— He got to Guangzhou ______ the morning of the 16th of April.

A. at; in B. in; in C. to; on D. in; on

( ) 6. There are some trees __________ our classroom.

A. in front of B. in the front of C. at the front of D. on front of

( ) 7. You can _______Bus 11 to my house.

A. by B. take C. takes D. took

( ) 8. We ______ spend the holiday.

A. are ready for B. are ready to C. be ready to D. be ready for

( ) 9. I got up too late ________ I arrived late for school.

A. so B. but C.and D. but

( ) 10. Yesterday we ________ in the park.

A.enjoy ourselves B. enjoyed us C. enjoy us D. enjoyed ourselves

( )11. The teacher made him ______outside.

A. stood B. to stand C. stand D. standing

( )12. He is a very careful boy, but he makes ______ mistakes in his exams.

A. a few B. few C. a little D. little

( )13. — Happy Thanksgiving! —______ .

A. Thank you B. The same to you C. That’s all right D. Not at all

( )14. It’s kind ______you to cook nice food for me.

A. to B. for C. of D. with

( )15. There are _______ students in the school.

A. thousand of B. two thousands C. thousands of D. two thousand of


1. They put candles on the trees to make them look _______ /_______at night.

2. ---Is he a student ?---That’s _______ / _______.

3. Thanks for _______/ _______me to your party.

4. My father is a _______and _______ man .

5.I went to a party _______ my cousin’s house _______Christmas Day.

三. 完形填空。(每小题1分,共10分)

Once a rich woman invited Martin Browon, a famous singer, to sing for her friends. But she (仆人)

After the meal Martin stood up and said to the servants,“Now, my good friends, I for you.”He .

to come to the sitting-room.“We are waiting for your you ready?”the woman asked.

“I am sorry,” Martin said.“I have sungonce in one evening, and I can’t sing

And with a polite“”, he left the rich woman’s house.

( )1.A.doesn’t invite B.don’t invite C.didn’t invite D.haven’t invited

( )2.A.with B.for C.at D.in

( )3.A.sang B.shall sing C.sing D.was singing

( )4.A.sad B.bored C.exciting D.pleased

( )5.A.the servant B.the friend C.the woman D.the singer

( )6.A.Were B.Is C.Are D.Be

( )7.A.ever B.already C.never D.yet

( )8.A.sings B.will sing C.sing D.sang

( )9.A.one B.two C.once D.twice

( )10.A.Good night B.Good morning C.Good afternoon D.Good day

四. 阅读理解。(1-5题,每题1分,6-10题,每小题2分,共15分)


People in different parts of the world eat different things .

In some countries , people eat rice every day . Sometimes they eat it two or three times a day , for breakfast , lunch and supper . They usually eat it with meat , fish and vegetables . Some people do not eat some kinds of meat . Muslims (穆斯林), for example , don’t eat pork . The Japanese eat a lot of fish , and they also eat a lot of rice .

In Western countries such as Britain , Australia and the USA , the most important foods are bread and potatoes . And people there can cook potatoes in different ways .

Some people eat only fruit and vegetables . They don’t eat meat or fish or anything that comes from animals . They are vegetarians (素食者). They only eat food from plants . Some people say that food from plants is better for us than meat .


( )1. The Muslims don’t eat pork .

( )2. Japanese people like eating fish .

( )3. In Australia and Britain , the most important food is cheese .

( )4. The vegetarians only eat food from animals .

( )5. In some countries , people usually eat rice .


Peter felt very sorry because he forgot to say “Happy Birthday” to his uncle yesterday. So he wrote a letter to his uncle : “My dear uncle, I’m very sorry because I forgot your birthday. But to teach me a lesson, you’d better (最好) forget my birthday on Tuesday, tomorrow.”

( birthday last Sunday.

