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一、 写出下列基数词和序数词。

1 2 3 5 9 12 13 20 71 22 83 28 34 36 47

三、 用括号内所给数词的正确形式填空。

1. We are in Class____________(3).

2. We have_____________(12)months of the year.

3.December is the _________________(12)one.

4. This is my________________(1)bag.

5. My birthday is Dec.________________(21).

6. I have______(3)books. I like my_________________(3) book.

四、 选择题。

1. My grandmother is_____ old.

A. seventieth B. seventy year C. seventy years D. seventies

2._____people visit this museum every day.

A. Hundred B. Hundreds C. hundred of D. Hundreds of

3. There are two _____people in the meeting room.

A. hundred B. hundreds C. hundreds of D. hundred of

4. We can say the number 78,645 in English like this________.

A. seventy-eight thousand and six hundred and forty-five

B. seventy-eight thousand six hundred and forty five

C. seventy-eight thousand six hundred and forty-five

D. seventy eight thousand six hundred and forty-five

5. Monday is the second day, and____.

A. Tuesday is the fourth B. Thursday is fifth

C. the second day is Tuesday D. the second day is Thursday

6.“The year 1999”should be read(应该读作)“The year _____.”

A. nineteen and ninety-nine B. nineteen ninety-nine

C. one thousand nine hundred ninety-nine D. nineteen hundred and ninety-nine

7. There are ____months in a year. December is the ____month of the year.

A. twelve; twelve B. twelve; twelfth C. twelfth; twelve D. twelve; twelveth

8. What’s the date today? It is ____.

A. Friday B. time to go C. cloudy D. June 4th

9. What is five and eight?

A. Twelve B. Thirteen C. Fourteen D. Fifteen

10. What ____is Lily in? She is in____.

A. Row; row five B. Row; Row Five C. row; Row Five D. row; row Five


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