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名: __________



A. to B. have C. for D. in ( )4. —_________does the math class finish?

—At about 5 o’lock.

A. How B. How often C. What time D. Where ( )5. —What’re you doing ?

姓… …… … _…__…____……__…_:级……班…… ……… _封____……__…__…__:号………考… …… … …中学…镇密…永北…:……名…校…… —I _________my pencil.

一、从下列各题中选出一个能替换画线部分的选项。(5分) A. look B. looking C. looking for D.am looking for ( ( )6. We don’t like meat_________.

A.How do you think of B.How do you like

A. a lot B. very much C. at all D. a little

C.What do you like D. What do you think

( )7.Your friend often ____ TV at night .

( )2.Thanks a lot.

A.sees B. watch C.look D.watches

A.a lot of B. lots of C. very much D. much

( )8. ---I’m sory , I can’t help you now .



A.I see B. I saw C. I got it D. I understood

A.Thank you all the same . B.Thanks for your help

( C. Thanks a lot . D.The same to you .

A.enjoy themselves B. enjoyed them

( )9. The policeman gives the driver a ticket for _____.

C. have a time D. had a good time

A.speed B. speeding C. listening D. speeds

( ( )10.---_______________

A.right now B. right away C. just now D. A and B

---The kitchen fan doesn’t work .


A.What’s matter? B.What the matter ?

( )1.—Happy Birthday to you !

C. What’s the matter D. What’s the wrong ?

( )11.---Where _____ your uncle live ?

A.Thank you . B.The same to you . C. You are welcome . D. Me , too .

---He lives ____the second floor .

( )2.--- How does he go to work ?

A.do , on B. does , on C. did , in D.does , in

---He usually goes to school _____bike , but sometimes _____foot .

( )12. Let me______ first.

A.by , on B. on , by C.by . by D.on , on

A. see B. to see C. seeing D. is seeing

( )3. It’ time_________lunch.


( )13. Can I have a look ______ your present?

A. to B. at C. like D. for

( )14.-- What’s the date today ? --It’s ___________

A. June fourth B. June fortieth C. June four D. June forty

( )15. I plan _______ there by car.

A. going B. to go C. go D. goes

( )16. He was born ______ March 8th ,1990.

A. at B. in C. on D. /

( )17. I’m _____ the blackboard, but I can’t _____ anything.

A. look at, see B. looking at, see C. seeing, look D. watch, see

( )18.Wednesday comes _______ Tuesday

A. after B. before C. on D. to

( )19. He can’t ride a bike, _____ he can ride a horse.

A. but B. and C. or D. when

( )20. How about _________ a walk ?

A. take B. to take C. taking D. takes

( )21. ---What _____ you do when you were five?

---I _____ .

A. could, can sing B. can, could dance C. could, could sing D. could, couldn’t dance

( )22. John can’t play ____ piano , but he can play ____ soccer.

A.a , a B. the , the C. the , / D. /, the

( )23. –Can he _______ an English song ? --Of course , he can .

A. sing B. sings C. to sing D. singing

( )24.—_____is your birthday ?

A.What day B. What C.When D.What date ( )25.Jane and Maria ______ my friends .

A.both are B. are both C. all are D. are all


I’mare in the morning and two in the afternoon. We have maths, Chinese, and English every day. I don’t good time with my family there.

( ) 1. A. to B. for C. from D. of ( ) 2. A. good B. nice C. glad D. well ( ) 3. A. six B. four C. seven D. five

( ) 4. A. five B. four C. six D. three ( ) 5.A. sing B. singing C. singer D. singer’s ( ) 6. A. don’t B. aren’t C. would D. doesn’t ( ) 7. A. with B. of C. for D. by

( ) 8. A. know B. think C. guess D. don’t know ( ) 9. A. am B is C. are D. looks ( ) 10. A. to an B. to C. in D. at 四、阅读理解。(30分)

A Dear friend ,

My name is Zhang Tong . I am a Chinese boy . I am eleven . I am from Hangzhou , China . I think you know Hangzhou . It’s in the south of China . I am in a high school . There are about


姓名: __________ …………线…………… two thousand (千) students and two hundred teachers in our school . I am in Class Three , Grade One .There are fifty-six students in our class, thirty boys and twenty-six girls . Our English teacher is Miss Wang . She is a very good teacher . She is friendly to us . We are good friends . I like English very much and I like to listen to music , too . I want to find a pen friend . Please write to me . ( )8. Lucy’s favorite sport is _____. A.basketball B. ping-pong C. Football D. Kung fu ( )9.Lucy’s parents gave her _____ for her birthday . A.a big box B. a book C. a shirt D. a book and a shirt ( )10. _____gave Lucy an MP4 as a present.






















