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I. Choose the best answer. 请挑选15个有把握的填空。(15分)

( )1.This is ______ old picture _______ his family.

A. a, of B. an, of C. a, to

( )2.— Please come in and sit down. — _______.

A.OK B. Thank you C. All right

( )3.Please look _______the picture ________ the wall.

A. at, on B. at, in C. after, in

( )4.Is this ______ ruler?

A. your B. yours C. you

( )5.These are ________.

A. apple tree B. apples trees C. apple trees

( )6.— Is _______Uncle Bob’s car? —No, it isn’t.

A. the B. this C. a

( )7.— Where is the map? —________on the wall.

A. It B. Its C. It’s

( )8.— Where _______ my books? — Sorry, I don’t know.

A. is B. am C. are

( )9.There ______some milk in the cup.

A. is B. be C. are

( )10. Do you want ______an English club?

A. join B. to join C. joining

( )11.We have eight _____ and two _______.

A. watch, photo B. watchs, photoes C. watches, photos

( )12.Jim ________a good friend at school.

A. doesn’t have B. don’t have C. doesn’t has

( )13.___ your friends like sports?

A. Does B. Are C. Do

( )14.My mother and I ________eating oranges.

A. likes B. like C. want

( )15.— Your shirts are very nice. — _______

A. Thank you. B. That’s right. C. You’re welcome

( )16.We like _______ music and they like _________ books.

A. listening, reading B. listening to, reading C. to listen, look at

( )17.That is ______ apple. ________ apple is _________the tree.

A. an, The, on B. an, the, in C. a, an, at

( )18 — _______ that? — It’s a drawer.

A. Where’s B. What’s C. How’s

( )19.That sounds ____ . Let’s go!

A. interesting B. interest C. interested

( )20. My father or mother is my ________.

A. parents B. grandparents C. parent

II. Fill in the blanks. 完形填空。(15分)

Doris often gets up early in the morning. She 21 breakfast at 6:30.She 22 school at around seven o’clock. She 23 never(从不) late for school.

She has 24 classes in the morning. At about 12:15, she comes back 25 .In the afternoon, she isn’t so busy(繁忙).After school, she 26 her homework and plays with 27 friends.

In the evening, her parents come back from work. They 28 dinner together(一起).After that, they often read books or 29 music. Sometimes, they watch TV. Doris goes to bed at 10:00. But her father often 30 late at night.

题号 A B C

( )21. has the eats a has

( )22. goes goes to go to

( )23. does is has

( )24. many much any

( )25. for the lunch to lunch for lunch

( )26. do does has

( )27. she’s hers her

( )28. has eats have

( )29. listen to listens to listens

( )30. work works does


III. Reading comprehension. 阅读理解(30分)


There is a supermarket next to Mrs Green’s home. She often goes there to buy food. The people in it are very helpful(有帮助的).The things are very cheap(便宜),too.

One day, Mrs Green goes to the supermarket. She buys some noodles for Tim and Jim. They like noodles. Biscuits are also their favorite food. And she buys some milk. Her children always(总是)have milk for breakfast. Jim likes fish and Tim likes hot dogs. She buys some fish and sausages(香肠)for them, too. Mrs Green doesn’t have enough(足够) rice at home. She wants to buy a bag of rice, but she can’t take it. It is very heavy(重).The shop assistant is helping her. 请阅读后选择最佳答案。(10分)

( )31. Mrs. Green often buys ______ in the supermarket.

A. some books B. some food C. some vegetables

( )32. _____ like biscuits.

A. Tim and Jim B. Jim C. Tim

( )33.Mrs Green doesn’t buy ______ in the supermarket.

A. oranges B. sausages C. fish

( )34.Tim likes ______.

A. noodles B. fish C. chicken

( )35.Jim is Mrs Green’s ______ .

