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初中英语八年级上Module 10 测试卷

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初中英语八年级上Module 10 测试卷


班级 姓名 学号 分数

听力部分 (共20分)



二、听对话,并将相关的信息进行配对,对话读两遍。(每小题1分,共5分) ( ) 6. Jack A. Drawing

( ) 7. Sally B.Music

( ) 8. Daming C.Dolls

( ) 9. Tony D.Stamps

( ) 10. Lisa E. Bus tickets and train tickets


( )11. Mike and Ted are .

A. friends B. sisters C. cousins (表兄弟)

( 12. Ted is years old.

A. four B. five C. six

( )13. Ted and Mike don't like .

A. juice B. water C. milk

( )14. Mike's father is Ted's father's

A. friend B. father C. brother

( )15. Mike's hands are dirtier than Ted's, so he is very

A. happy B. good C. sad


一. 选择填空(每空1分,共15分)

( ) 1.The ______ running race is at 2 o’clock .

A. 400 metre B. 400-metre C. 200 metre D. 200 -metres

( ) 2. The young man drives _______ than he did two months ago.

A.much carefully B. much more carefully

C. much careful D. more much carefully

( ) 3. I’m ________ than him ________ English.

A. good ,in B. well, in C. better,at D. better,in

( ) 4. ---________the ________of the car ?

A. What ,price B. What’s, price C. How , price D. How much ,price

( ) 5. Who is _______ of the three ?

A. popular B. more popular C. most popular D. the most popular

( )6. His schoolbag is bigger than .

A. my B. mine C. me D. I

( )7. We often play basketball with at the weekends.

A. other schools B. others school C. other school D. others schools

( )8. Of all subjects, English is

in our class.

A. popular B. much popular C. more popular D. the most popular

( )9. Liu Xiang received a in 2004 Olympic Games.

A. golden medals B. golden medal C. gold medal D. gold medals

( A. ones B. one C. once D. shoe

( )11. I think playing table tennis is than playing volleyball.

A. much interesting B. more interesting C. interestinger D. most interesting

( )12. Every morning Mr. Smith takes a A. 20 minutes walk B. 20 minute’s walk C. 20-minutes walk D. 20-minute walk

( )13. ─ Water-skiing and surfing are my favorite sports. How about you?

─ I surfing to water-skiing.

A. think B. agree C. prefer D. want

( )14. Who’s that boy A. riding B. rides C. to ride D. rode

( )15. — Who drew the pictures on the wall? —.

A. Jack is B. Jack was C. Jack does D. Jack did


2. I think high jump is more _______ / _______than long jump. 3. Let’s go_______/_______.

4. My uncle looks _______me very well and he is never angry_______me .

5. He is very _______ /_______. He is a good teacher.

三. 完形填空。(每小题1分,共10分)

Mr. King lives in a city. He has some shops and gets a lot of in a middle school. The boy likes everything but studying. He doesn’t listen to his in class and he never finishes his homework on time. He always plays football when he is and he can never pass the exams. His father has time to stay at home and doesn’t know anything about it.

One day, Miss Read, Mike’s teacher Mr. King on the telephone, and she told him everything about the boy. She wanted him to help the boy at home. The man heard this and wasn’t. When his son came back from school, he gave him a good beating(痛打). But soon he felt sorry for it he saw Mike crying in the bedroom. The next morning, before Mike went to school, he said, “Study hard, my son! I you a car if you pass the exams next year.”

Another term was over. Mike didn’t pass the exams once more(又一次). Mr. King had a the school work and asked,“What did you do this term, Mike?”

“I learned to a car,” answered the boy.

( ) 1. A. thing B. money C. teachers D. knowledge

( ) 2. A. father B. mother C. teachers D. classmates

( ) 3. A. free B. busy C. easy D. hard

( ) 4. A. enough B. a lot of C. much D. little

( )5. A. visited B. called C. met D. found

( ) 6. A. worried B. sad C. happy D. tired

( ) 7. A. when B. before C. until D. if

( )8. A. buy B. will buy C. bought D. buying

( ) 9. A. for B. on C. at D. to

( ) 10. A. make B. sell C. ride D. drive

四. 阅读理解。(1-5题,每题1分,6-10题,每小题2分,共15分)


A man has a cat. He likes her very much. At mealtime the cat sits at the table with him. The man eats with a knife and a fork, but the cat eats from her plate. Sometimes, when she finishes her dish, her master will give her a bit of his food. He shares his meal with her. One day the cat is not at the table at mealtime.

“Ah! Where is my cat?” asks the man..His wife says, “Can’t you eat without her?”

So the meal begins without the cat. Before lunch is over, the cat rushes into the room and jumps into the chair quickly. She has two mice in her mouth, and before anyone can stop her, she drops(扔下) one into her own plate, and the other into her master’s plate.

“Dear me!” cries the woman, “A mouse is in your plate!”