A. Peter’s B. Peter’s father’s C. Peter’s uncle’s D. Peter’s brother’s

( A. sorry B. goodbye C. hello D. OK

( )8. “Teach me a lesson” here means “

A. 给我上一课 B. 教我一招 C. 教训我一下 D. 向我表示祝贺

( A. Monday B. Tuesday C. Saturday D. Sunday

( )10. Peter wrote this letter in order to (为了A. forget his birthday B. forget his uncle’s birthday

C. remember his uncle’s birthday D. let his uncle know Peter’s birthday


A:What’s the date today, Sam?


A:Oh, tomorrow is mom’s birthday. Do you remember?

B:I nearly forget it. Do you have any good ideas?

A:B:Don’t you remember we have sent her one two years ago?

A:Yes, Hmm. What about a handbag then?

B:Not bad! Let’s go shopping together after class.

A:OK. I’ll wait for you at the school gate at 4∶30 p.m.

B:Sorry! I’m on duty today. Could you please make it half an hour later?

1. 2.

3. 4. 5.


1. The story is very __________. We all like reading it.

2. __________Day is on the second Sunday of May.

3.Thanks for __________ me to your birthday party.

4.The American holiday of Thankgiving is on the __________Thursday in November .

5. He __________a lot of presents to give to children yesterday.

6. He __________the presents up now.

7. Tell him up and cut the turkey.

8.We’ll go __________this afternoon.

9.He was born in __________,but he can’t speak German.

10. They are __________presents.I’m sure you will enjoy them.



1.The dog is playing with a ball.

2. The boy is good at swimming.

3. I like playing the piano .

4. It’s Teachers’ Day today.

5. This is a Santa Claus.


Last weekend, my classmates did different things. Tom went to the beach with his friends. What great fun! Feifei went shopping with her mother, and she bought a nice T-shirt. And Susan went out for a picnic with her friend, but her two brothers, Tony and David, didn’t go with her. Tony went to play basketball, David just stayed at home and watched TV, he’s a little quiet.


听第一段对话,请根据对话内容,选择第11、12小题的正确答案,对话读两遍。 M: Hi, Liu Ying. Where would you go if you could travel anywhere?

W: I don't know. I don't like to travel.

M: Come on| What if you could go anywhere; How about a visit to Mount Tai?

W: No. It's too tiring.

M: What about a trip to Harbin? You can skate now in winter.

W: No. I don't like cold weather.

M: Then would you like to go somewhere warm? I think Hainan is a good place for swimming.

W: But I can't swim.

M: Okay. How about Hong Kong? You can do a lot of shopping there.

W: That's good. I love shopping.

听第二段对话,请根据对话内容,选择第13--15小题的正确答案,对话读两遍。 W: Hello, Lisa speaking.

M: Hello, I'd like to know something about the flat.

W: Of course. What would you like to know?

M: Well, first, can you tell me where it is? Is it close to shops?

W: Well, the flat is in the centre of the city.

M: And how much does it cost?

W. About 300 000 dollars.

M: I see. Is it big?

W I think so. There are two bedrooms and a very large living room. Would you like to see it? M: Yes, when can I come, please?

W: Hmm. Can you come this afternoon? About six? It's number 2, Street 49.

M: Yes, that's fine. I'll see you then. Goodbye.

1-5 CEBDA 6-10 CEBAD 11-15. ABABC


一.1-5 ABDCD 6-10 ABBAD 11-15 CBBCC

二.1.A/J 2.C/F 3.B/I 4. E/G 5. D H

三. 1-5 CABDD 6-10 CBCDA

四. 1. T 2. T 3. F 4. F 5. T

6-10 CACAD

五.1-5 ECDAF

六. 1.interesting 2. Mother’s 3. inviting 4. fourth 5.bought

6.is wrapping 7. to get 8. shopping 9.Germany 10.lovely

七. One possible version:

Kitty is a pretty girl. She is fifteen years old. She was born in Beijing. Now she studies in

Beijing Sunshine Secondary School. She enjoys chatting with her friends on the Internet. She

likes playing computer games. In her free time she likes listening to music. She has her own

dream home. She would like to live with her family in a big house on the busiest street in


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