…Yours, A.Ben B. Jim C. Her father D. Her mother Zhang Tong C 根据短文内容,判断正(T)误(F).(10分) ( )1. The letter is from Zhang Tong’s friend . Mary and Rose are good friends. They often play ping-pong together(一起). They like flying ( ) 2.Hangzhou is in the south of China . kites, too. They often fly kites near the river(河). And the kites fly very high. ( ) 3. Zhang Tong wants to find a pen friend . Mary couldn’t perform ballet when she was eight, but she can do it very well now. Rose ( ) 4. There are more than (多于) three thousand teachers in the school .. couldn’t perform ballet before. Mary often teaches her to perform ballet in the gym, and she ( ) 5. Zhang Tong likes English and music . can do it a little now. Rose learns very hard, because she wants to perform ballet at her B mother’s birthday party and gives her mother a surprise(惊喜). Last Sunday was February 22nd . It was my 12th阅读短文,选择最佳答案。(10分) birthday . At 7:30 , my parents woke me up . They said to me , ―Happy Birthday , Lucy !‖I said , ―Thanks, Mom and Dad .‖ ( )11. What do Mary and Rose often do? That day I got lots of presents from my parents and my friends. My parents gave me a big A.Play ping-pong B. Fly kites C. Take photos D. A and B box and there was a book and a blue shirt in it. Ben, one of my good friends, bought a present ( )12. Where do Mary and Rose often fly kites. on the Internet. I like playing basketball very much. And on my bed there was a note (便条). It A.Near the river B. On the playground said, ―I’m your present , and I’m in your bookshelf.‖ Aha, it was an MP4!‖ It was from my C. In the gym D. In the park brother, Jim. ( )13. When Mary was eight, she _____. I was very happy. Because my family and my friends love me so much. A. could play ping-pong very well B. couldn’t perform ballet 阅读短文,选择最佳答案。(10分) C. couldn’t play ping-pong D. could perform ballet very well ( )6. –How old is Lucy ? ( )14. Who teaches Rose to perform ballet ? --She is _____. A.Mary B. Her mother C. Her classmates D. Her teacher A.22 B.12 C.11 D.13 ( )15. Rose learn to perform ballet very hard, because_____. ( )7. When people say ―Happy birthday to you‖, you should say, ―______‖. A.she wants to perform it in class

A.You, too B. Thank you C. I’m happy D. You’re kind B.she likes it very much 3

C.she wants to perform it at her party D.she wants to give her mother a surprise 五 、写作.(共30分)

A. 根据句意,用所给单词的适当形式填空.(10分) 1. He usually _________(play) the guitar after school . 2. My daughter likes going _________(swim) . 3. My bedroom is on the _______(two) floor .

4. We must obey the traffic _______(rule) to keep save. 5. Listen ! Tom _________(sing) now .

6. Would you like _________(dance) at the party? 7. When ________(be) you born ?

8. Jane can do it now, but she ________(can) not fly a kite one year ago. 9. Miss Yang is ____________(friend) to me . 10. Why not ______________(go) shopping with me ? B. 根据汉语提示,完成下列句子.(10分)

1. Did Kangkang ____________________________ (玩得愉快) at the party? 2. Please ____________________________________(吹灭) all the candles. 3. Did you _______________________________(伤了你自己)? 4. You must go home 立刻). 5. ___________________________(多长) is the Great Wall? 6. I always come to school 按时).

7. The dinning hall is ____________________________(在------的后面)the school . 8. Liu Wei likes eating fruit , such as apples, oranges, bananas_______________(等


9. Peter, _________your clothes____________(将------收起),please. 10. There is a ___________________(飞机模型)on it . C. 书面表达.(10分)



2.他们送给他许多礼物。 3.你送给他一个足球,他很喜欢。


Jim’s Birthday Party




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