A. daughter B. son C. father


Hey, Kids! Big T-shirts, shorts and shoes are on sale at Brown’s Store. We have T-shirts in many

colors: red, white, blue, green, black and yellow. We also have shorts in blue and green. We have shoes in black, blue and white. The T-shirts are only $42. The shorts are just $32 and the shoes are $66. That’s not all. Please come down to Brown’s Store and see for yourself!


( )36.We can only buy T-shirts, shorts and shoes in this store.

( )37.You can take blue shoes, green shorts and yellow T-shirts in this store.

( )38.You can buy one T-shirt and a pair of shoes with $100.

( )39.The T-shirts are in five colors.

( )40.This store sells children’s clothes and shoes.


Look at your watch. It has two hands, a long and a short hand. Some watches have three hands. A watch is small. You can put it in a pocket(口袋), or wear it on your wrist(手腕). But a clock is big. It is often on the wall or on the table. Some clocks are very big. You can see them from far away. Those clocks are not in the rooms. They are on very big houses.


( )41.From the text, we know hand in it is ____.

A.手 B.指针 C.表面

( )42.A watch is ____ than(比) a clock.

A. longer B. smaller C. bigger

( )43.We often wear a ____.

A. watch B. backpack C. clock

( )44. A _____ is often on the wall or on the table.

A. house B. watch C. clock

( )45. _____ can be on very big houses.

A. Some watches B. All clocks C. Some clocks


IV. Vocabulary. 词汇。(10分)

A) 用所给词的正确形式填空。

46.Let’s ____________ ( watch ) TV.

47.The ____________ ( five ) month of the year is May.

48.My friend _______________( not like ) thrillers.

49.What’s this in _____________ ( China ) ?

50.Mrs Howe is ______________ ( I ) aunt.

B) 选用方框内所给词的正确形式填空。

sun thief wait surprise have

51. _____________ don’t like policemen.

52. I want to be a ______________ in a restaurant.

53. Let’s go swimming. It’s very _________________.

54. I am _______________ they can play in this heat.

55. Look! Every one of us _____________________ a good time.

V. Sentence. 句子结构。(10分)

A) 根据中文提示完成句子。


____________ my eraser? I can’t _____________ it.


How___________ are these black ____________ ?


My ______________ _____________ is football.


I __________ bread and milk __________ breakfast.


How ________ you _______________ dictionary?

B) 句型转化。

61.He likes coffee. (改为否定句 )

He __________ ____________coffee.

62.He’s my brother’s friend. (改为一般疑问句 )

__________ he ____________ brother’s friend?

63.They’re orange backpacks. ( 改为单数 )

_________ ___________ orange backpack.

64.His bed is next to the desk. ( 对画线部分提问 )

____________ is ___________ bed?

65.They have a soccer. (对画线部分提问)

______________ do they _______________?

VI. Writing. 书面表达。(15分)


Dear friend,

My name is Jim. I live in New York, America, and I want a pen pal in China. I’m 14 years old and I speak English and Chinese. I have a brother and two sisters. I like music and dancing. My favorite subject in school is English because it’s very interesting.

Can you write to me?

Yours truly,



I. 1-5 BBAAC 6-10 BCCAB 11-15 CACBA 16-20 BABAC

II. 21-25 CBBAC 26-30 BCCAB


IV. A) 46. watch 47. fifth 48. doesn’t like 49. Chinese 50. my

B) 51. Thieves 52. waiter 53. sunny 54. surprised 55. is having

V. A) 56. Where’s, find 57. much, shoes 58. favorite sport

59. have, for 60. do, spell

B) 61. doesn’t like 62. Is, your 63. It’s an

64. Where, his 65. What, have

VI. One version:

Dear Jim,

My name is Li Ping. I live in Chengdu, China, and I am very happy to be your pen pal. I’m

also 14 years old and I speak and a little English. There are only three people in my family. I like playing computer games and football very much. My favorite subjects in school are P.E and math because they’re funny.

Best wishes.


Li Ping

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