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Unit3 Topic1 SectionA 2

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Unit 3 English Around the World
Topic 1 English is widely spoken throughout the world.


Section A
2013年11月 福建省泉州市港区美发中学 连琼云
福建省晋江市罗山中学 王淑春

Unit 3 English Around the World Topic 1

English is widely spoken throughout the world.

Section A

He comes from America. He is American. He speaks English. English is spoken by him.
She is from China.

She is Chinese.
She speaks Chinese. Chinese is spoken by her.


Americans speak English.
English is spoken by Americans.

Many factories pollute the air. The air is polluted by many factories.

Children use computers.
Computers are used by children.

Many people visit the Great Wall.

The Great Wall is visited by many people.



. is called 1. Everyone _________ to protect the environment every day. (call) were planted 2. Two trees ____________ by the student yesterday. (plant) 3. More and more poor children will be helped by ____________ the kind lady in the future. (help) 4. So far, many difficult problems in the school __________________ by the headmaster. (solve) have been solved 时态 人称 数 观察: be动词有______,_______和 _______的变化

各种时态的被动语态 1.一般现在时 am/is/ are +P.P was/were + P.P will +be+ P.P am/is/ are +being +P.P was/ were +being +P.P have/has +been +P.P

3.一般将来时 4.现在进行时 5.过去进行时 6.现在完成时

Pair work.

Many people speak English.
? Discuss in pairs to find out how to change the active voice into the passive voice. Complete the sentence with the passive voice and then make more sentences.


How many Disneylands are there all over the world?


Donald Duck

Mickey Mouse

cartoon characters

stick /st?k/
v. 粘住,钉住;坚持
n. 木棒(棍);枝条

Listen and answer (录音p53-1a)
1. Where are Wang Junfeng’s parents going to visit?
They are going to visit the Disneyland.

2. Is Wang Junfeng good at English?
No, he isn’t.

Complete the passage according to 1a.
Wang Junfeng and his parents will go to Disneyland in America next week. is enjoyed Disneyland ____ __________ by millions of people throughout the world. He will have a good chance to practice English because ________________ English is important for communication there. English ___ spoken as the main is _______ language in America. It ____ also widely is used ______ around the world.

Listen to the tape and mark true (T) or false (F).

( T ) 1. Mickey Mouse was created by Walt

( F ) 2. Disney was only an artist .

( T ) 3. One day, a mouse came and played on
the floor of the garage.

( T ) 4. The artist and the mouse became good friends.
( T ) 5. At last, he was pleased with one of his pictures of the mouse. He called it Mickey Mouse.

Most people enjoy Beijing Opera. Beijing Opera is enjoyed by most people.

1. Discuss how to use th

e passive voice.
2. Search some information about the Disneyland. 3. After the example, do the exercise of P54-3a.

Exercise is cleaned 1.Our classroom ___________________ ﹙clean﹚three times every day . 2. The flowers in the garden______________ are watered water﹚once two weeks. isn’t washed 3.My hair ___________ ﹙not wash﹚ every day. is spoken 4.English __________﹙speak﹚ widely in the world ?

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