“Hush(安静)!” says her husband. “This shows that she is a nice cat. She knows what friendship(友谊) is. She wishes me to share her dinner as I often share mine with her. 根据短文内容,判断正误,正确(T),错误(F)。

( )1. The master loves his cat very much.

( )2. The cat always shares her food with her master.

( )3. One day the cat is not at the table at mealtime.

( )4. The cat hurries(匆忙) home with two mice in her mouth when the master and his wife

are having lunch.

( )5. The story tells us the cat also loves her master.


There are forty-seven different kinds of kangaroos(袋鼠). The smallest are about a quarter of a meter long; the biggest are taller than a man.

Kangaroos have very long strong back legs. These are used for jumping. They also have long strong tails(尾巴)used for resting on. Kangaroos’ front legs are much shorter, and are almost like arms. Kangaroos’ heads are quite small, but their ears are quite large.

Mother kangaroos have a pocket at the front. They have one baby each year. When it is born, the baby kangaroo is straight into its mother’s pocket. The baby kangaroos stay there for six months.

The biggest kangaroos stand more than 2 meters tall, and their legs are so strong that they can jump more than 9 meters. They are very fast, and can travel at more than 50 kilometers an hour. They are very strong, but only eat fruit, leaves and grass.

( )6.How many different kinds of kangaroos are there?

A.37 B.74 C.47 D.40

( )7.How large are the biggest kangaroos?

A.Smaller than a man B.Bigger than a man

C.The same size as a man D.A quarter of a meter long.

( )8.Does a mother kangaroo have a pocket?

A.Yes, it does. B.No, it does.

C.No, it doesn’t. D.It doesn’t tell us.

( )9.How long does a baby kangaroo stay in its mother’s pocket?

A.One month B.Three months C.Six months D.Five months

( )10.How far can kangaroos jump?

A.More than 2 meters. B.More than 9 meters.

C.Less than 2 meters. D.Less than 9 meters.

五、从方框中选出合适的句子补全对话,其中两项是多余的。(每小题2分,共10分) Ann:

Peter: I’m going to the movies.

Ann: Peter: Because I don’t like it now.

Ann: Did you use to play football on weekends?

Peter: Ann: Peter: I used to play football in the gym near my home.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


1.Football is (difficult) to play than basketball.

2.I think maths is 3.I prefer______(stay)at home on Sundays.

4.Look! Some students ______(have) a sports meeting.

5.I want to buy the _______(fast) computer when I have money.

6.I think swimming is more interesting than______(run).

7. Which is the __________(popular),basketball,football or volleyball?

8. I have __________(many)books than you .

9.Jim _______(get) up at six yesterday morning.

10.LiPing __________ (come)here next year.


根据以下提示写篇作文,勿逐字翻译,可适当发挥. 1. 时间: 冬天, 周六下午 2.天气: 下雪,寒冷. 3. 背景:Bob一家呆在家里. 4. 事件: 一家五口在做不同的事,Bob 在做作业, 他的姐姐Sarah在看电视, 他的妹妹 Anna 在画画,他的妈妈在打扫房间,他的爸爸在看报子. 5. 气氛:其乐融融.

____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________



1.Yao Ming is a good basketball player.

2. They are playing football.

3. Most students like playing volleyball.

4. Liu Xiang are running.

5. She likes playing table tennis.


W: Hi, Jack! Do you collectc anything?

M: Yes, I have a collection of dolls. And my sister, Sally collects stamps. What about you Daming?

W: Me? I collect tickets ,you know, bus tickets and train tickets!

M: Really? But my brother, Tony’s hobby is music. He plays the piano and listens to music all the time.

W: But my good friend, Lisa’s hobby is drawing. She draws in her free time, and she can draw very well.

M: Ok, let’s go and ask her to draw for us.


Mike is five years old. He doesn't like water. When his mother asks him to wash his hands, he never really washes them clean. He only puts his hands in the water for a few seconds and then takes them out.

Mike's uncle and aunt live in another town. When they are free, they often come to see Mike's parents and bring their small son, Ted, with them. Ted is one year younger than Mike, and doesn't like water, either. The two boys like going out to play.

Today they go out to play football. After an hour, Mike looks at Ted's hands and then says proudly, “My hands are dirtier than yours!”

“Of course they are,”Ted says.“You are one year older than I.”

1-5 BECAD 6-10 CDEBA 11-15.CABCA


一.1-5 BBCBD 6-10 BADCA 11-15 BDCAD

二.1.A/E 2.C/I 3.B/D 4. F H 5. G/J

三. 1-5 BCADB 6-10 CABCD

四.1-5 TFTTT 6-10 CBACB

五.1-5 BCFED

六. 1.more difficult 2. the most interesting 3. staying 4. are having 5.fastest

6.running 7. most popular 8. more 9.got 10.will come

七. 略

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