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人教版 必修一unit1总复习单词

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模块单元复习题 Unit 1


1.He didn’t pass the exam, so she looked very u_____.

2. I tried to tell her but she _______(不理睬) me.

3. It took a long time for him to r________(康复) from a bad cold.

4. Be g_______ to those who offered you help.

5. The villagers s_______ a lot after the flood, for example they had no rooms to live in.

6. T__________ (少年)in some schools are driven to work hard at their lessons.

7. and not lose tempers.

8. They stayed on the top floor, with c________ (窗帘)drawn.

9. The children played o____ (在户外) until it started to rain.

10. She packed all her belongings into a s_______(小提箱).


(power, powerful )

1. The ship was helpless against the _____________ of the storm.

2. He is one of the most ______________ directors in Hollywood.

(disagree, agree, agreement, disagreement)

3. I suggested we go some where for the weekend and she nodded and _______ at once.

4. The two sides failed to reach _________________.

5. Even friends ___________ sometimes.

6. They have had several ______________ with their neighbors.

(entire, entirely)

7. The __________ village was destroyed.

8. I __________ agree with you.

(exact, exactly)

9. We need to know the ___________ time the incident occurred.

10. You haven’t change at all—you still looked ______________ the same.

(settle, settler, settlement)

11. It’s time for you to __________ your agreement with your father.

12. When you go to Africa, you can see white __________ there.

13. The strikers have reached a _____________ with the employers.


1. 把你的得分加起来,我们就知道谁赢了。

_______ _______ your scores and we’ll see who win.

2. 专家们对世界人口增长非常关注。

The experts ______ ______ ______ the growth of the world’s population.

3. 他一生中经历了很多事情。

He ______ ______ _______ a great deal in his life.

4. 她故意把花瓶打碎。

She broke the vase _____ ______.

5. 我厌倦了他的抱怨。

I ______ ______ ______ his complaining.

6. 我曾经和他相处得很好。

I used to _____ _____ _______ _____ him.

7. 小女生和小男生们对摇滚乐近乎疯狂。

Young girls and boys ______ ______ _______ rock music.

8. 我们两人的想法碰巧一样。

We _____ ______ hold the same view.


You are _______ going out _______ you have finished this.

10.她努力工作, 为的是及时做好各项准备。

She worked hard ________ ________ _______everything would be ready in time.

11. 此后再没收到他的消息, 于是我们开始怀疑他是不是出国了。

Nothing more was heard from him _______ _______ we began to wonder if he had gone abroad. 12. 这是第一次到伦敦。

This is the first time that I ________ ______ to London.

13. 他是在三周之后才听到这个消息。

_______ _________ three weeks later__________ he heard the news.


Making friends is a skill.patience.If you want to meet people and make .You must first go where there are people.You won’t make

Joining a club or group, talking to those who like the .Or join someone in some

Many people when talking to new people.After all, meeting strangers means seeing the unknown.And it’about the unknown.Most of about meeting new people come from doubts about ourselves.——finding us too tall or too short, too this or too that. But don’t forget that they must be feeling the same way.Try to accept yourself as you are, and try to put the other at ease.You’ll both feel more comfortable.

Try to act self-confident even if you don’t feel that way when you enter room full of Walk tall

If you see someone you’.Don’t wait for the other person to start a talk. does not mean that you’ll make friends with that person.mutual(相互的) likings and “give and take”.1.A.costs B.needs C.spends D.wants

2. A.take B.make C.do D.carry

3. A.lonely B.independently C.alone D.slowly

4. A.different B.difficult C.important D.same

5. A.meeting B.activity C.concert D.army

6. A.shy B.excited C.afraid D.worried

7. A.unhappy B.usual C.upset D.unlucky

8. A.fears B.ideas C.opinions D.views

9. A.talking B.saying C.judging D.laughing

10.A.teachers B.students C.strangers D.parents

11.A.laugh B.smile C.cry D.jump

12.A.nothing B.anything C.everything D.something

13.A.old B.young C.new D.little

14.A.Relation B.Friendship C.Connection D.Feeling

15.A.develop B. start C. keep D. change


Key: 1. upset 2. ignored 3. recover 4. grateful 5. suffered 6. Teenagers 7. calm 8. curtains

9. outdoors 10. suitcase


Key:1. power 2. powerful 3. agreed. 4. agreement 5. disagree 6. disagreements

7. entire 8. entirely 9. exact 10 exactly 11. settle 12. settlers

13. settlement



1.Add up 2 are concerned about 3 has gone through 4 on purpose 5 am tired of 6get along well with 7 are crazy about 8 happened to 9. not....until 10. in order that 11. so that 12. have been/gone 13. It was; that



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