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Module 5

My school day

Unit 1

I love history.


Objectives: 1. To listen and understand school lessons 2. To learn some key words and useful expressions 3. To talk about a school day (including

subjects, timetable)

Words: art, Chinese, geography, history, maths, favourite, interesting Phrases: half past… at eight o’clock Patterns: What’s the time? It’s… What are our lessons on Monday? It’s my favourite subject because… I’m good at it. I can talk with…

A Riddle Clue: 1. It has got a round (圆的) face, and three hands, but it hasn’t got any feet. 2. It works from day to night. 3. It tells me the time every day. clock It tells the time of day.

Words and expressions

Read the words and expressions loudly.

Words and expressions half past o’clock to art geography history IT maths n. 一半 prep. 晚于,过(几点) adv. ……点钟 prep. (距整点时间)差…… n. 美术;艺术 n. 地理 n. 历史 n. 信息技术 n. 数学

Words and expressions

PE lesson then like difficult love

n. 体育 n. 一节课 adv. 接着;然后 v. 喜欢,喜爱 adj. 困难的,难懂的 v. 爱;热爱 n. 喜爱;关爱 subject n. 科目

Words and expressions because interesting talk begin when conj. 因为 adj. 有趣的 v. 谈论,说话 v. 开始 adv. 什么时候,何时

1 Look at the pictures. Listen and repeat the time. A: What’s the time? B: It’s …

It’s twelve o’clock.

It’s twenty past one.

It’s half past six.

It’s twenty to eleven.

Tips: Expressions of the time 一、整点: 整点钟 + o’clock ten o’clock 十点钟

二、含有小时和分钟: 1. 顺读法: 直接说数字,先说小时数,后说分钟数。 eight ten(8:10)八点十分

2. 时间未过半: 分钟+past+点钟 9:10=ten past nine 3. 时间刚好一半: half past + 点钟 eg: 9:30= half past nine 4. 时间已过半: (60?分钟) + to + (点钟 +1) 8:50=(60 ?50)+to+(8+1)=ten to nine

2 Match the pictures with the words from the box. art Chinese English geography history IT maths PE
① ② ③ ④

① ② ③ PE English ⑤ ⑥ ⑦ ⑧

art history maths geography Chinese IT

3 Listen to the dialogue. Answer the following questions. 1. What lessons do they have on Monday? They have Chinese, science, IT, maths, English and art. 2. What lessons do they have on Friday?
They have English, Chinese, PE and geography.

1. We have Chinese at eight o’clock and science at five to nine. 我们8点上语文课。差5分9点上科学课。
这里have Chinese相当于 have an English lesson。

下面是中学常见学科的英文表达法: Chinese 语文 English 英语 science 科学 chemistry 化学 physics 物理 math 数学 biology 生物 politics 政治 history 历史 geography 地理 art 艺术 Music 音乐 fine arts 美术 PE(physical education) 体育

2. I love history and I’m good at it. 我喜欢历史课,而且我历史

学得好。 be good at … 意思是 “擅长……”, 如: My friend is good at language and she can speak five foreign languages. 我的朋友在语言方面很擅长,她能讲 五种外语。 Ms Du’s son is good at making things. 杜老师的儿子擅长做东西。

Check ( ) the true sentences. √

1. Lessons begin at eight. √ 2. They have four lessons in the morning. √ 3. Maths is difficult for Betty. 4. They have art on Monday. √ 5. History is interesting for Betty. √ 6. Tony’s favourite lesson is art.

4 Complete the passage with the correct form of the words from the box. because difficult favourite interesting lesson subject History is Betty’s (1)_________ subject. favourite because She likes it (2)___________ it’s very interesting (3)____________. Tony’s favourite subject (4)_________ is Chinese. There are Chinese, science, IT and maths lessons (5)_______ on Monday morning, but for Tony, maths is (6)_________. difficult

5 Listen and repeat.

/u:/ afternoon /?:/ talk
/?/ good /?/ because o’clock what

A: What time is it? What’s the time?

B: It’s …






Answer the questions about you. 1. When is your geography lesson?
2. When is your English lesson?

3. When is your Chinese lesson?

Work in pairs. Talk about your lessons.
What time is When is ? art Chinese English history maths science at eight o’clock. at half past eleven. in the morning. in the afternoon. on Monday. .

I have We/They have I don’t have We/They don’t have I/They/We like I/They/We don’t like

Work in pairs. Talk about your lessons. A: What time is your art lesson? B: I have art at … A: Do you like art? B: Yes, I do, but … What about you?

本课时主要句型 1. — What’s the time? / What time is it? — It’s … o’clock. / It’s half past … 2. — What day is it today? — It is … 3. — When is your … lesson? — I have … at … 4. — Do you like…? — Yes. I like … / No, I don’t like ...


注: word 文档 点击此处链接

一、写出下列时间的表达法。 1. 7:00 _____________ seven o’clock
2. 9:30 _____________ half past nine

3. 6:20 _______________________ six twenty/twenty past six
eleven ten/ten past eleven 4. 11:10 ______________________ 5. 5:55 _______________________ five fifty-five/five to six

6. 3:45 _____________________________ three forty-five/a quarter to four


1. I have dinner __ seven at home. at
2. Lucy can go to the factory ____ her with

3. Do you read English __ the morning? in

4. ___ Friday they go to the park. On
5. I often have bread and milk ___ for breakfast.

三、下列每个句子都有一处错误, 你能找出来并改正吗? 1. Mary don’t go to school today. _______ doesn’t 2. We have an English lesson in Sunday morning. _____ on 3. Daming and Lingling has maths this afternoon. _______ have 4. I doesn’t like P.E. _______ don’t 5. We h

ave a art lesson at one o’clock. ___ an

1. 今天上午玲玲和大明有一节数学课。 Lingling and Daming ____ __ ______ have a maths ______ this morning. lesson 2. 你的历史课在什么时候? lesson _____ is When __ your history ______? 3. 我们上午没有英语。 We _____ ____ English in the morning. don’t have

4. — 今天是星期几? — 星期五。 What day — _____ ____ is it today? Friday — It’s ______. 5. 我们八点钟上语文。 We have ________ at ______ _______. Chinese eight o’clock 6. 他们喜欢化学, 但是不喜欢数学. They ____ _________, but they _____ like chemistry don’t ____ _______. like maths

1. Remember all the new words and expressions we’ve learned today. 2. Write something about your favorite subject by using words we’ve learned today.

1. To preview the new words and

expressions in unit 2.
2. To preview the passage in unit 2.

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